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Volume XI, Issue 48
Thursday, December 12, 2013 • Paris, France

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Captivated by the Parisian way of life, nomadic couple Rich and Rachel are excited for the job opportunity that's allowing them settle long term in the City of Light. Paris is known for its beautiful yet cramped architecture, but with baby number two on the way, space is more important than ever. Rich and Rachel have decided to stretch out into the banlieues, or suburbs, of Paris. Real Estate Consultant Adrian Leeds knows their $1300 budget will go farther outside the city, but even here space is considered petite by American standards. Rich and Rachel try to find a home that fits, when House Hunters International peruses the villages outside Paris, France.

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Nice is NiceBreathing in Nice is niceA close friend moved from Paris to Nice, not necessarily because it is nice (although it is!), but because he couldn't live with the pollution of Paris. Now, he's breathing freely in warmer air and sunnier skies on the Rivera.

In today's headlines, Paris has been put on a pollution alert as the cold snap traps the diesel fumes creating the worst smog since 2007. The index has reached the highest of five levels, now the third consecutive day exceeding the level of "PM10" ("particulate matter" -- tiny pieces of solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere) according to AirParif, an agency that monitors air quality in the capital. But warnings include Alsace, Normandy and believe it or not, the area around Nice!

Air pollution index map of FranceAnne Hidalgo, Deputy Paris Mayor and candidate for upcoming mayoral elections, remarked on France Info that the use of diesel fuel is largely responsible for the high levels. The city is also asking people to refrain from lighting wood fires in their fireplaces and driving vehicles without proper filters. Speed limits were lowered on the Périphérique (the ring road around the city) and along major arteries to reduce emissions. The city is urging the use of public transportation, as well.

This level of pollution can cause allergic and asthmatic reactions. It will also affect an increase in bronchiolitis, bronchitis and nasopharyngitis, as well as carcinogenic risks and cardiovascular disease. The finest particulates can penetrate the deepest branches of the respiratory tract.

Debates over taxes on diesel fuel are expected to erupt because tax is lower on diesel fuel than gasoline and carmakers don't want to align the levies. Stay tuned for future legislation!

Of course Paris is not one of the world's most polluted cities:

1. Ahwaz, Iran
2. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
3. Sanandaj, Iran
4. Ludhiana, India
5. Quetta, Pakistan
6. Kermanshah, Iran
7. Peshawar, Pakistan
8. Gaborone, Botswana
9. Yasouj, Iran
10. Kanpur, India

Nor is Paris one of the top ten cleanest cities in the world:

The top 10 cleanest cities in the world:

1. Calgary, Canada
2. Honolulu, U.S.A.
3. Helsinki, Finland
4. Ottawa, Canada
5. Minneapolis, U.S.A.
6. Olso, Norway
7. Stockholm, Sweden
8. Zurich, Switzerland
9. Katsuyama, Japan
10. Bern, Switzerland

Breathe easier and notice how many are located in Europe, at least!

A bientôt,

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