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For Rent: The Witches' House -- On Rue Tatin!

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Volume XV, Issue 4
Thursday, January 26, 2017 • Paris, France

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Welcome to your home in Paris. Home is how you will feel in a private apartment in Paris that has the "seal of approval" from ALG, Paris Sharing and me, Adrian Leeds.

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On Rue Tatin - by Susan Herrmann Loomis

Susan  and her famous Tarte TatinSusan and her famous Tarte Tatin

On Rue Tatin Living/Dining room

On Rue Tatin Kitchen

On Rue Tatin Kitchen

On Rue Tatin - View from LR Window

Louviers map

On the HGTV's House Hunters International show, we called it "The Witches' House" -- because it looks like something out of a fairy tale and because the history of the town includes exorcisms and burnings of two priests accused of witchcraft in 1647!! Those who have taken cooking classes or had a Sunday Dinner with food writer, chef and cooking teacher, Susan Herrmann Loomis, know "On Rue Tatin" (its official name) for its stunning "colombage" (tudor style), its amazing professional kitchen and beautiful living room/dining room where Susan hosts her guests and serves up her famous "Tarte Tatin." (It's the best one I've ever eaten.)

It's a very special Normandy house like no other, just about 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Paris, and thanks to Susan's desire to take a break to live "in the city" (the City of Light, that is -- Paris), you, our readers, have the very special opportunity of renting On Rue Tatin for six months: from November of 2017 through April 2018!

"On Rue Tatin" (which was the subject of one of Susan's books) in the Normandy town of Louviers is enveloped in history. The foundation of the timbered dining room dates back to the 12th-century when Richard the Lionheart (Richard I of England) and his traveling minstrels were roaming the region. This is when the cathedral of Notre Dame de Louviers was being built and carved. The house, completely renovated over a period of years, by hand by Susan and her family, wraps you in its cozy warmth. When the fire is blazing, the world outside melts away. Yet when one looks out the ancient paned window, you’re still in the heart of a lively French town directly facing the Gothic church in the very center of the Norman enclave.

On Rue Tatin is a four story house, but unlike any you’ve ever seen for the staircases go this way and that -- a labyrinth taking you into small worlds of comfort. There is about 350 square meters of living space (3,800 square feet) with 14 rooms on three levels. You can choose among the five bedrooms to have one that is light infused, one that looks right out at the church, two that feel as though they are perched among the clouds, and another which feels like the finest hideaway imaginable. There are two full bathrooms plus a powder room and two offices.

You’ll want to settle right into this beautiful house with its wavy hand-blown glass windows, warm wood accents, and private garden right in the center of town. The whole house from top to bottom oozes charm. Even the updated professional kitchen will draw you in to make delicious meals, and enjoy them in front of the open-hearth fireplace. This is where Susan has taught her cooking courses, framed in glass and iron, and equipped with a British-made cast-iron Aga oven and what Susan calls her “dream” stove -- a hand-made, French Cometto with six blowtorch-like gas burners. In keeping with the old-world charm, copper pots hang over the stove for your immediate use. Anyone who loves to cook will fall in love with the kitchen and may never want to leave.

Off the kitchen is a courtyard where you can take a cool repose and stairs leading to a stone wine cellar that is rumored to be part of a tunnel system the Catholics used to escape the Huguenots in the 16th-century. On the other side of the kitchen, a door leads to an enormous storage room filled with dishes, kitchen gear and other staples.

There is another fireplace in the living/dining room. This is where family and friends gather to relax or take their meals. From this vantage point, you can see the church and the pear and apple-tree filled front garden. You’ll take tea in the sitting room where you enter the house and on fine days, you’ll likely sit outside at the front in the glow of the church of Notre Dame de Louviers.

Because On Rue Tatin is situated in the center of bustling Louviers, all shops and conveniences are within walking distance. You can take your pick among five "boulangeries" (bakeries) within five minutes walk, the butcher next door has the finest meat in the region, and if you’re a wine or whiskey buff -- well, it’s all just a few steps away. Louviers offers all the best of France, from its inhabitants to its many and varied shops. And during the holidays, the town comes alive even more -- you’ll love your experience of Louviers at that time of year.

When you want to explore, all of France is yours. The Norman coast is a day trip, and the Loire Valley, Champagne, the north...are just a quick drive away. Travel from Paris is as easy as a train from Gare St. Lazare to Val de Reuil and then a bus or taxi to Louviers -- just 1.5 hours from central Paris.

Make On Rue Tatin YOURS for six months this coming year. Make your dream to have a home in France come true...and experience "La France Profonde" the luxury of history and charm. Here's the good news:

    * 3,950€ per month, payable as follows:
    -- First and last month + one month security deposit to secure your                 stay...
    -- Remaining balance at the 1st of the month, each month
    -- + Utilities, estimated at 340€ per month for electricity and gas
    -- + Payment of One-half year of Taxe d'Habitation, estimated at 1,250€
To book your stay, contact Susan Herrmann Loomis at [email protected]

Do it now!

1) You can watch the House Hunters Episode filmed in the "Witches' House."

2) The New York Times journalist, Robert P. Walzer wrote about the house in his article, "In France, a Labyrinth of a House" on February 17, 2009.

3) Jennifer Worick, author, publishing consultant and public speaker, writes about her week On Rue Tatin: "The Season of the Witch -- Susan Herrmann Loomis’ cooking school in Normandy, was downright magical. I’m not kidding.

A la prochaine...

Adrian Leeds - with Susan Herrmann Loomis at On Rue Tatin

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

(with Susan Herrmann Loomis at On Rue Tatin)


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Welcome to your home in Paris. Home is how you will feel in a private apartment in Paris that has the "seal of approval" from ALG, Paris Sharing and me, Adrian Leeds.

Adrian Leeds Group Apartments - Chez Antoine

Chez Antoine - Long-Term Rental

Modeled after a typical Parisian bistro, Chez Antoine Paris is a completely renovated apartment located in the very heart of Le Marais. The location could not be more convenient with the Saint-Paul Métro entrance nearby and everything Le Marais has to offer at your feet. You will have non-stop fun staying at Chez Antoine – just what is intended by the extraordinary décor by Interior Architect, Martine di Mattéo.

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