Part Two: Get an Extra Two…And House Hunters Could Happen to You!

The Harris apartment spans two buildings on two levels along rue de Turenne —
now the main living areas are joined with the bedrooms and baths by five steps up.
The seven windows overlook the lovely Eglise Saint-Denys du Saint-Sacrément
and rue Saint-Claude, 3rd Arrondissement.

Part Two: Get an Extra Two…And House Hunters Could Happen to You!

Parler Paris…
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Special Friday Edition
Friday, July 20, 2007
Paris, France


Harris Kitchen Before and During Renovation

Harris Kitchen After Renovation

Dear Parler Paris Reader,

It’s been almost a year since House Hunters International asked us to tell Ben Harris and Angela Clugston’s story about how they found their beautiful three-bedroom apartment in Le Marais. That was just before they took their vows, but finally…it’s going to air TODAY!

Their “new” Marais apartment has a small door on rue de Roi d’Oré but the apartment primarily overlooks rue de Turenne and the Eglise Saint-Denys du Saint-Sacrément. When they first purchased the 100 square-meter apartment, the charm was evident from the 17th-century architectural appointments and the split level interior resulting from two buildings that had been joined at some point.

Also evident was the fact that the apartment needed renovation and redistribution, hopefully gaining a third bedroom and second bath by redesigning mostly the sleeping areas on the higher back level. Ben and Angela hired architect Derek Bush to redesign the space with a budget of about 10% of the purchase price.

The apartment must have been appealing to House Hunters TV to feature in their international programs, so prior to the renovation work, a film crew came in to video the new owners in their new apartment. The renovation went quickly and it took on a new shape. The wall between the kitchen and dining room came down to open the entire space to the views and the light — a major improvement. Another wall came down between the entry hall and the living room, opening the spaces even further. On the upper level, the large bathroom and wide hall were reapportioned to narrow the hall and turn the bathroom space into a third bedroom. In areas at the far end that were once storage, two full new bathrooms went in.

Today, the apartment is picture perfect. Ben and Angela’s taste is impeccable, decorating it in a contemporary version of French traditional, soft warm colors and clean lines. They are living in the apartment now, but their professional lives may end up taking them to other parts of the globe. Should that happen, the apartment will become a luxury rental and could easily rent by the week, month or year at a high rate of return. Since the “Promesse de Vente” (final deed) was signed in spring of 2006, and even in consideration of the renovation expense, the apartment is today worth more than 110% of their total investment!

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P.S. To watch House Hunters Episode HHINT-402, “Settling Down in Paris” with Ben and Angela Harris, click here and set your TV or VCR to:

• July 20, 2007 10:30 PM ET/PT
• July 21, 2007 2:30 AM ET/PT

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