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“French Tea” by Erica Simone

Paris is a Photo-Op

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 • Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,  

 Reporting on the afternoon...

8-11-11apresmidi-12I’ve never seen the Parler Paris Après Midi group so silent, even with such a big attendance. Metaphyscial Theologian and Life Coach Jane Grey held the group spellbound during her hour-long talk about "Metaphysical Manifestation: How to create whatever you really want in life.”

First, she explained what metaphysics is and how she uses the concepts to help people get what they want out of life. What I loved most about her advice was her analogy about the universe being like a mail order catalog! I paraphrase: You write specifically what you want on the order form, not what you don’t want, then you enclose a payment and take the action by sending in your order. The mail order company fills the order and sends it back to you. If a mistake has been made, you contact them and correct it until you get what you want!

How true is this!!??

If one were to take her advice, I’d believe they’d see much more success in everything they do without much ado, but being very clear and specific about your goals and taking small steps to achieve those goals is not brain surgery – but just taking direct action.

Jane was joined by her mother visiting from the States who had never heard her speak before. We had a very large turn-out in spite of the Métro strikes and cold, damp weather. To read more about the afternoon and see the photos, visit Parler Paris Après Midi and click on “Read the latest issue!”

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For Photography Lovers: Paris Photo...

It’s not really surprising that my daughter pursued a career in photography (Erica Simone Photography). She was surrounded by photographic imagery her whole life as I traded in my collection of framed museum posters for real works by well-known photographers. It became a hobby when living in Los Angeles that began when I met a few dealers and then the artists themselves. It was very exciting! There was so much to learn about the art and the artists who were important, but it became so important that for a while I tried my own hand at working in a gallery to develop clients.

The photos had become like friends. When we moved to Paris and rented a furnished apartment with someone else’s old and not-so-lovely furniture, we shipped over the photography collection to adorn the walls and make us feel a whole lot more like we were at home.

Paris herself if a constant photo-op. Everyone seems to carry a camera, or now a phone with a camera with which any moment or visual spot can be recorded. But even if not much of a photographer myself, the interest in the art has never waivered. So, each year when Paris Photo rolls into town, along with old friends from the industry, I start making plans to visit the fair and my friends.

Paris Photo opens today by invitation and then runs tomorrow through Sunday at the Grand Palais. This is its 15th year in Paris with 117 galleries from 23 countries offering the best of 19th-century and contemporary photography. African photography is honored this year, as each year is themed. Always, there is SO much wonderful work to see that it takes many visits to see it all and digest it all!

In addition to Paris Photo, Christie's is holding an auction this coming Friday of my favorite works: “Photographies d'Irving Penn provenant d'une collection privée française” – Photos by Irving Penn from a private collection. Two images I once owned will be on auction, so you know I’m not going to miss the event! Viewings are open all this week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at their saleroom at 9 avenue Matignon in the 8th, even if you’re not interested in making a purchase.

If you do not already have the photo bug like I do, then don’t be surprised when it infects me, you won’t be sorry that you’ve surrounded yourself with such fabulous and affordable art. Don’t miss these special occasions to expose yourself to the ‘disease!’

A la prochaine...

adrian_apres_midi_11-5-10.jpgAdrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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7-11-11matisseParler Paris "Paroles"

Taking the Riviera by Storm

Monday, November 7, 2011 

Got a kick out of your Nice experience. We just left Nice on the 25th of September in a huge rain storm. I put my Uggs in plastic bags and walked barefoot. The rain was up to my ankles leaving the apartment. We were at Theoule Sur Mer for over five weeks doing a complete remodel of our small apartment at Horizon Bleu. It is a one bedroom (around 38 sq. meters) with a fantastic view. I feel the same about the excitement of a remodel as you. What a major challenge in France. Everything takes 4 to 8 weeks...

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