Long-Term Apartment - One Month to One Year

Parler Paris Apartments Now Offers Long-Term Apartment Rentals

101-au-vieux-paris Au Vieux Paris - Long-term lease, one month to one year
Rue du Roi de Sicile, 4th Arrondissement, Le Marais, One-Bedroom, Sleeps up to 4

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101-sentier-de-soieLe Sentier de Soie - Long-term lease, minimum one year
Rue de Cléry, 2nd Arrondissement, Two-Bedroom, Sleeps up to 5

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dome-de-saint-paul-101Le Dome de Saint-Paul - Long-Term Rental (minimum of one month)

Rue Malher, 4th Arrondissement, Le Marais, Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath, Sleeps up to 6

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If you don’t see the apartment you’re looking for, hire us to do a personal apartment search for you based on your preferences, budget and needs. Visit Long-term Apartments Search to learn more.