The Medieval Guardian Of The Seine

For Sale: An apartment located on the River Seine with a fabulous view up the river of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the Eiffel Tower.

The Medieval Guardian of the Seine

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Friday, December 19, 2003
Paris, France


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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

PARIS 16th – Medieval Guardian of the Seine
by Jocelyn Carnegie

“The Commanderie”

This ancient royal commanderie was built in the Middle Ages and was one of a series of small fortresses which protected the area between the Seine and the settlements which now make up the city of Paris; in this case, the village of Auteuil, on the hill above the river.

Archives show that a ‘small fortress’ has existed in this area since the reign of Phillipe-Auguste in the 12th-century.

This Commanderie was created in the XVth century by charter of King Charles VII (1460), who wished to build a shelter for the water carriers who worked between the Seine and the surrounding villages. The place is now a private house but the spirit of its ancient history still pervades the Commanderie.

The Commanderie was reconstructed on the original foundations in the early 1990′s. Any features left from the original construction have been incorporated in the new, such as the satircase and alcove leading to the dining room. The reconstruction was carried out with the assistance of an architect who regularly works with the French historic buildings commission with very careful attention to period detailing and recreation of original features. Using high quality materials, the Commanderie has been a painstaking reconstruction which now presents itself as a highly individual family house close to all amenities in the southern part of the 16th arrondisement. The house is a five minute walk from the Métro and is close to a market in a quiet area of the neighborhood. The property sits in a small garden with access through a well maintained Haussmannien building.

The house (110m2) is built of stone under a tiled roof with eaved and leaded windows. A solid, studded oak front door leads into the
Front Staircase Hall. Stone steps down to Living Room with open beams and flag-stone floor. Period (15th-century) wood panelling in part of the room. A monumental fireplace which is alleged to have been stolen from the Duc de Crillon’s château by King Henri IV (1553-1610) in the late 16th-century. Henri IV was quick to assume ownership of this piece by having his coat of arms placed in the middle of the overmantel where it can still be seen today!

A spiral stone staircase leads from the hall down to the dining room, a vaulted chamber with a small window giving natural light. The staircase is flanked by original alcoves and arrow slits. A fitted kitchen is situated off the front hall. A spiral stone staircase leading to the first floor with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Skylight and attic. Some furniture and furnishings may be made available for sale by separate negotiation, these include period pieces of furniture and important tapestries.

Asking Price: 1,000,000 euros + 2% Finder’s Fee
Serious inquiries, email: 19-12-03_Commanderie

Jocelyn Carnegie for Parler Paris…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

P.S. For more Property Picks in the 16th arrondissement, scroll down. Jocelyn Carnegie is our International Living Paris Office Property Sales Manager. To contact him for a property search or consultation, email Jocelyn Carnegie


This apartment is located on the River Seine with a fabulous view up the river of the ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the Eiffel Tower. Its 50m2 is divided into 3 main rooms situated on the top (8th) floor of a fine 1930′s building with an elevator. 2 bedrooms and equipped kitchen

Asking Price: 285,000 euros + 2% Finder’s Fee

Serious inquiries, email: 19-12-03_Mirabeau_Seine

In a modern building in a prestigious area of the 16th near the Trocadero. This apartment of 80m2 has 3 main rooms including 2 bedrooms and a huge living area with balconies. Very well laid out, the apartment offers modern amenities such as fitted kitchen and ample storage.

Asking Price: 530,000 euros + 2% Finder’s Fee

Serious inquiries, email: 19-12-03_Trocadero

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