“Single, Secure, Self-Confident, Sexy and Satisfied”

“Parisian Smoke” by Erica Simone

Single, Secure, Self-Confident, Sexy and Satisfied

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,

Someone on my staff asked if there was a way to analyze the ‘demographics’ of our readers and property clients.

The answer is ‘no’ to you readers, not really. In some ways we can know approximately where you live, but nothing tells us your ages or very much about you are…really. In spite of that, because we receive your letters, and because I read every single one of them (even file them away for future reference), I have a very good sense of exactly who you are…or at least what you think, if not your ages and other vital statistics.

The answer to the demographics of our property clients is ‘yes.’ In fact, we have very detailed (and confidentially held) information on each and every one of them, but I don’t have to do an analysis to know who they are. We work very closely with these people to find an apartment or house where they will want to reside or rent and call their own…hence we discover even the smallest personality quirks they may not even know themselves! (It’s no wonder most become and stay loyal friends for years after!)

Buying a property is very different from buying other kinds of investments, such as stocks, bonds or gold. So much of the human element is involved…and it’s the human aspect of this ‘job’ that makes it so fascinating. During our staff meeting, while determining how many couples vs singles, men vs women, young vs old, fit into our demographic profile, one thing stood out — that for more than any other group, owning a “pied-à-terre” in Paris was more life changing for the single woman than for any other type of person.

Of course, as a single woman, I can personally speak about these profound life changes, but I’ve also witnessed it oh too often! And I’ve written about it before, but it’s an important message. So, if you’re a single woman out there, pay attention. Today’s Nouvellettre® is for YOU.

Let’s start with Paris and why Paris is great for single women:

1. Paris is safe. Women can freely travel alone at any time of day or night in almost any district and feel totally safe. This is a very big difference! Do you get into your car and lock the doors fast, like I used to do? Or never go anywhere alone at night for fear of the car breaking down somewhere you wouldn’t want to be stranded? And even in New York City where the subway runs all night long and there are people on the streets at every hour, do you still feel safe wherever you are? I doubt it.

2. Being alone in Paris is never lonely. You can dine alone, have a drink at a café alone, go to a movie alone…and never feel lonely or really ‘alone.’ In fact, being ‘alone’ is the best way to meet someone! Most North American cities are such family and couples-oriented places that being alone makes you stand out, particularly as a woman…don’t you think? And so what do we women do? We hang out with our friends — and that’s a tough way to let a ‘someone’ into the space you filled with them. “N’est-ce pas?”

3. Parisian (and most European) men respect and adore older women. Women don’t have to be face-lifted or tummy-tucked to look younger than they are to attract younger men, who see them as wise, worldly and more experienced. And young women can happily and openly choose to be with older men. Age is much less of a stigma for both genders when it comes to love and sex. Remember the article in the Washington Post February 2008, “Fr

ench Women Don’t Get Fat and Do Get Lucky” by Pamela Druckerman? She wrote, “Just 15 percent of Frenchwomen in their 50s and 27 percent in their 60s haven’t had any sex in the past year, according to a 2004 national survey by France’s Regional Health Observatory. Another national survey being released next month will report that cohabiting Frenchwomen over 50 are having more sex now than they did in the early 1990s.” So, women over the age of 40…go out and buy some sexy lingerie because here you’re likely going to actually get some use out of it!

4. “Parisiennes” dress! By that I mean they dress provocatively on a daily basis and love it, without anyone thinking they are…what’s that awful word?…”slutty?” Being “seduisante” simply means “attractive” and that’s exactly what they are. At 80 years old they’re still wearing fishnet stockings and high heeled shoes. You’ll see more skirts on their hips than pants so they can show off their shapely legs. And I’ll bet you’ll notice more older women braless than you’ll ever see on the other side of the Atlantic. “Quelle horreur!” Sure, they aren’t as ‘perky’ as they used to be, but who cares?…Not the men who are enjoying them!

5. Paris gives you self-confidence. With all these positive aspects on your side, you’re sure to feel more independent and more self-confident about who you are, both as a woman and as a person. And let me tell you something: that’s sexy as hell. Nothing is less attractive than neediness. So, even if you wanted to be ‘alone,’ you’re not likely going to be that way…at least for long! And you can live that way happily the rest of your life…single and happy to be that way.

Of course…we’re talking about life in Paris or anywhere in France. And that leads me to why owning a pied-à-terre in Paris has changed so many single women’s lives. Besides the fact that it’s an investment that is sure to grow, and provide financial security, the more time you spend here, the more all these wonderful things will happen to you. It’s as simple as that.

I’m living proof. Next week I turn the ripe old age of 57. I’m not ‘freaking out’ about getting closer to 60, examining my wrinkles or harnessing my sagging buttocks. Thanks to Paris, the property I have provides the financial security I wanted and needed. Thanks to Paris, I have had a fulfilling romantic life. Thanks to Paris I can be anyone I want to be…namely me: a single woman.

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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