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ann party 13-3-10-3Anniversary Party

The Adrian Leeds Group is sad to announce the formal closing of Parler Parlor as of Summer 2018...

The Parler Parlor French-English Conversation Group in Paris began on March 17, 1998 as a joint effort between Adrian Leeds and Marie-Elisabeth Crochard who at that time, was the Director of Berlitz Champs-Elysées. It was there, in its prestigious offices that a huge community of Anglophones and Francophones first met to practice speaking both English and French in a free-form conversational style.

The system of speaking 45 minutes in French and 45 minutes in English was a brilliant way of making friends, discussing interesting topics and learning about other cultures, all in the interest of progressing in understanding and speaking both French and English, naturally and easily.

For all 20 years, Parler Parlor met several times a week in a variety of different locations, hosted at other language schools and café venues. Thousands of people benefitted from its existence, but no one more than the two originators, Adrian and Marie-Elisabeth, who had the distinctive pleasure of welcoming people from all over the world (read a Global Microcosm in Paris) and observing not only their language levels rise, but the friendships that were made among them.

Special Note: Parler Parlor was the organization for which Parler Paris, the "Nouvellettre®" was created way back in 1998. Parler Paris is Adrian Leeds' thrice-weekly newsletter that gives you a  Taste of life in Paris and France! It's free and you can easily and quickly subscribe by visiting

To all of you who attended over the years, we'd welcome your comments by writing us at [email protected]

parlor ann 2012 1Adrian and Elisabeth wish to thank everyone who participated over the years with a very hearty "Merci Beaucoup!" And with the hopes of seeing you all again in some other realm or venue.*

*Adrian Leeds and her company, the Adrian Leeds Group, offers a coffee-gathering with a special guest speaker the second Tuesday of every month (except August) called "Parler Paris Après Midi." Visit apres-midi for more information and come see your friends!