Parler Paris Après Midi

Adrian LeedsUpstairs at Café de la Mairie - formerly La Pierre du Marais
(Since December 2002 and in this location since October 2003)

On the corner of rue des Archives and rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris
Métro Lines 9, 3 et 11, stations Temple, République or Arts et Métiers

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NEXT MEETING: EVERY SECOND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (closed August)

Now, every month, a guest speaker of note comes to talk about a topic of interest and then open the floor for questions and discussion! 

*Special Note: Anyone attending Parler Paris Après Midi must be willing to have their photograph taken and a brief description written about them for publishing in Parler Paris. Your presence indicates your willingness to participate.

Heather Stimmler-Hall, Author, Naughty ParisParler Paris Après Midi March 10, 2015:

How Parisian Women Do It: Feminism and Femininity in the City of Light

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Upcoming Après-Midi Presentations:

Roy CamblinApril 14, 2015

Roy Camblin, author

“Individual Financial Survival in a Toxic Economy...”
what everyone needs to know about how capitalism has mutated over the past forty years, Wall Street, and the rampant looting of world economies.
Roy Camblin has enjoyed a wide-ranging career that has taken him all over the globe as a circus performer, pilot, high-profile business executive, artist, and writer. A visionary and strong communicator, his views and writings have been informed by working in numerous industries, and living in many cultural settings. He has lived and worked in Japan, Turkey, the Philippines, Hawaii, Rotterdam, Dubai, Paris, London, and towns in the American Southwest and Deep South. When once asked what his secret to success was, Roy responded, “Life is fiction, and we are each the author of our own destiny. Simply write your life forward to the outcome you desire.” Roy currently divides his time between homes in San Francisco, New York, and Paris.
This talk revolves around a two hundred year old quote by a French economist and writer: “When greed becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society, they create for themselves, over the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it.”

Photographer Susanne Kischnick-MezaMay 12, 2015

Susanne Kischnick-Meza, Professional Photographer and Image Consultant

"How to be photogenic"

Do you have an online identity, a social media profile, a blog, etc? Do you want to make a good first impression when someone searches your name on Google? Then you need a good headshot!

Maybe you have tried party photos taken by your friends, selfies or even professional photographers but you still wonder why some people seem to be more photogenic than others.

Susanne Kischnick-Meza, professional headshot photographer and image coach will offer you criteria for choosing your next profile photo and explain how you can be photogenic no matter who is operating the camera.

Web Site (in French)

Cecilia Woloch - photo by Mark SavageJune 9, 2015

Cecilia Woloch, Author and Poet

"Paris as an Inspiration for Writers: Blurring the Borders Between Autobiography, Fiction and Poetry"

Cecilia is the author of six collections of poems, most recently Carpathia (BOA Editions 2009) and Tzigane, le poème Gitan (Scribe-l’Harmattan 2014), the French translation of her second book, Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem. Her novella Sur la Route, a finalist for the Colony Collapse Prize, appears from Quale Press in 2015, along with a new collection of poems, Earth, awarded the Two Sylvias Press Prize for the chapbook.

Sur la Route is a novella in postcard-like vignettes — a series of brief, vivid, poetic episodes that trace the path of a disaffected American woman “on the road” in France and western Europe. It’s the winter of 1994 and she’s fled the blandness of Los Angeles for Paris, carrying with her only a list of the names of friends-of-friends, a couple of battered suitcases and a longing to be part of a more sensual, nuanced, mysterious world.

Web site

July 14, 2015


Author David DowneySeptember 8, 2015

David Downie, Author and owner/operator of Paris, Paris walking tours

"A PASSION FOR PARIS: Romanticism and Romance in the City of Light"

David will be joining us once again to talk about his latest book. He is an accomplished author with several novels and guide books to his credit. He has been called... “Downie is the consummate guide... encyclopedic knowledge of the city and its magical story. Anyone who loves Paris will adore this joyful book.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

A Passion for Paris is about Paris’s secluded, atmospheric parks, artists’ studios, cafes, restaurants and streets little changed since the 1800s, a treasure hunt exuding romance. The art and architecture, the cityscape, riverbanks, and the unparalleled quality of daily life are part of the romantic equation.

In the book Downey weaves the story of his own life in Paris with the lives and loves of Victor Hugo, Georges Sand, Charles Baudelaire, Balzac, Nadar and other great Romantics thrilling in the city’s secular romantic pilgrimage sites and asking himself, Why Paris, not Venice or Rome?

Web Site

October 13, 2015

Author, Rosemary Flannery - Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour Through the History of ParisRosemary Flannery, Author

"Introducing Angels of Paris: An Architectural Tour Through the History of Paris"

Angels are sculpted everywhere in Paris, not just on churches but in unexpected places: holding a lightning rod atop the Théâtre du Châtelet’s roof, adorning a seventeenth-century gilded sundial inside a courtyard at the Sorbonne, hovering above a railroad headquarters where a beautiful stone frieze features young angels flying in to work on the tracks. Subtly, subliminally, the angels are a part of the fanciful and romantic spirit of Paris. Angels of Paris is the first book to explore this intriguing and extraordinary subject.

Rosemary Flannery has lived in France since 1989 and enjoys dual French-American nationality. Born in New Jersey, Rosemary moved to NYC where she studied French language and literature at Columbia University and graduated with honors in French in 1985. While at Columbia she co-produced and hosted French Encounters, a public-access television program on French culture produced in conjunction with the French Embassy. Rosemary studied Méthodologie de l'Architecture with Claude Mignot at the Sorbonne. Artist and writer, Rosemary also gives tours of Paris museums and neighborhoods, and lectures on French architecture in Paris and the U.S.

Web Site
Angels of Paris on Amazon

November 10, 2015

Cara Black, author of the New York Times Bestselling list Aimée Leduc series


December 8, 2015