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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 • Paris, France

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North American Expat Financial Forum - Nice, FranceNorth American Expat Financial Forum

Hosted by Dunhill Financial and the Adrian Leeds Group
Sponsored by Moneycorp Currency Specialists and Caye International Bank

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
4 to 8 p.m.
Chez Jenny, Paris, France

Seven international speakers are coming together for this very special event in Paris, France!



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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

 Author, Cara Black

Murder on the Left Bank - By Cara Black


Air France


I had lunch yesterday with old friend and mystery writer, and "goddess of crime" Cara Black. She's launching her 18th book this summer (!!!) – "Murder on the Left Bank" – pumping them out annually like a well-oiled machine. Most authors wish they had her tenacity and discipline!

Cara had done a Walk Show with The Earful Tower's Oliver Gee the day before and left early from our lunch to ride around on his Vespa for another adventure.

The Walk Show takes place in an area of the city where she "murdered someone" – that is, in one of her books. She jokes, "it's murder by arrondissement" as she has, doing one book per arrondissement. With her 18th book about to come out, she only has two more districts before she has to move on to somewhere else! (Wonder where that will be?)

To watch the Walk Show, you must be a “Flaneur member” on Patreon ($10 a month), then you can tune in on the private Facebook group.

I love hearing her stories about how she has developed an amazing relationship with the Paris police to learn the inside scoop on murders in the capital. I've been with her a couple of times looking for great places to hide a body! It's all very sinister and fun.

Cara agreed to come speak at Après Midi October 9th, so be sure to mark your calendar to come hear her, and, get your signed copy of her books! She'll be here in Paris that time of year as she's doing a week-long personal tour October 14-20 for mystery-lovers.

Cara will be exploring some of the most memorable scenes associated with the cases her private investigator, Aimée Leduc, has solved in several of the books. You’ll also have time to spend in some of the small gems of Paris – the lesser-known museums, the spectacular parks, the off-the-beaten-track cafés, hidden passages that are home to specialty boutiques, antiquarian bookstores and other treasures. You'll meet each evening with Cara at the boutique hotel, the Relais Monceau, to sample French wines and discuss the days’ events, with a bit of book talk thrown into the mix. For dinner, you’ll break into small groups, depending on your desires and the group leader will help you with reservations. No one will ever dine alone — unless you prefer solitude!

There are only a few openings, so sign up now! Learn more about the tour and register today! (Be sure to tell them Adrian sent you!)

On the subject of's a mystery to me why SNCF and Air France are still sending out promotional messages to book travel when both are on strike!? Maybe Cara can answer this?


A la prochaine...




Adrian Leeds - Paris, France

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

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P.S. Next week you'll be hearing from me from the Riviera town of Nice...Parler Nice Nouvellettre®. Fortunately, my Saturday train is actually running...or so they have promised! Stay tuned for adventures from the south.

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