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 Nice was Nice and FIAC was Fun


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Monday, October 24, 2011 • Paris, France

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Dear Parler Paris Reader,  



24-10-11FIAC-5 24-10-11FIAC-8







Last week we took the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) to Nice and back in two whirlwind days to meet with the seller, the agent and the contractor to iron out the issues surrounding the purchase of the Nice apartment – a tangled web of legal details that have now delayed the signing of the Acte de Vente by 10 days. It was warm and sunny, just like you’d expect Nice to be. The first sight of the ocean immediately melts away any stress.

We rode in first class (a whopping 4€ more for the ticket) making the 5-hour-39 minute ride easy and relaxing – with an electrical outlet at each seat for our computers, wide seats that recline a bit and total quiet (the French are sooo well behaved!). There are a few advantages to taking the train over the plane – no luggage restrictions, easy, fast and inexpensive access to the train station, hassle-free boarding, views of the countryside and seaside, mobility to walk around and the ability to work on the train for a long period of time. It was also less expensive than the flights – although this is not always true.

Later today here in Paris I will sign the documents on the loan – an “equity release” based on my Paris properties which will mortgage the price of the apartment 100%. Tomorrow, representatives in Nice will sign the final deed on my behalf at the seller’s Notaire’s office and the contractor will begin the work to imminently turn what is now an empty shell into “Le Matisse,” a work of Niçois apartment art.  In less than two weeks, I’ll train or fly down to Nice again to review the renovation work and at the end of November, Mosaiste Véronque Husson, will begin two weeks of installing her original design in mosaic tile in the bath and kitchen.

Even though our stay was short, we had the pleasure of meeting up with two of Nice’s illustrious residents – Chef Rosa Jackson (Rosa Jackson) and Victoria Grulich, who shares her time working with Rosa and us as our Nice property consultant. Rosa leads tours to the open-air markets and teaches cooking courses (Market Classes) (with assistance from Victoria) that are a perfect thing to do while luxuriating at Le Matisse (or other Parler Paris Apartments)! You may even want to consider investing in property in Nice and following in our footsteps to partake in and enhance the American community on the Riviera.

As I spend more time in Nice and get to know it and its environs as well as its North American community, expect to hear more from “Parler Nice” and “Parler Nice Apartments!” It won’t be long before we’ll be launching a new “nouvellettre®” to bring you a slice of life in Nice and a ‘bouquet’ of luxury apartments fit for American ‘kings’ and ‘queens’ who want the best, wherever they travel. (Le Matisse is expected to be ready for booking your stay at the beginning of 2012. Email [email protected] for more information.)


I almost never miss the annual FIAC – the international contemporary art fair that brings together some of the world’s most renowned galleries and artists, usually to the Grand Palais under its stunning iron and glass domed roof. It is total eye-candy...the art, the structure and the people to which it is an attraction. (One year we spent more time looking at the array of beautiful women’s shoes than the art!) Yesterday was the last day of the event – one of Paris’ most stunningly bright, blue-skied days. The beams of light shown through the dome of the Palais onto the works giving them even more life and light-heartedness. We arrived early before the crowds made maneuvering too difficult, to wander up and down the aisles and see what wonders creative minds can conjure up. “Contemporary art can be defined variously as art produced at this present point in time or art produced since World War II. The definition of the word “contemporary” would support the first view, but museums of contemporary art commonly define their collections as consisting of art produced since World War II.” (Wikipedia)

My own definition is personal – as so much of it is intellectually brilliantly achieved or...simply down right fun and funny. A few of the works struck our fancy:

• Darth Vader attacking Harry Potter;

• A daffy duck in a bucket;

• Foot in mouth disease in bronze;

• A book reading by a stuffed ass;

• Strung-up bugs;

• A spongy pearl-monger;

• Bananas (real) in four color;

• A dress in a tangled web;

• Concave color;

• Hanging out;

• A-maze-ing Tuileries’

• Books within, not on, and no shelf at all...

There were some very serious works, too – the kind that fetch millions of dollars and require huge white walls on which to display the artists’ talent and the buyer’s wealth. We were in awe of the galleries’ ability to transport such formidable works, set them up and man their booths, in the hopes of finding patrons. There was little representation of photography – perhaps best left for the upcoming “Paris Photo” (Paris Photo) – but lots of paintings, drawings, sculptures and works for which there is no name, to enhance any environment.

Should you have your own apartment in Paris or Nice, then it’s worthy of artwork from the FIAC...if your budget and sense of humor allows it! 

A la prochaine... 

adrian linda_fiac2011Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

(with Linda Hervieux at FIAC 2011)

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