We are not Obsessed by Paris. We are Possessed by Paris.


Romantic Dining at Galatoire’s — You Could be in France, Except for the Louisiana Hot Sauce!

We are not Obsessed by Paris. We are Possessed by Paris.

Parler Paris–your taste of life in Paris and France

Monday, February 14, 2005
Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m in love…

For one, I’m in love with all you readers out there who take care of me! Thanks to Matt Blackmon (and a few others), I was able to retrieve almost all my lost Mardi Gras photos by using a program called PhotoRescue, by DataRescue SA. I offer up one I was so pleased to have back…King of Mardi Gras himself, Rex, waving proudly to his adoring crowds. Many, many thanks, Matt and the others.

I’m also in love with my colleagues who pooled their time, expertise and great personalities to producing the most successful Living and Investing in France Conference ever!

John Howell with his team of professional attorneys and tax experts, Laurence Daurignac and Marcell Felipe, wowed everyone with their amazing command of France’s very complex legal systems. Everyone fell in love with Claude Nédérovique’s adorable smile as he advised all the prospective French landlords to leave Ikea aside for the less desirable rental apartments and go for the gold, furnished with antiques like his Paris Luxury Rentals are. Another charming Frenchman, Jean Xavier Brager from the New Orleans French Consulate, wooed the audience with how to learn French as well as he’s learned English and beautiful Valerie Guillet, Director of the French-American Chamber of Commerce Louisiana Chapter had them signing up as members in a heartbeat. Cultural crossings expert Ruth Mastron had us laughing adoringly at cartoon character Peppy LePew, the amorous French skunk whose stereotype as a Latin lover keeps us coming back for more. Adriana Bate connected our love of France with our love of Nouvelle Orléans and the dynamic duo of HiFX, Doug Johnson and Mark Rickard, gave us the answer to how to hold on to our precious dollars while they slip in value. Yolanda Robins, who celebrated a “big” birthday yesterday with a dozen beloved American friends who surprised her in Paris for a big party, made her presentation on how to find your dream pied-à-terre all the way from Paris by audio feed. Her physical presence was missed, but her good advice was right on target like Cupid’s arrow.

Love does not stop there. Every one of conference participants quickly became close friends we are sure to see on the other side of the ocean in the not too distant future. One of attendees took me aside to tell me that he had come only as support for his partner at the conference, but that in the end, he was ready to pack his bags and head east to the City of Light. Another couple, upon saying their goodbyes quoted a French saying in English: “To be Parisian it is not necessary to be born in Paris. It is only necessary to be reborn in Paris.” Then, Schuyler reminded us of another saying: “It is not that we are obsessed by Paris, but possessed by Paris.”

Tonight John, Ruth and I will be addressing the French-American Chamber of Commerce members at their annual dinner about our affection for this French connection of ours and then tomorrow I head back to the city that possesses me.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
Email info@adrianleeds.com

P.S. In the next few days, I’ll post the comments from the conference participants so you can read them for yourselves. And soon after, we’ll post more details about the upcoming conferences so you can mark your calendars. Dates can be found at /frenchproperty/conference/index.html



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