Ten Trends for 2010

Ten Trends for 2010

Rue Picardie in le Marais


French Property Insider

December 10, 2009
Paris, France

Bonjour French Property Insider Subscriber,

Today’s issue is all about 2010 and what’s in store for French property in the coming year.

Of special note is an apartment featured for sale that is ‘turn-key’ — a current successful short term rental apartment in the heart of the Marais that is being sold with all its furnishings, ready to go. It’s a deal for someone wanting a fast and easy investment that is guaranteed to bring in revenues.

Be sure to read in today’s issue how France is among the top ten property investment spots in the world (no surprise) and that "Le Palace des Vosges" fractional ownership apartment is offering a big discount to buyers who commit to their share before the end of the year. Owners are in the apartment now fully enjoying its splendor. You could be one of them!

The legal issues surrounding short term rentals in Paris are in discussion with preparations for taking action by the big agencies. Stay tuned with our weekly updates and with the solutions we will find for our clients and readers.

The International Living Quality of Life Index is currently in progress for 2010. France always ranks very high and we expect no less for the coming year. We’ll be reporting on it as soon as they publish their findings, but in today’s issue, read all about the criteria the countries must meet to make the grade.

The City of Paris has launched a new real estate Web site for all to take advantage of and it is foreseen that Paris will see more business travelers in the coming year — creating more opportunities for all.

There are at least ten articles of interest in today’s FPI — all with an eye on the future and the advent of 2010. Don’t miss a single one and get ready for a great new year ahead here in France.

A bientôt,

Adrian Leeds
Adrian LeedsEditor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. There are only a few apartments still available for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so book fast! Be sure to visit Le Provençal, Le Deco and Le Balcon Planté at Parler Paris Apartments! http://www.adrianleeds.com/parlerparis/apartments.

P.P.S. Photographer Erica Simone will be making her New York City West Village studio apartment available for rental while traveling in Southeast Asia from February 1 through the beginning of April. If you are interested, please email her at [email protected].

Volume VII, Issue 48, December 10, 2009

In this issue:

* Turn-Key Property on the Market
* France in Top 10 for Property Investment
* Time Running Out on Special Offer
* Looking Ahead at Property Prices for 2010
* Paris Announces Its Own Property Portal
* How 194 Countries are Ranked on Quality of Life
* House Hunters International in Paris: Last Airing
* FPI Fractional Property Offerings
* Rental Reader Beware: An Update
* Increase in Business Travelers to Paris Forecast
* A Look at the Dollar and European Currencies
* Moneycorp: Take the Risk Out of Currency Conversion
* Parler Paris Apartments: Le Provençal Studio for New Years
* Digging Into the French Wealth Tax
* Regulations on Smoke Detectors Coming in 2010
* Hot Property Contemplating Contemporary
* Results of the Recent Notaires’ Auction
* Don’t Miss France show 2010
* How You Can Obtain a Mortgage in France
* Parler Paris Après-Midi: Next Gathering Jan. 12th
* Managing Your FPI Subscription
* Subscribers Receive Discount on Insider Paris Guides

HOT PROPERTY! Proven Rental Studio on rue de Picardie €237,500

This 25m² (270 sq. ft.) studio pied-à-terre in the heart of the Haut Marais just off rue de Bretagne is on the first floor (European — one short flight of stairs) on a quiet street, rue de Picardie, near the Mairie of the 3rd district and the Square du Temple. This historically designated apartment has all new furnishings and a brand new well-equipped kitchen. The three large windows can be opened for ventilation with little street noise. The exposed oak beamed ceiling adds charm and character and is testament to the 1700s construction. The apartment accommodates four on a double bed and a double futon. A drop-leaf table allows up to six to dine. For guests’ clothing there is a large armoire. The bathroom is large enough for a bathtub with a shower. This apartment is a proven short-term vacation apartment and comes furnished and ready to go! Nothing to do but ‘sign on the dotted line.’

Asking Price €237,500. For more photos, visit http://www.vacationinparis.com/apts/sub/49_photos.htm, and for more information contact [email protected].

Top 10 Overseas Property Investments In 2010
By Marc Da-Silva


1. Brazil
The Brazilian property market has got a lot going for it. The country is attracting a lot of inward investment, has one of the world’s fastest growing economies, a rapidly emerging mortgage market, a general shortage of quality homes, and has been selected to host the 2014 football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. This will lead to the construction of new and improved infrastructures and homes across Brazil.
Property investors from around the world are flocking to Brazilian shores with a view to snapping up real estate, in anticipation of future capital growth.

One local expect projects Brazilian property prices could appreciate by up to 200% over the next decade, driven by the country’s burgeoning economy, and the pending introduction of mortgages to overseas nationals.

Investment banking firm Goldman Sachs believes that Brazil’s economic growth could outstrip that of the other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) member nations over the next few years.

Brazil’s economy is widely expected to become the fifth largest in the world by the time the Olympic Games kicks off in 2016, and yet Brazil property and land prices still remain a fraction of those found in more developed nations.

The Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has already pledged to spend up to £11.5bn on building a million new homes in Brazil between now and 2011.

However, potential high property investment rewards are not with out their risks, as crime and corruption still remains widespread in Brazil.

2. France
In stark contrast to the relatively high risk, high return nature of investing in Brazil, the risks associated with investing in French property are far lower.

France has traditionally always been a rather safe haven for property investors. The nation was the first European country to come out of recession in 2009, reflecting the fact that the global credit crunch had much less of an impact, compared to other European counterparts.

France’s strong economy is having a positive impact on its property market, which now appears to be on the road to recovery.

Increasing property and mortgage transactions are boosting residential values, with the latest FNAIM data revealing that the average price of a French property appreciated by 2.8% between April and September 2009.

Although average prices remain down 7.8% year-on-year, the market is generally expected to improve further, due to France’s prudent attitude to mortgage lending.

Anyone taking out a mortgage in France is generally only permitted to borrow one third of their total gross monthly income. This has ensured that mortgages remain readily available, with 100% loan-to-value home loans available at competitive borrowing rates.

Consequently, mortgage lending in France is soaring. French mortgage broker Athena Mortgages reports that there was a 21% rise in mortgage enquiries in Q3 2009 compared with the previous quarter.

The buy-to-let and leaseback sectors are reportedly attracting particular interest from investors, due to improved yields across the country.

The capital city of Paris has long been identified as one of the most attractive European cities for investment, and is typically the most popular place to buy a home in France, along with Cannes, Marseille and Nice, which are all located along the southern Mediterranean coast…

Read the entire article at http://www.finance-worldwide.com/top-10-overseas-property-investments-in-2010/.

Palatial Living in Le Palace des Vosges…Special Offer Ends Soon!
By Adrian Leeds

If you’ve followed the progress of "Le Palace des Vosges" (our Fractional Ownership property at Paris’ best address) over the past year, then you’d know that the first owners are already enjoying the property. Just before they arrived, we had an opportunity to take a full video tour of the finished product and new photos!…


If you’re unable to view the video above, to see the latest video (produced by http://www.screen-view.fr/), go to:

The latest photos are available at http://www.palacedesvosges.com/PDV_decor.html.

Special offering to French Property Insider Readers:Purchase a share and have your 15,000€ deposit received in the escrow account by December 31st, 2009 and receive a 5000€ discount off the price of your share!!!

Eight shares are still available. For more information about how to purchase your share of Le Palace des Vosges, visit http://www.palacedesvosges.comor email Mary Ellen Gallagher at [email protected].

French Property Prices for 2010


It’s that time of year again when all the estate agents, banks, building societies and public bodies make predictions for house prices in 2010.

In France the price of ones house doesn’t hold the same kind of compulsive fascination as it does across the channel. Houses are somewhere that you live and watch your family grow up in. The French move house far less regularly than Brits and aren’t used to seeing it’s value bob up and down like a yo-yo.

If there’s one learned during twenty odd years in the property industry it’s that it is an absolute lottery predicting house prices. All of the august bodies mentioned above have teams of highly paid researchers that crunch the numbers, analyze the statistics and then make a wild guess while adding in all kinds of caveats.

At the start of 2009 almost everyone predicted a year of double digit percentage falls in price. Yet, if the HM Revenue & Customs are to be believed, house completions rose from 41,000 in January to 90,000 in October.

The Nationwide says that if prices remain unchanged this month that they will have increased 6% throughout the year. Many other lenders tell a similar story with the Halifax saying that prices are now up for the 5th month in a row.

It’s a different story in France and FNAIM is saying that average prices are likely to have dropped by around 5% this year…

Read the entire article at http://www.guide2poitoucharentes.com/news/263/French-Property-Prices-for-2010.

The City of Paris Launches a New Real Estate Web Site
By Adrian Leeds

On the occasion of the Salon de l’Immobilier d’Entreprise 2009 (SIM, a conference of real estate professionals), the city of Paris under the direction of Anne Hidalgo, the first deputy in charge of urbanism and architecture, has created a real estate database available to everyone — principally the players in the real estate market — the promoters, agents, investors and consumers.

The first bank of information are of offers for sale of more than 350m2 proposed by semi-public companies classified as "SEM" — "sociétés d’économie mixte."

Today the site offers approximately 700,000m2 of property, primarily in Paris and the Ile-de-France region.

Visit the site at http://www.immobilier.paris.fr.

Quality of Life Index: 194 Countries Ranked and Rated to Reveal the World’s Best Places to Live in 2010


Every January, we rank and rate 194 countries to come up with our list of the places that offer you the best quality of life. This isn’t about best value, necessarily. It’s about the places in the world where the living is, simply put, great.

To produce this annual Index we consider nine categories: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. This involves a lot of number crunching from "official" sources, including government websites, the World Health Organization, and The Economist, to name but a few. We also take into account what our editors from all over the world have to say about our findings…

To rate and rank the 194 countries considered in this year’s Quality of Life Index, we took into account:

Cost of Living (15% of the final ranking). This is a guide to how much it will cost you to live in a style comparable to—or better than—the standard of living you’re likely enjoying in the U.S. Our primary source in this category is the U.S. State Department’s Index of Overseas Living Costs, used to compute cost-of-living allowances for a Western-style of living in various countries. We also consider each country’s income tax rates.

Culture and Leisure (10%). To calculate this score, we look at literacy rate, newspaper circulation per 1,000 people, primary and secondary school enrollment ratios, number of people per museum, and a subjective rating of the variety of cultural and recreational offerings.

Economy (15%). We consider interest rates, GDP, GDP growth rate, GDP per capita, the inflation rate, and GNP per capita to determine each country’s Economy score.

Environment (10%). To figure a country’s score in this category, we look at population density per square kilometer, population growth rate, greenhouse emissions per capita, and the percentage of total land that is protected.

Freedom (10%). Freedom House’s 2009 survey is the main source for these scores, with an emphasis on a citizen’s political rights and civil liberties.

Health (10%). In this category, we look at calorie consumption as a percentage of daily requirements, the number of people per doctor, the number of hospital beds per 1,000 people, the percentage of the population with access to safe water, the infant mortality rate, life expectancy, and public health expenditure as a percentage of a country’s GDP.

Infrastructure (10%). To calculate a country’s Infrastructure score, we look at the length of railways, paved highways, and navigable waterways in each country, and equated these things to each country’s population and size. We also consider the number of airports, motor vehicles , telephones, Internet service providers, and cell phones per capita.

Safety and Risk (10%). For this category, we use the U.S. Department of State’s hardship Differentials and danger allowances, which are based on extraordinarily difficult, notably unhealthy, or dangerous living conditions.

Climate (10%). When deciding on a score for each country’s climate, we look at its average annual rainfall and average temperature…and consider its risk for natural disasters…

Read the entire article at http://www.internationalliving.com/Internal-Components/Further-Resources/quality-of-life-2010.

Watch Adrian Leeds and French Property Consultation on
House Hunters International – Last Date for the Year!

***"Settling Down in Paris" – Episode HHINT-1A05

December 14, 2009 12:00 AM ET/PT

House Hunters International Episode HHINT-402: http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/settling-down-in-paris/index.html

To learn more, visit http://www.AdrianLeeds.com or email Adrian Leeds, at [email protected].

Fractional Property Offerings from French Property Fractional


If you are interested in traditional fractional ownership properties currently offered by our Fractional Ownership partners, see below:

align="top">Place des Vosges 


Chez la Tour

La Rsidence Luxembourg

Le Petit Tresor
 Maison Bleue

Paris Residence Club

Notre Maison dan Toulouges

To see our latest Fractional offerings go to http://adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/fractional/fractional_offerings.html

Rental Reader Beware: An Update
By Adrian Leeds

Please read Part I in last week’s issue: http://www.adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/pastissues/FPI_December_3_2009.html

A meeting will take place tomorrow (December 11th) at the Office du Tourisme among the most prominent real estate agencies that specialize in short term rentals. Because of the limited seating, the invitation to attend is only open to those French companies that represent 30 or more apartments.

The director of the Office du Tourisme will make an opening presentation. The plan is to take a perspective on the law in question (article L631-7), its historic implications and to then make a non-alarmist communication to the public of their findings. Their objective is to form a federation with which they can address problems of this nature and work with the city to protect the industry.

I have consulted with two advisors for the Adrian Leeds Group, LLC: our Expert Comptable (CPA) and Property Attorney in regard to the situation at hand. Our goal is to provide our clients (our apartment owners, investors and renters) with a LEGAL solution that will satisfy the city regulations, yet protect our investments and interests.

The government’s initiative in this case is part of the Mayor Bertrand Delanoë’s plan to increase housing. See
http://www.citymayors.com/mayors/paris_mayor.html for a brief explanation:

Policies as Mayor


On housing, Mr Delanoë’s pledged at his election to reintegrate the Parisian population by buying up luxury properties, mainly in up-market areas of Paris, and making them available at lower rents to poorer tenants. This he has done by buying up properties in the west and center of the city and thus making several hundred new apartments available as moderate rent dwellings, or HLMs (Habitations à Loyer Modéré), although this has not been welcomed by all the current residents, who accuse him of pointless social engineering. He says that this policy will reverse the trend of poorer people, especially younger families, abandoning the city altogether as well as reintegrating the city population, a policy already practiced in other European cities such as Munich.

His policy is based on the ‘Law for Solidarity and Urban Renewal,’ passed by France’s Socialist Government in 2000, which makes it compulsory for communes of more than 50,000 people to have rent controls in at least 20 per cent of the housing stock by 2020. The aim is to standardize the principal of ‘social variation,’ and prevent neighborhoods slipping into either very rich or very poor ghettos. Mr Delanoë’s applies this law to each of the 20 arrondissements (districts) of Paris, which vary between 30 per cent social housing to one per cent. He wants to make the obligatory minimum threshold of 20 per cent apply evenly across the whole of the city.

Needless to say, providing cheap accommodation in the middle of Paris can have an influence on how people vote. The previous administration was accused of favoring supporters of Chirac’s RPR in housing allocation. Delanoë’s hopes to bring down the 93,000 applications for HLMs (Habitations à Loyer Modéré) by providing 3,500 new homes, mainly in the 8th and 13th arrondissements annually, and thus even out the city’s already flagrant east-west divide.

We believe that his plan may be possible, but realistically, if it were to truly succeed, it would cause an economic disaster of massive proportion they had not foreseen. We can only hope their plan will be thwarted thanks to the efforts of the industry and our ability to find a legal solution to offering rentals of less than one year in properties classified as ‘habitation.’

Stay tuned as we will keep you informed of our progress.

Could 2010 See More Business for French Property Owners?


Those who own French property in Paris could be interested to hear that in 2010, a rise in business travel demand could see more people heading to the city.

According to travel management firm Egencia, those who travel for business are likely to take more trips next year – and many may be choosing to stay in French property in the "economic hub" of the French capital city.

UK vice-president and managing director for the firm Christophe Peymirat said: "What we have are the main economic hubs, like London, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin, who will see a stronger demand, but the negotiability index will be lower."…

Read the entire article at http://www.rightmove.co.uk/overseas-magazine/could-2010-see-more-business-for-french-property-owners.

The USD – US Dollar weekly update

Provided by MoneyCorp

Guarded optimism from the Bank of England balances concern about UK government borrowing. US employers report a striking improvement in the jobs situation.

Sterling started last Monday at $1.6550 and passed through that level another four times before the weekend. Investors were no more certain which way to take it than they had been the previous week. They had a look at $1.6350 and $1.6750 but could not make up their minds which looked better. When London opened this morning the pound was trading at its lows.

Sterling began the week as it had ended the previous one; under the microscope. Investors were more relaxed regarding the default of Dubai World and the exposure of UK banks to the firm. However, they were still sensitive about government debt, which is expected to reach 80% of Britain’s economic output before long. Investment bank Morgan Stanley fanned the flames with a research paper. It said ‘In an extreme situation a fiscal crisis could lead to… severe pound weakness and a sell-off in UK government bonds. The Bank of England may feel forced to hike rates to shore up confidence in monetary policy and stabilize the currency, threatening the fragile economy.’ Nobody could accuse Morgan Stanley of pulling its punches.

On the positive side, there were some chinks of light from the Bank of England. Monetary Policy Committee member Adam Posen said in a speech that the UK economy has probably passed its lowest point. His colleague Spence Dale, who is also the B

chief economist, went down a similar track the following day. He told an audience in Essex that ‘the economy appears to have turned’ and ‘we are likely to be moving into a period of renewed expansion.’

For much of the week the economic data coming out of the United States was disappointing. The purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs), compiled from surveys of businesses across the country, operate on a scale of 0-100 where 50 represents the neutral point between falling and rising activity. The PMIs for the manufacturing and services sectors have been rising in recent months, adding to the image of recovery. Last week the figures for November both went down by a couple of points. The manufacturing index dropped to 53.6 while the services sector measure fell back below the boom/bust divide to 48.7.

It was a very different story on Friday with what is probably the most important economic statistic to investors; US non-farm payrolls. The tally of US jobs created or lost each month is seen as a critical pointer to how the US economy – and therefore the world economy – is doing. Analysts expected the November figure to continue the trend of the previous two years of job destruction, this time to the tune of around -120,000 jobs. When a figure of -11,000 appeared on their screens traders stared in disbelief, thinking it must be a typo. It was not, and to put icing on the US economy’s cake the October number was revised upwards from -190,000 to -111,000. That worked out at 188,000 more jobs than investors had been expecting. For once, a good US economic statistic was good for the US dollar and it finished the week on a high note.

So another week of good-news-bad-news from both sides of the Atlantic left investors no wiser than they had been at the outset. We remain stuck with a pound/dollar relationship that cannot make up its mind what to do and, therefore, does nothing. We also therefore remain saddled with a neutral risk management strategy. Buyers of the dollar should hedge half their requirement with a forward purchase. Those with a short time horizon who do not want to cover their whole exposure should protect themselves with a stop order.

For more information, visit: http://www.adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/loan/moneycorpconvertor.html and learn more about moneycorp here: http://www.moneycorp.com.



Take the Risk Out of Currency Conversion

If you’re buying a holiday home or investment property overseas, when you trade your currency is crucial. The euro exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, so trading at the right time will mean your money goes a lot further. Adrian Leeds Group LLC and Moneycorp are working together to ensure you make the most of your Dollar or Sterling when buying a property in France.

For the latest exchange rate use our currency converter at http://www.adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/loan/moneycorpconvertor and learn more about moneycorp here:

Important: With the holidays almost upon us, we would like to advise you of our opening times over the next few weeks. The office will be open as usual between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (AEST) Monday to Friday, except on the following days:

Thursday 24 December – 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (AEST)
Friday 25 December – Closed
Monday 28 December – Closed
Thursday 31 December – 8:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (AEST)
Friday 1st January – Closed

Please bear in mind if you need funds delivered urgently, we suggest that you allow more time than usual.

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Parler Paris Apartments

Parler Paris Apartmen

ts nt> Welcome to your home in Paris. Home is how you will feel in

a private apartment in Paris that has the "seal of approval" from Parler Paris Apartments and me, Adrian Leeds. Parler Paris Apartments offers high quality accommodations to make your stay in the City of Light as enjoyable and memorable as possible.We at Parler Paris know each and every apartment owner or manager personally, and stand behind thequality of those we represent. We understand your needs and desires, all the small details that make a rental apartment a warm and welcoming home ­ and a much better alternative to an impersonal hotel!Parler Paris Apartments is administered and serviced by the same greatteam as Parler Paris, French Property Insider and French Property Consultation. You can trust that Parler Paris Apartments and all those with whom it is associated will do heir best for your 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Le Provençal Studio
Sleeps 2

There isn’t an apartment in Paris more charming and cheerful…ask all who have had the pleasure of staying here."Le Provençal" studio is located on the quiet courtyard of a very charming 18th-century building in the heart of Le Marais. It is completely equipped in spite of its size! In fact, anyone who has ever had the pleasure of being a guest will tell you that it is missing NOTHING! Complete with a king size bed that converts to twin beds when desired, a Siemens brand washer/dryer combination, espresso maker, microwave, toaster-oven, two-burner ceramic stove, refrigerator, high speed Internet with WiFi, flat screen TV, DVD player, stereo, and free(!) long distance phone service…not to mention plenty of soap, shampoo, body wash, tissues, toilet paper and all the other toiletries…this delightful and cozy studio makes a perfect Parisian home for one or two.

There are only a few apartments still available for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so book fast! Be sure to visit Le Provençal, Le Deco and Le Balcon Planté! Visit www.adrianleeds.com/parlerparis/apartments/rentals/saint-germain.html.

For more information go to www.adrianleeds.com/parlerparis/apartments or email:[email protected].

French Wealth Tax
By Stuart Baldock


France is one of the few European countries which imposes a specific tax on wealth. It is payable by anyone who has assets in France valued at more than €800,000 – the anticipated threshold in 2010. If you are not resident only property assets count. The tax was first introduced in 1982, removed five years later, then reintroduced in 1989. It is due not by individuals but by “fiscal households” (for example single parents and their children, married couples, long-term “partners”…) of which in the Alpes Maritimes (one of the richest Départments in France) there are about 670,000. In 2008 the tax contributed €136 million to the coffers of the Department. For France as a whole the tax generated €4.2 billion – a drop in the ocean compared to the €100 billion from income and corporation tax. In the Alpes Maritimes most wealth tax payers are in Nice, Cannes and Antibes: over 9,000 “fiscal households” whose average “wealth” is over €1.5 million.

There are lots of anecdotes about “poor” people having to pay wealth tax. On the Ile de Ré in north west France, property values are so high that it is quite common for pensioners, living in a property inherited from their parents and grandparents before them, to pay wealth tax, even after “principal home” allowances…

Read the entire article at http://www.talesfromthefrontline.com/2009/12/09/french-wealth-tax/.

Smoke Detectors to Become Obligatory


The installation of smoke detectors is soon to be made obligatory in all homes in France, but in recent tests most models did not comply with performance standards.

In a study carried out by the French consumer watchdog the Institut National de la Consommation, six of out of eight popular smoke alarms on the French market did not work properly in tests they carried out on them.

In the light of the report the French government has ordered trading standards officials to carry out their own tests.

Similar tests also carried out by the consumer body Que Choisir in 2006 found that on

ly t
hree of the twelve smoke alarms they tested could be recommended for use, which resulted in some later being withdrawn from the market.

All of this comes at a time when a new draft law is currently making its way through the French Parliament that proposes to make obligatory the installation of smoke detectors in all homes in France over a five year period…

Read the entire article at http://www.french-property.com/news/build_renovation_france/safety_smoke_detectors.

HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Contemplating Contemporary

Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.

This week we focus on opportunities for contemporary properties in newer districts of Paris.

*** Paris, 18th: Studio, approx. 37m²

Large studio apartment located in a recent building within walking distance of the metro. It is in need of some renovation and is composed of a kitchen, bathroom, WC and veranda. Third floor with an elevator.

Asking Price: € 265 000 + 2.5% Finder’s Fee



*** Paris, 18th: One-bedroom, approx. 46m²

Beautiful apartment on a pretty courtyard. Fifth floor with elevator. It is clear, calm and in a very good condition. It is composed of living room, one bedroom, separate kitchen, bathroom, WC and cellar.

Asking Price: € 360 000 + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


*** Paris, 15th: One-bedroom, approx. 45m²

The15th is a particular environment, a district where resounds the laughter of the children, a city in the big city and so easy to access in bus, tram, subway, the car or bicycle. Nearby you will find, theatres and cinemas, and opened to all the discoveries between the Seine, Montparnasse and the Eiffel Tower. Spacious apartments, large glazed bay windows ensure optimal light as much as open views. The large balcony invites you to enjoy the sun and light. Quality materials and contemporary equipment throughout include oak parquet floor in the main rooms and a designer fittings in the bathrooms. Also included is multimedia cabling, private parking space, garage, cellar, videophone, and elevator.

Asking Price: € 412 000 + 2.5% Finder’s Fee



*** Paris, 13th: Four-bedroom, approx. 60m²

Virtually an extension of the 5th arrondissement, the 13th is a combination of several culturally rich districts. Allying contemporary architecture and listed monuments, the residence enjoys a highly privileged environment, adjacent to the new Paris Rive Gauche district. A small market even takes place around Place Jeanne d Arc every Thursday and Sunday morning. The building comprises 48 bright, spacious apartments. Large bay windows adorn facades that look out over designed landscaped gardens, creating great transparency for the apartments, while favoring natural light and sunshine. The apartments have been designed to offer comfort and a superior lifestyle, with modern floor plans that fulfil contemporary expectations in terms of comfort. Includes garage, concierge, intercom, access control, videophone, elevator, individual heating.

Asking Price: € 1 195 000 + 2.5% Finder’s Fee


Results of the Recent Notaires’ Property Auction

ont size="2" face="Verdana">Notaires de Paris
Place du Châtelet
12 avenue Victoria
Paris 1st


Additional information on Les Ventes aux Enchères des Notaires can be found on the Web site at www.encheres-Paris.com.

To read Schuyler Hoffman’s article about the property auctions in Paris, click on: www.adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/articles/auctions1.html.


  The following properties were auctioned off December 8, 2009:    


Studio 29m²
23 rue Montorgueil
75001 – PARIS 1er
Starting Bid: 135 000,00 €
Sold For: 320 000,00




2 Rooms 37m²
176 rue de la Convention
75015 – PARIS 15eme
Starting Bid: 150 000,00 €
Sold For: 310 000,00 €




4 Rooms 98m²
53 boulevard des Batignoles
75008 – PARIS 8eme
Starting Bid: 480 000,00 €
Sold For: 690 000,00 €




2 Rooms 22m²
6 rue de Vaucouleurs
75011 – PARIS 11eme
Starting Bid: 62 000,00 €
Sold For: 124 000,00 €



Editor’s Note: If you look at the properties on the Notaire’s site (www.encheres-paris.com), when you click on the information for a particular property there is also a link to Google Maps to show you exactly where the property is located.

The France Show 2010
Compiled by Schuyler Hoffman

Three days of indulgence in French cuisine, art, culture and property at London’s Earls Court, January 8th-10th, 2010…

Discover the magic of France by immersing yourself in the colors, the culture and the party atmosphere that is the France Show 2010 — the UK’s largest celebration of all that makes France such a special place.

The French Property Exhibition brings together estate agents, developers, solicitors, banks and other professionals covering just about every aspect of buying your property in France. Whichever location has taken your fancy — and suits your budget — you’re sure to find a suitable property.

Always a hive of activity, the French property section offers everything from expert financial advice to innovative energy solutions to picture perfect barn conversions and great investment opportunities. With hundreds of different exhibitors ready to talk to you, this is simply the biggest and best French property exhibition available in the UK.

More information is available at http://www.thefranceshow.com/default.aspx. Free tickets are available online at http://www.thefranceshow.com/pre-register.aspx.


nsider/images/FPLoanlogo200shadow.jpg" alt="French Propety Loan" width="200" height="96" align="left">When you make a purchase as important as a piece of real estate in a foreign country, you ant to know that you can trust the people you are dealing with. Adrian Leeds has developed a network of professionals that meet only the highest of standards. With the expertise and experience of Adrian and her team, you can depend on getting the best advice and support to feel completely confident that you are making an informed investment decision.

Let us help you secure a mortgage in France at a competitive interest rate. Visit www.adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/loan for more information or contact [email protected]


1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 hectare = 2.4710538 acres

For more conversions, refer to: www.onlineconversion.com/

Parler Paris Aprs Midi: Next Meeting

Parler Paris Apres Midi



The second Tuesday of every month, Parler Paris and French Property Insider readers gather at La Pierre du Marais for a drink and a "schmooze" –It’s an opportunity to meet and chat with other like-minded people and a great way to make friends! Costs nothing except your drinks. Don’t miss the next gathering Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 from 3 to 5 p.m. and every second Tuesday of the month (except August).



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