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One of a Kind and Helpless in Paris

Your taste of life in Paris and France 
January 11, 2012 • Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

Tuesday morning the cold I had been nursing for a couple of weeks decided to show its real strength and rendered me helpless -- unable to crawl out of bed for barely a morning visit to the WC. The phone at arm's length made it easy to call SOS Médecins and within minutes a doctor appeared at my door.

11-1-12sosmedecinslogoThis is one of those little perks France offers that keep us wondering why a service such as this hasn't been created in the States. Just by knowing my phone number, the receptionist knew my address, building number and floor level. The doctor came to the door well within the promised hour, checked vital signs, prescribed seven drugs (yes, seven!), handed me a "feuille de soins" (treatment form), to which I handed him a check for a whopping 50€ and off he went. The cost of the visit is deductible on my social security and health insurance, as an added plus.

The organization began when Dr. Marcel Lascar's patient died of a heart attack because he could not reach a doctor on a Saturday afternoon. Today they have over 1,000 emergency physicians within 62 associations spread over the territory (mainland and overseas) on call 24/7. They claim to have handled 4 million calls, performed 2.5 million home interventions or consultations with 60% of them having taken place at night, weekends or holidays.

Imagine how a service such as this would relieve the emergency rooms in the U.S. from patients with minor ailments? Visit SOS Medecins for more information and then put their phone number in a handy place for the next time you're rendered helpless like I was.

11-1-12JulieVetterBy noon I was able to crawl out of bed, shower and get organized for the afternoon's Parler Paris Après Midi. The seven different kinds of drugs (which ranged from cough medicine, nasal decongestants, pain and fever medication and vitamins) provided enough of a boost to effectively host the afternoon where Julie Vetter, "Google Goddess" and Online Marketing and E-Reputation specialist spoke about "Inbound Marketing and the Laws of Attraction." She held a full-house in the palm of her hand while she explained how to audit your own e-reputation and improve your online presence.

As an example, she audited mine. It turns out that if you visit How Many of Me, you'll discover how many more there are out there with your same name. I discovered that there are 122,008 people in the U.S. with the first name Adrian and that's it's statistically the 470th most popular first name. As one might expect, 88.46% are male. There are 4,307 people in the U.S. with the last name Leeds and it's statistically the 8214th most popular last name. (I can tell you that every "Leeds" was a "Liebstein, Lieberman, Liebowitz, etc. who anglicized it at some point!) and guess what? There are only two people in the U.S. named Adrian Leeds...except I'm pretty sure they are both me at two different addresses! (Uh oh. One of a kind?)

11-1-12PatriciaLaplanteCollinsShe pointed out that if Patricia Laplante Collins (Paris Soirées) didn't use the "Laplante" in her name, she'd be much harder to find on Google for this very reason. Do you know the restaurant in Montmartre named "Le Restaurant?" Well, try to find their phone number! Someone really needs to tell them they would flunk their e-reputation audit!

To learn all about what Julie had to say and see the photos from the afternoon gathering, visit Yesterday's Après Midi and then stay tuned for the upcoming speakers: February 14, Thirza Vallois, Author; March 13, Bernadette Martin, Visibility Branding, LLC; April 10, PSI Communications; May 15, Cecilia Woloch, Poet and Teacher; June 12, Cara Black, Author and July 10, Michael Honegger, Photographer. Visit Parler Paris Après Midi for progress.

11-1-12soshelplogoFortunately that morning, my helplessness was physical, not mental, but also fortunately, those who need emotional care can get it, too -- from SOS Help -- an English-Language Listening Line in France (SOS Help).

Moving to a foreign country can take its toll on even the most stable individuals. Here's a resource for those who may be feeling worried, anxious, confused, lonely, sad, even suicidal or just want someone to talk to and share something. The call is completely confidential and anonymous. The organization is non-denominational, non-political, and non-interventionist. Their volunteer listeners are trained by professional therapists/psychologists "to provide empathetic, supportive, and non-judgmental listening to anyone going through a difficult or painful life experience." They say that "No problem is too small, no pain is too slight."

The SOS line is open 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily at, but if you wish to call at other times, they suggest phoning other resources that offer 24-hour service:

* SOS Amitié (Ile de France),, a French-speaking line

* SOS Amitié France (Rest of France),  a list of phone numbers by region, a French-speaking line

* Suicide Ecoute, Ecoute France,, another French-speaking line

SOS Help is always happy to have volunteers -- listeners and supporters. Perhaps you'd like to be one of them in your free time. for more information, visit SOS Helpline - Volunteer.

A la prochaine...

adrianbysheilafentonAdrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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