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Caye International Bank, Belize
Peter A. Zipper

October 7, 2008: scroll down to see a personal letter from President Peter A. Zipper regarding the current economic crisis.

Belize is a leading Caribbean offshore jurisdiction, and many visitors are intrigued about offshore banking. The growth in international travel, coupled with the increasing use of the Internet to make a living or help manage businesses from afar, have led to growing use of offshore banking and offshore trusts. Others have made the same decisions to relocate or diversify their financial affairs and open offshore accounts.

Offshore Banks in Belize In addition to commercial banks in Belize serving local customers, Belize has developed a small but growing community of offshore (or international banks as they like to be called.) banks. These offshore banks were authorized by the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1995, and the introduction of the Offshore Banking Act, 1996, and the Money Laundering (Prevention) Act, 1996. By law they cannot serve customers who are citizens of or legal residents of Belize. The 1995 legislation defines an off shore banking as "receiving, borrowing or taking up foreign money exclusively from non-residents at interest or otherwise on current account, savings account, term deposit or other similar account and which according and subject to arrangement is repayable on the check, draft, order, authority or similar instrument of the customer, and investing the foreign money so received by lending, giving credit or otherwise exclusively to non-residents; or carrying on exclusively with nonresidents such other activities as are customarily related or ancillary to offshore banking." There are two categories of Belize offshore banks: "A" Class - Unrestricted and "B" Class - Restricted...

Caye International Introduces both personal and corporate Visa debit cards:

  • Can be used for purchases anywhere in the world, wherever the VISA logo is
  • Cash can be obtain from worldwide ATM machines displaying the Visa logo.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately for a replacement card.
  • Additional cards can be issued to your family or business partners on your VISA
    card account.

    To apply, download Caye International Bank application forms:

  • Personal Visa Debit Card Application
  • Corporate Visa Debit Card Application

caye letter 7-10-08

 Caye International logo125To learn more about offshore banking in Belize with Caye International, download their brochure by clicking here: Caye Bank Belize.pdf

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