Le Palace des Vosges - Purchase

Purchase Information

The price increases as the shares are sold. So, you will want to purchase your share as early as possible not to miss out on this special opportunity. If you compare the price with any other fractional property on the market, you will find it's less expensive than others much less desirable. 

Investment per Share 

Shares 1 through 6 SOLD OUT     
Shares 7 through 10 SOLD OUT
Shares 11 through 13 €147,900

Annual maintenance, taxes and fees estimated to be approximately 2,000€ per share, plus a reserve fund is set aside for future replacement of furnishings.

How to Reserve Your Share

A Deposit of €15,000 and a signed Purchase Contract and Escrow Agreement will hold your share. The funds are to be transferred to an escrow account held by John Howell and Company, London. A Complete Document Package will follow shortly for your review with which you will confirm your purchase of the property and pay for the share in full.


Note: To receive these documents, please send an email request to pdv@adrianleeds.com.

The first 10 shares are sold. The last three shares are priced €147,900. These prices include all closing costs.

Your €15,000 deposit is fully refundable (less escrow charges, bank fees and other expenses as noted in the Escrow Agreement) until you have received the subsequent Complete Document Package and you have confirmed your purchase by signing these subsequent documents and paid for your share in full.

The reservations are on a first come, first serve basis -- therefore the date and time that you initiate the transfer order from your bank or currency account of the €15,000 coupled with a signed Purchase Contract and signed Escrow Agreement determines your ranking. Please fax or, preferably, scan and email a copy of the money transfer document to establish your place in that ranking. The deposit will be paid to a specific escrow account held by John Howell of John Howell and Company (TILP) in London. 

We recommend that if you are transferring from another currency to euros, that you use a currency broker, such as Moneycorp, to save about 1% off of the transfer fees most banks charge. Using Moneycorp. makes the money transfer safe and efficient. Plus, they offer a competitive rate of exchange with no commissions or transfer fees. Click here to begin your registration process with Moneycorp.


Depending upon the weeks that you've selected, you can start packing your bags and selecting your bottle of champagne to celebrate your stay in Le Palace des Vosges!

For information on purchasing your share in Le Palace des Vosges, please see Purchase or send an email request to pdv@adrianleeds.com.

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