Karina Clarke

Karina Clarke - Search Consultant

Search Consultant

Karina grew up in the South West of England, attended University in New Zealand and studied Psychology, Anthropology and Development Studies. But, what prepared her most for her property consultation skills was her family’s property development business, which transformed a motel complex into mid-term, furnished accommodation. In addition, during her university years, she relocated a 1920s wooden house onto 10 acres and renovated and landscaped the property, where she kept horses to satisfy her love of riding. 

Moving to Paris meant a complete change of lifestyle, but she still manages to ride, and at the same time help clients realize their own property projects. Since 2007, Karina has managed rental apartments, purchased apartments in London for a French company, and advised people on their Paris purchases. When she’s not out ferreting properties for the Adrian Leeds Group, she runs her own travel planning business focused on helping people make the most of their vacation in Paris. As a result of all her “hats,” she knows Paris very well and loves sharing her passion for the city. Karina enjoys the challenge of understanding what it is our clients are looking for, and finding them their dream apartments. 

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