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Taxed Less, Ranked High, Wrapped More

French Property Insider
Volume XVII, Issue 14
Thursday, April 4, 2019 • Paris, France

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Gérald Darmanin - Source: Wikipedia.orgGérald Darmanin - Source:


Hot off the press: the French government confirms that the housing tax for all primary residents will be abolished by 2022! This is a promise by President Emmanuel Macron, which will be part of the 2020 finance bill.

The Minister of Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, confirmed at the National Assembly two days ago the abolition of the tax for all taxpayers, excluding second homes, by 2022. During the debate on the great debate in the National Assembly, Monsieur Darmanin made this statement:

"I confirm that we have to fulfill the promise as a commitment by the President of the Republic at the end of 2017 of the 100% abolition of the housing tax exclusive of second homes, by the end of his five-year term — that is by the year 2022."

The minister, who was answering a question from the Socialist Member of Parliament Christine Pirès-Beaune, added that this "very important text" could fit "without doubt" in the framework of the Finance Bill (PLF) for 2020. "There will be no clear amendment bill, since the 'yellow vests' crisis and the big debate have not allowed us to put it on the agenda," he added.


...As one of the 48 best cities in the world in 2019, according to Time Out

Lovers on the Point, Photo by Erica Simone http://www.ericasimone.comLovers on the Point, Photo by Erica Simone

Time Out surveyed 34,000 city-dwellers "from Melbourne to Madrid, Chicago to Cape Town and Tel Aviv to Tokyo — about food, drink, culture, nightlife, community, neighborhoods, overall happiness and other factors, such as their city’s beauty, affordability and convenience," then crunched the numbers to rank them. New York came in first. Chicago, London and Los Angeles weren't far behind with third, fourth and fifth place, respectively. Paris came up number nine! (What were they thinking?) And sad to say, Istanbul came up in last place!

According to Time Out, "The French capital’s reputation for culture is secure: 87 percent of Parisians consider their city’s arts scene to be amazing, and go to museums and galleries the most often in the world. But it’s not all chin-stroking here. Like last year, Paris comes out as a world capital of debauchery: Parisians have more sex than anyone else, go out most often on weeknights and frequent bars the second most. It seems Paris’ days as a ‘city of sleep’ are over."

LOL! I'm not sure I understand what's so bad about "Parisians have more sex than anyone else, go out most often on weeknights and frequent bars the second most?"


A study for Christo’s “L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped (Project for Paris) Place de l’Étoile–Charles de Gaulle” (2019). Credit: Christo/André GrossmannA study for Christo’s “L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped (Project for Paris) Place de l’Étoile–Charles de Gaulle” (2019). Credit: Christo/André Grossmann

JR's optical illusion at Le LouvreJR's optical illusion at Le Louvre

Artists Christo and JR are battling for attention. Now that the papering of the Louvre is over by artist JR (See Monday's Parler Paris), Christo, now 83 years old and famous for having wrapped up the Reichstag in Berlin and other monuments around the world, is planning to wrap-up the Arc de Triomphe one year from now, April 6th through 19th. The project, "L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped," has recently been given permission by the French government to cover the arch with 270,000 square feet of a silvery blue recyclable polypropylene fabric, using 23,000 feet of red rope. (Source:

Note: See a time lapse of JR's optical illusion at Le Louvre last weekend and see if you can spot my red beret on the third day!

A bientôt,


Adrian Leeds - at Le Louvre, Paris

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

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Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Paris By the Books

P.S. House Hunters International is re-airing another episode we taped last year. If you missed it last time, don't miss it this time. "Paris By the Books" — Sunday April 28 11pm ET|10 CT
Monday April 29 2am ET|1CT. Set your DVRs now!


FOR RENT: Le Poet de Saint-Michel, the heart of St. Michel

For rent in Paris - Le Poet de Saint Michel

For rent in Paris - Le Poet de Saint Michel

For rent in Paris - Le Poet de Saint Michel

Available immediately for a one-month rental or more...a one-bedroom duplex  apartment with a bonus sleeping/working space, near the Seine and Place St. Michel, priced from €1960/month plus €100/month estimated utilities.
With the Seine and the Ile de la Cité visible at the end of the street, and the Luxembourg gardens within 10 minutes on foot, this is a location for enjoying the center of Paris, every single day. This is a cozy 42m2 duplex offering one full bedroom with lots of closet space, and a second sleeping or working area upstairs. The kitchen opens to the living room, with a view onto the courtyard. The apartment is quiet, both on the courtyard and street side. Rue Séguier is a small residential street, far enough away from cafés and bars. These can be found on the lively adjoining street, Saint André des Arts.
The kitchen is fully equipped and well appointed. The bathroom includes bath/shower and toilet all in one room. Located on the 3rd floor with an elevator, the apartment offers plenty of light on all sides. Enjoy the authentic Parisian charm of this apartment, featuring original wooden floors downstairs, and "tomettes" upstairs.
For more information, see:

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