Parler Paris Apartments & Paris Sharing Rental Policies

Apartment Pricing Guidelines

Each apartment’s Web page lists a nightly, weekly and monthly range. The price range that applies to a given stay is as follows:

  • 3 to 6 nights: nightly range
  • 7 to 14 nights: weekly range
  • 15 to 27 nights: blend of weekly and monthly rates
  • 28 nights +: monthly range

Note: There is a minimum of a 4-night stay when reserving more than one month in advance. Three-night stays may be reserved when booked within one month of arrival. Three-night stays will be subject to a rate which will be no lower than the middle of the nightly rate range, regardless of the season.

Seasonal and Availability Pricing

Quoted prices will vary with availability. Seasons can be loosely defined as follows:

Low Season: January 7 - March 25; October 26 - December 20

Mid Season: March 26 - April 30; July 6 - August 31; December 21 - January 6

High Season: May 1 - July 5; September 1 - October. 25

Arrival/Departure Times

We strive to be as flexible as possible in this respect. When possible, we will be happy to schedule your arrival as you indicate based on your plane or train arrival time. However, in the following cases, there may be an early/late check in fee of 30€ applied:

  • Arrival at apartment before 8 a.m., 7 days a week
  • Arrival at apartment after 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

In the event that there is another party checking out of the apartment on the same day that you arrive, in most cases you will be able to drop your luggage at the apartment from 10:30 a.m. at the latest, at which time the cleaning of the apartment will be in progress. You may then return to the apartment as early as 2 p.m., at which time the Concierge will meet you there for the formal check-in. We will be in contact with you to make these arrangements if the situation warrants.

Conversely, if there is another party checking in to the apartment on your departure date, check out time will be by 10 a.m. Otherwise, you are welcome to stay into the afternoon, provided that the cleaning of the apartment does not need to be scheduled for that afternoon, as in the case of an early morning arrival the following day. If in doubt, please ask us!

Security Deposit

A security deposit is a sum that is reserved for the owner to compensate for any damages you may cause to his/her accommodation. Many owners are opening their very own homes to you, so it is important that they have some form of protection. Our website is one of very few that allows you not to have to make such a deposit in cash or by wiring funds.

When you reserve an accommodation, we will only ask you to authorize a debit for the amount of the security deposit. We will not actually debit your credit card. When you leave the premises in good condition, the authorization will be dropped.

The amount of the security deposit for which we require authorization is equal to four times the nightly rental price, with a minimum of 500€.

Arrival Procedures

When you confirm your booking, you'll be contacted by the apartment's Concierge and receive the exact address along with a welcome book including all the useful information you will need and to arrange your arrival to the apartment. If at all possible, please call the Concierge as you are leaving the airport/train station to come to the apartment. You will also be given details about how to enter the building when you arrive. The Conceirge will be waiting for you at the apartment. When you arrive, you will receive a detailed tour of the apartment and be given instructions about how to operate all appliances/electronics etc. The Conceirge will give you the keys to the apartment. The Conceirge will be on call throughout your stay to respond to questions or problems.

Housekeeping During Your Stay

Each apartment will be cleaned and the laundry done, prior to your arrival and after your departure. For stays of 10 nights or more, the schedule will vary by apartment. Please inquire.

Cancellation Policies

We try our best to be flexible, and only withhold refunds when your cancellation results in financial loss for us. Most payments that are not fully refunded can be converted into loyalty credits for future use.

Risk-free period for impulsive bookers.

Provided you book more than 30 days before the start of your stay, you can cancel your booking no questions asked within 24 hours of making it. We will only keep 3% of your payment, which is necessary to cover the credit card payment fees for which we cannot ourselves be reimbursed.

Early cancellation.

Provided you cancel more than 6 months prior to the stay, your cancellation will allow you a full refund less a 100€ handling fee.

For cancellations made from 61 days to six months prior to the stay, 15% of the total lease amount will remain due.

Just in time cancellation.

If you cancel between 60 and 30 days before the start of your stay, we will keep your 25% initial downpayment and half of any additional payments made.

Late cancellation.

If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the stay, the lease amount will remain due in full. We cannot refund your booking because we are not able find other guests at such late notice. We will, however, convert half of what you have paid into loyalty credits if you have purchased the Flexibility Option upon booking. 

Cancellation of additional services.

 If you booked an additional service (private airport transfer, gourmet basket, deluxe linens, restaurant discount card), we will only charge you 5% of the total amount, provided that you cancel at least seven days prior the start of your stay. Otherwise, 50% of the cost of the service will be charged. 

Partial cancellation.

In the case of a decrease in the duration of your stay, the same cancellation policy is applied to each night cancelled.

For greater flexibility.

You can purchase additional flexibility. For an extra non-refundable 45€, the 100€ cancellation handling fees will be waived. The greater of any lease amounts still due, or half of any amounts paid, can be converted into loyalty credits, applicable towards a future stay. To take advantage of this offer, look for the "Flexibility Option" prior to making payment.

Cancellation by lanlord or Parler Paris Apartments.

LANDLORD and/or PARLER PARIS APARTMENTS/PARIS-SHARING retains the right, if necessary, to either terminate TENANT’s reservation entirely or assign TENANT to alternative accommodations, due to unavailability of the apartment or other reasons of strong validity. TENANT will be informed at the earliest possible time and PARLER PARIS APARTMENTS/PARIS SHARING will do the best to see that TENANT is provided accommodations as closely equivalent as the originally reserved apartment as possible in terms of accommodations, standard and price.

We hope you enjoy your stay stay at Parler Paris Apartments and Paris-Sharing! We will do everything in our power to make your stay in Paris as perfect as it can be.

Adrian Leeds and Carsten Sprotte and the Parler Paris Apartments/Paris-Sharing Team