Focusing on France

Focusing on France

The New and the Old Meet in Bordeaux

French Property Insider

April 16, 2009
Paris, France

Bonjour French Property Insider Subscriber,

France is amazing! We couldn’t stop uttering those words as we drove along the highways and the byways of rural France as well as some of the other cities outside the Capital, Paris. In today’s FPI, you’ll get a glimpse of our road trip from Paris through the Dordogne (Périgord), the Poitou-Charente and the Charente-Maritimes regions discovering their beauty, their cuisine and their culture. Be sure to check out the Hot Properties we’ve chosen for you in each of these areas of France.

The Chambre de Notaires has just published a fascinating report on the trends and comparisons of property prices all over France that will surprise you. They have provided a pdf document that you can download, print and read at your leisure. You’ll find while many prices and sales volumes have dropped, some areas of the country and certain types of property are holding up very well indeed. Pay special attention to both where there are bargains, but where the risks are less, too!

Le Palace des Vosges is coming along nicely, now under full renovation, and you can read today’s update including 3-D drawings to illustrate the renovation plans. Other Fractional Ownership properties are for sale as well — a concept worth considering for those who come regularly to France and want to make a smart investment, rather than an expense for accommodations.

The newest episode of House Hunters will show again this coming June, but before that, be sure to register for either the upcoming London or Paris Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference…not to be missed. It’s all here in today’s issue of French Property Insider.

A bientôt,

Adrian Leeds
Adrian LeedsEditor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. If you’re thinking of coming to Paris any time soon and would like to stay in a luxury apartment — it’s best to book early! Visit Parler Paris Apartments ( for a perfect ‘bouquet’ of centrally located vacation apartments from which to choose.

Volume VII, Issue 16, April 16, 2009

In this issue:

* How Property Prices Are Holding Up for France
* Time Running out to Register for Conferences
* New Architectural Drawings for Le Palace des Vosges
* Second Chance to See House Hunters Int. Episode
* Discovering France by Car
* Roadtrip Real Estate Markets
* A New Property Exhibition in May
* The Latest Fractional Property Offerings
* Last Chance to Save 500 000 € on One Hot Hot Property!
* Currency Update from Moneycorp
* Parler Paris Apartments: L’Aubergine
* Lifestyle: Enjoying France Alone
* Hot Property Picks: Bordeaux La Rochelle Île de Ré
* A Full Property Auction in April
* How You Can Obtain a Mortgage in France
* Parler Paris Après-Midi: When and Where We Meet Next
* Managing Your FPI Subscription
* Subscribers Receive Discount on Insider Paris Guides

France For Sale — the Latest Prices and Trends of French Property
By Adrian Leeds

The Chambre de Notaires continues to improve the kinds of information they publish about the property market in France. Last week, they launched a pdf publication titled: "MARCHES IMMOBILIERS: CONTRASTE DES TENDANCES ET EVOLUTIONS, 4EME TRIMESTRE 2008" — "The Real Estate Market: Comparisons and Trends, 4th Quarter 2008."

While the report makes no editorial comment, it is filled with statistics that will surprise you! It takes a close look at the increases and decreases of prices for resale apartments and houses throughout France. Then breaks down the evolution of the prices by the number of rooms in the property from 200`3 through 2008 as well as by the type of city or country zone.

The document takes a closer look at Nice and the Riviera, comparing it to the Ile de France and the provinces, from 2001 through 2008. Then, you can peruse the prices per square meter in cities of more than 150,000 pop

ulation. The 10 l
argest cities are not spared — with comparisons of both price evolution and price per square meter.

What fascinates me most is what a certain budget will buy you! And have a look at where foreigners tend to buy! Surprised? Then, note how sales have dropped except in a few parts of France!

It would be impossible to comment on the entire document — all 22 regions of France — so my suggestion if to choose those areas that interest you most and focus on how they are holding up to the economic crisis we have been facing. Or choose those areas of France that have held their values best and focus on those as potential investments!

The entire document may be downloaded by visiting:

Two Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conferences Coming Up!

If you’ve always dreamed of spending more time in France, enjoying a pied-à-terre of your own in Paris that you can profitably rent when you like, or just make a smart investment in the strong Euro by owning property in France…then this power-packed one-day conference is a MUST. There is no doubt, from the hundreds of others who have attended conferences of this kind and fulfilled their dreams…these Sundays in London or Paris will point you in the right direction to really make it happen!

Choose your city and register now! Seating is limited for both sites!!


London Sunday, April 26, 2009 The International Law Partnership The Vaults, Holborn Hall 193-197 High Holborn London WC1V 7BD. For more information go to or email [email protected].


Paris Sunday, May 31, 2009 Chez Jenny 3, Boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris. For more information go to or email [email protected].


Three-Dimensional Insight into Le Palace des Vosges
By Adrian Leeds

These newest architectural three-dimensional drawings illustrate best the finished interiors of "Le Palace des Vosges." Created by Benoit Salun of B. Prod Construction, one can now fully imagine the spacious interiors.

You enter the glass doors from the courtyard at number 9 Place des Vosges directly into the large living space which has ceilings about five meters high. Ahead of you will be the living room area with a fireplace on the left. There will be a plush sofa (which converts to a sofa bed), two armchairs and occasional tables.

To the right beyond the living room will be the dining room equipped with a beautiful iron and wood table and chairs of gold leather. Opposite that will be a functional desk and total entertainment center.

Beyond the dining room will be the open château-like kitchen, fully equipped with all the best appliances and cabinetry, separated by a zinc bar with stools. From this vantage point, you can enjoy the best view of the entire apartment and the beautiful Hôtel de Sully just outside your doors.

Massive 400 year-old wood beams in the ceiling are fully exposed. The floor will be stone in a classic château diamond pattern. A few stone stairs take you down to the lower bedroom — designed for a ‘king.’ It will have a queen/king bed (that converts to twins if you like), a luxurious shower, toilet and dressing area, plus plenty of closet space and built-in cabinetry.

Curved stone stairs take you up to the balcony and upper bedroom — fit for a ‘queen.’ Here, there will be a luxurious shower plus an independent claw-foot bathtub and private toilet enclosed by beautiful draperies. In the bedroom will be a stunning iron and marble wash stand where one can lavishly primp while enjoying the entire space. The bed is also a queen/king (that converts to twins), surrounded by sheer fabric for privacy — for all the makings of a lady’s "boudoir." Both bedrooms will be air-conditioned.

No detail is being overlooked to provide the ultimate in comfort, convenience and luxury for the 13 lucky owners of Le Palace des Vosges.

Editor’s No

/strong> Full size photos of the drawings are available at

House Hunters International "Vacation Home in Paris"
By Adrian Leeds

Vacation Home in Paris

Episode HHINT-1A05

Tune In:
June 15, 2009 10:00 P.M. e/p
June 15, 2009 2:00 A.M. e/p

New Yorkers Jeff Ballinger and Mary Schiller recently began the first steps toward making their dream together a reality. After honeymooning in Paris, they knew they wanted their own vacation property in France. Now, they’ve moved out of their house and into a smaller condo in the Bronx, NY, and have begun their search for a pied-a-terre in Paris.

Adrian Leeds, Property Consultant, Adrian Leeds Group

France is Amazing!
By Adrian Leeds

Excerpt from Parler Paris Nouvellettre®
Monday April 13, 2009

I wouldn’t rent a car again with Gare Montparnasse as the pick-up point — it’s more work than it’s worth just to be closer to Porte d’Orléans than from Gare de Lyon. But that’s what we did to make our way first to Celles, a tiny town (population about 550) southeast of Angoulême in the Aquitaine, Dordogne. Having gotten lost several times trying to find the way there, the trek, normally 5.5 hours from Paris by car or 2.25 hours by train, took 10 long hours…but no one minded…"France is amazing!"

That became the joke over the course of the four day circuit, from Paris through the Dordogne to Bordeaux then north to La Rochelle and back to Paris. At every turn there were pristine rolling green hillsides (or bright yellow fields of "Colza" [rape seed]), quaint centuries-old villages made up of stone cottages, usually with a church’s steeples looming over the red-roofed towns and independent farm houses nestled among barns and fields of a variety of crops. My traveling companion and long-time friend from Montreal snapped what she called "dashboard photos" — pictures with the dashboard of the car prominent in the foreground, the rain on the windshield obscuring the clarity of the scenes ahead of us.

The roads in France are "amazing" — kept in perfect condition, well marked and well functioning. Even when one moves from "A" routes ("autoroutes") to "N" Routes (National roads) to "D" routes (Departmental roads), the quality remains high, despite the narrowness of the road or the number of lanes. We were lost for more than an hour on several tiny roads only wide enough for one car in what seemed like the middle of nowhere — that nowhere being "La France Profonde."

In Celles we stayed overnight at a long-time friend’s château, having been recently sold. A Dallas resident and "la châtelaine" of "La Cellette" since 1998, she’s now sadly in the process of moving out all her personal belongings in preparation for the new owners to take over every aspect of château living including the furnishings. Having been a welcome sale, it was both a happy and sad occasion to say "so-long" to the beautiful home with its ten bedrooms and stately grounds.

Bordeaux isn’t far from Celles and the Autoroute is fairly newly completed. Directional signs took us straight into the center of the city and into one of a few parking lots under the oldest and mostly pedestrian part of the city where we deposited the car for the night. The rain never let up for a moment, so, under umbrellas our first order of business was to have lunch and find a hotel. Walking around the district of the Opéra National de Bordeaux, we found a nice room at the Bordeaux Bayonne Etche-Ona, a Best Western Hotel (15 Cours de l’Intendance, 33000 Bordeaux,

Bordeaux is a beautiful, elegant, pristine and stately city that bears no resemblance to Paris. The sleek snake-like trams quietly slip along the rails carrying their passengers with what seems like no effort at all. In the central district we saw few cars and the quiet calm of the city is evident. In the rain we shopped, wandered and discovered La Brasserie Bordelaise serving every sort of Bordeaux wine imaginable and every sort of other wine teeming with meat dishes such as the famed Entrecôte Charolaise, known to be some of the best meat in France. (La Brasserie Bordelaise, 50, rue Saint Rémi, 33000 Bordeaux,

Easter Sunday was an important day of the trip. We set out to visit the gentleman who holds the rights of usage to the "viager" apartment I own, who has not lived in the apartment for many years, but lives with his nephew in a small village in the Charente-Maritime. Its location was between Bordeaux and La Rochelle, our next destiny. A "viager" property is a real estate agreement where property is sold on a reverse annuity basis. In this case, I own the apartment out

but the original owner still holds the rights of usage till his death or until he is willing to give or sell the rights.

The gentleman has offered me the rights, but wants a kingly share. It seems only right that we should meet face to face — him now almost 90 years old. It wasn’t difficult to find the road or his address. Some of the houses were new, others old and renovated, with pools added and many with fresh gardens.

We knocked, but there was no one home. The neighbors were watching from their windows. I rang their bell and had a nice chat with the neighbor who told me that the gentleman had gone to a nursing home over a year ago. I left a bouquet of flowers with her to deliver to them with a note and also left a message on their phone to ring me. I’m still hopeful to make an arrangement with them so that something can be done with the vacated apartment.

(If you’d like to read the first four "chapters" of "VIAGER" WITH A VIEW," click here and scroll to the bottom for all four links to the articles.)

Disappointed, we headed on to La Rochelle. It was a beehive of activity — a local collection of were ceramicists selling their wares at an open market along the Vieux Port. The parking lot was so full that we had no choice but pull into the parking lot of a hotel at the edge of the old city that "par hazard" had a perfect room for us. It couldn’t have been easier. The Hôtel Trianon et de la Plage (6, Rue Monnaie, 17000 La Rochelle, +33 is a tired old hotel, but the room was enormous with a view on the garden and the location was perfect, especially with the free parking.

La Rochelle is a stunning old port city on the Bay of Biscay on the Atlantic Ocean and is the capital of the Charente-Maritime department. We discovered, when purchasing a bottle of "La Saintonge" — "Vin de Pays Charentais," that "Saintonge" (the name of my street in Paris) is a small region within the Charente-Maritime "which derives its name from the ancient Gallic tribe of the Santones who lived in this area and was the center of the French Huguenots." I felt closer to home than ever.

Today, before heading back to Paris, we’ll take a tour of the lovely and quaint Île de Ré — an island off the west coast that is completely flat, 30 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide — connected to La Rochelle by a 2.9 km (1.8 mi) bridge (the longest in France). This is where we intend to get a fair share of fresh oysters before being land-locked in the City of Light on a Monday night after four full days in "amazing France!"

Road Trip Real Estate Insights
Compiled by Schuyler Hoffman

Property in Bordeaux:

Real Estate in Bordeaux is primarily a French driven market in the city and bought mainly by those who work there. For this reason the rental market is primarily for long-term lets. A more holiday orientated area nearby with beautiful sandy beaches is Cap Ferret and Arcachon which, although quite expensive again, is renowned as being a rather exclusive resort. It is a mainly French driven market and the rental during the summer is good as it is so popular with the French who also come for its local cuisine and mild climate.

Property in La Rochelle:

Property for sale in La Rochelle is relatively expensive because it is such an exclusive and popular town as is property on the island Ile de Re. The difference is that rental of your property in Île de Ré is really only possible during the summer months whereas property in La Rochelle with its town and university could provide year round income as could property in nearby coastal towns such as Saint-Martin-de-Re.

Property in Île de Ré:

Foreigners have belatedly discovered what the French have secretly known for a long time. The Île de Ré, a flat Atlantic island of sand-dunes and salt-marshes off the coast of La Rochelle, has quietly become the cult holiday destination for the European smart set. The cost of buying on the 19-mile long island is consequently rising by up to 20 per cent a year, making Île de Ré property an extremely lucrative investment. It is still possible to find a small village house for less than €300,000, but buyers will need to be both determined and brave.

Editor’s Note: Scroll down to this week’s Hot Properties which focus on real estate in Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Île de Ré.

French Property Exhibition in Harrogate 15-17 May 2009

French Property News magazine celebrates its 20th anniversary with another market-leading French Property Exhibition.

Archant Life France, the market leading publisher within the Francophile market in the UK, is organizing its annual French property exhibition in Harrogate. The three-day event will be held in the Yorkshire Event Centre. Doors will open at 10am every day and entrance is free. Free tickets
can be obtained from

Show visitors will be able to meet the market professionals such as estate agents, tax advisors, mortgage lenders, and removal and currency exchange companies. Free seminars led by experts will run throughout the show, offering househunters a unique opportunity to have their questions answered face to face.

Fractional Property Offerings from French Property Fractional

If you are interested in traditional fractional ownership properties currently offered by our Fractional Ownership partners, see below:

Place des Vosges  ***NEW!!!



Chez la Tour Paris: CHEZ LA TOUR

Paris: La Rsidence Luxembourg

Le Petit Tresor Paris: LE PETIT TRESOR
Maison Bleue Languedoc-Roussillon: MAISON BLEUE

Special Hot Property Reduced for FPI Subscribers

Save 500 000 €!

Chalet Beaumont: A unique mountainside chalet comprising of 7/9 apartments in Chamonix, France available for private sale.

The Chalet Beaumont apartments are situated in a spectacular location at the foot of Mont Blanc, perfect for those wishing to enjoy peaceful surroundings with easy access to the hustle and bustle of Chamonix town.

* 7/9 apartments total of 409m2 on 4 levels and 3573m2 of land.
* 255m2 renovated between 2003 and 2005 in the style of "developer MGM" (including new plumbing and wiring)
154m2 original
* All apartments fully furnished and equipped, mostly by "Cocktail Scandinave", all new between 2003-2005 including all cookers and fridges.
* Currently 290m2 of let units generate Euro 453/m2 PA
* Enormous potential to add value services eg catering, minibus resort/transfer service, ski/board tuition etc.
* Asking Price: Euro 2,495,000

FOR OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Euro 1,995,000 (discount of 500 000 €!)

To inquire further email [email protected].



MoneycorpVisit the FPI Web site and click on the link on the left panel or click h

ere for Currency Currency
Convertor by Moneycorp Global Money Services/Currency Online by Moneycorp: Moneycorp Currency Conversion Tool for up to the minute conversions of all major currencies.

Compare currency values easily and quickly by visiting: Convertor by Moneycorp Global Money Services/Currency Online.asp

Charts: The charts are updated every ten seconds.

The prices shown are "inter bank" exchange rates and are not the rates that you will be offered by Moneycorp. Your rate will be determined by the amount of currency that you are buying. Please speak with an Moneycorp dealer or your consultant for a live quotation.


Parler Paris Apartments

Welcome to your home in Paris. Home is how you will feel in a private apartment in Paris that has the "seal of approval" from Parler Paris Apartments and me, Adrian Leeds.

Parler Paris Apartments offers high quality accommodations to make your stay in the City of Light as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

We at Parler Paris know each and every apartment owner or manager personally, and stand behind the quality of those we represent. We understand your needs and desires, all the small details that make a rental apartment a warm and welcoming home ­ and a much better alternative to an impersonal hotel!

Parler Paris Apartments is administered and serviced by the same great team as Parler Paris, French Property Insider and French Property Consultation. You can trust that Parler Paris Apartments and all those with whom it is associated will do their best for your 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Cité Dupetit Thouars, 3rd Arrondissement
One-bedroom, Sleeps Up to 4

L’Aubergine sits tucked away on an historic and quiet Marais "cul de sac," making it an oasis of peace and calm. This second floor apartment (two flights) has two large bright windows that face a classic Parisian courtyard. With digicode, intercom entry system and elevator, it has been completely renovated and professionally decorated to the height of luxury, with a soothing "aubergine" (eggplant) and taupe color scheme. Everything in the apartment is new, from the designer linens and towels, to the appliances and electronics.

Reserve now! Visit or email: [email protected]

Going it Alone is a Singular Pleasure
By Maureen Jenkins

April 12, 2009

Call me antisocial, but I adore traveling alone. And if I’m planning a getaway that includes sipping cafe au lait in Paris, savoring bistecca alla fiorentina in Florence or strolling through the colorful streets of old Nice, I’m that much more thrilled when experiencing these pleasures on my own.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy seeing European big cities and rolling countrysides in the company of family and friends—and even colleagues, if I’m traveling for work. In fact, these are among my most memorable trips. But there’s the heady bliss of possibility and pure joy of self-discovery that come with visiting these places alone. And strange as it sounds, I love dropping into European cultures where I’m forced to speak broken French and Spanish and just slightly better Italian without a friend to share the struggle or nod sympathetically at the airport or post office. Talk about finding resilience you didn’t know you had.

According to the Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, about 12.3 million Americans traveled to Europe last year—almost 40 percent of all those who went abroad. And of these, 38 percent took that trip across the Atlantic alone.

When celebrating my 40th birthday earlier this year, I treated myself to a two-week solo adventure in Villefranche-sur-Mer, a picturesque village on the French Riviera, and in Paris.

Renting Riviera Experience ( in Villefranche-sur-Mer) and Parler Paris apartments ( in each place, I shopped at small grocers and boulangeries. I deciphered schedules and hopped aboard trains (when they weren’t on strike).
I decided whe
ther to wake early or lounge around in bed; whether to check out that obscure museum or skip it in favor of a long afternoon nap.

While in Villefranche, I was invited by a lively older Irish couple to join them for drinks and dinner. I chatted with friendly waiters when I dined in bistros and sipped aperitifs in the afternoons. And I discovered much more of France because I didn’t have friends to fall back on when I got bored…

To read the entire article go to,0,640547.story.

HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Bordeaux La Rochelle Île de Ré

Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.

As we are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France, you can retain our services to do the whole thing for you. For more information, visit

This week our focus is on properties in Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Île de Ré, the highlights of Adrian’s road trip.

***Bordeaux: 2-Bedroom, approx. 60m²

Tastefully renovated two-bedroom in a beautiful stone building. Centrally located in a quiet neighborhood. Includes a fully equipped kitchen, office, bedrooms and bathroom.

Asking Price: 200 000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


***Bordeaux: 2-Bedroom, approx. 75m²

Located in the heart of the city. This duplex apartment is newly renovated and has a living room with fireplace, American kitchen, two bedrooms, and bathroom. Floor to ceiling windows allow for lots of light.

Asking Price: 214 000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


***La Rochelle: 3-Bedroom, approx. 200m²

You will be charmed by this lovely village house which offers: Fitted kitchen, utility room/back kitchen, lounge with fireplace, dining room, wc. On the first floor: 2 large bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and an office. The attic has been converted into a very large bedroom with en-suite shower room and wc. The garden is approx 400m², there is an attached outbuilding, and a cave. The heating is oil or wood.

Asking Price: 169 000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


***La Rochelle: 4-Bedroom, approx. 350m²

Detached four bedroom, one bathroom en-suite, one shower en-suite plus one shower room, dining room, living room, Charentaise kitchen. Also attached to the house is a large barn that comes complete with outlining planning permission to come from agricultural to residential. The property comes with a gate house with full planning permission for a 4-bedroom house. There is a stable and a lean-to area for winter feed storage. Also electric gates into the property & normal swing gate into the field.

Asking Price: 269 000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


***Île de Ré: 3-Bedroom, approx. 70m²

Delightful house with secluded walled garden and garage on a plot of 250m2. The property offers 70m2 of living accommodation on one level, which features: south-facing living room with fireplace, open-plan fitted kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom and WC. The property benefits from a village location with amenities on the doorstep, while the garden is private and not overlooked. Ideal pied-à-terre or second home to enjoy with family.

Asking Price: 446 000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


***Île de Ré: 4-Bedroom, approx. 255m²

Attractive house with garage set in almost a quarter of an acre (960m2) enclosed garden. Built in 1995, it is in good condition, it offers spacious and bright accommodation with 255m2 living space and possibility to extend (additional 160m2). Large living room, fitted kitchen, four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Gas central heating and garage. Space for pool in the garden. Well positioned in La Couarde sur Mer on the Ile De Re.

ont size
="2" face="Verdana">Asking Price: 1 350 000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee

Upcoming Notaires’ Property Auction

Notaires de Paris
Place du Châtelet
12 avenue Victoria
Paris 1st

Of special note this go round are the two buildings on blvd. Voltaire, each with several apartments on the block. One wonders if someone got in over their head…

Additional information on Les Ventes aux Enchères des Notaires can be found on the Web site at Though the site has a button for an English version, it isn’t necessarily reliable.

To read Schuyler Hoffman’s article about the property auctions in Paris, click on:

On April 28, 2009 the following properties will be auctioned off:


3 Rooms 72m²
113 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 170 500,00 €
Deposit: 34 100,00 €


2 Rooms 36m²
113 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 110 500,00 €
Deposit: 22 100,00 €


3 Rooms 43m²
113 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 100 500,00 €
Deposit: 20 100,00 €


7 Rooms 115m²
115 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 295 000,00 €
Deposit: 59 000,00 €


2/3 Rooms 52m²
115 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 145 500,00 €
Deposit: 29 100,00 €


2 Rooms 36m²
115 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 120 500,00 €
Deposit: 24 100,00 €


2 Rooms 33m²
115 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 130 500,00 €
Deposit: 26 100,00 €


2 Rooms 32m²
115 boulevard Voltaire
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 130 000,00 €
Deposit: 26 000,00 €


3 Rooms 62m²
83 rue Bobillot
75013 – PARIS 13eme
Starting Bid: 217 000,00 €
Deposit: 43 400,00 €


2/3 Rooms 75m²
50 rue Vaneau
75007 – PARIS 7eme
Starting Bid: 495 000,00 €
Deposit: 99 000,00 €





Auctions for May begin next month on May 5, 2009!


French Propety LoanWhen you make a purchase as important as a piece of real estate in a foreign country, you ant to know that you can trust the people you are dealing with. Adrian Leeds has developed a network of professionals that meet only the highest of standards. With the expertise and experience of Adrian a

nd her team, you can depend on getting the best advice and support to feel completely confi
dent that you are making an informed investment decision.

Let us help you secure a mortgage in France at a competitive interest rate. Visit for more information or contact [email protected]


1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 hectare = 2.4710538 acres

For more conversions, refer to:

Parler Paris Aprs Midi

Parler Paris Apres Midi

Come for a drink and to meet and chat with other readers in Paris…

The next gathering is May 12, 2009 and every second Tuesday of the month (except August).



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