Hear from Our Clients

“We had such a stressless apartment search.”

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The Adrian Leeds Group made it very easy for us to find an apartment. Having Adrian’s agent as our realtor was priceless. He listened to my wishes, he wasn’t pushy, and he was so professional. It was always nice to talk to him and he was very responsive.

We needed to work with an English speaking company and doing so saved us so much time. It was a service worth paying for.

Our agent made the process easy! It was a very pleasant experience. I can highly recommend the Adrian Leeds Group. We had such a stressless apartment search, they did everything for us in the nicest way!

Ingrid W.

“Happy with what you and your team have accomplished.”

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We’ve recently just (sadly) returned from Nice…a fabulous two months in our home. Just a little note to tell you how happy we are not just with our flat, but with the whole idea of what you and your team have accomplished.

Your agent, is the most amazing, wonderful and charming woman I’ve ever met. She has created a warm and welcoming community for all of your clients. She organizes Friday Evening outings. Either she chooses a different restaurant/bar or boozy beach Fridays. What we love about her Fridays, it’s always a welcomed surprise. A wonderful way to discover little places all over Nice…with instant friends.

Thanks to her, our friendship has grown and we’ve met other friends. She leaves no one alone after all is said and done. How amazing is that? She makes sure that Nice isn’t just a place to live. Nice is your home. She is always there to welcome you, introduce you to people, church, restaurants. She guides you to anything that you may need or want. The list is truly endless. What a blessing she is. We are grateful.

Charlene H. & Guy A.

“Make Adrian your first point of contact.”

Bob & Julie Higgins

My wife Julie and I have been avid House Hunters International fans and when the time came to start seriously looking into purchasing property in France we knew exactly who to reach out to.

We filled out the contact form and Patty responded to our questions promptly and explained the entire process to us. Adrian and her team provide a full suite of services for those looking to relocate to France, from helping secure financing, finding and purchasing property, insurance, all the way to every legal step you need to take, it is literally a “one stop shop”. Once we aligned on moving forward we were setup with a 1:1 call with Adrian herself to go over what we were looking for and where we wanted to be. As a fan prior to reaching out, this call was almost surreal, talking with Adrian herself was like chatting with an old friend who you haven’t seen in a while, but everything just clicks back into place. It was both an entertaining conversation, but also full of immensely helpful guidance, at no point did we feel any sort of pressure to move forward or utilize her company at all. She is a huge proponent of ensuring you select the right location and are aware of the pros and cons of each, which is a level of care and concern I didn’t necessarily expect, but truly do appreciate.

After the call we decided to wait a bit and travel more of France before settling on a city we had in mind. A couple of months later we reached back out and confirmed our plans to move forward and utilize Adrian and her team as our guides. Once we officially signed paperwork we were assigned our own representative, Jennifer, to handle our property search.

Jennifer is an amazing person and again someone you just immediately click with and felt at home with. We worked together on finding properties in the city of our choice and aligned on a date for travel to start our search. All the while in the background we were being synced up with finance partners, legal representatives / notaire, and insurance contacts, all to ensure we had all of our bases covered for our purchase.

Upon traveling to our city in late September and spending several days with Jennifer viewing properties we fell in love with one and made an offer before we left. Jennifer handled all of the translations as neither of us speak fluent French yet, and explained everything during all of our viewings, including providing advice on things that didn’t look good, or things that stood out as benefits at each apartment.

Fast forward to after our offer was accepted, we were kept updated in the process with regular communication and closed in December of 2023. None of this would have been possible without Adrian and her team and we would whole heartedly recommend anyone looking to buy property or relocate to France make her your first point of contact. We have kept in touch with everyone we worked with and feel like part of the Adrian Leeds extended family. We look forward to working with them again soon as we navigate the relocation and visa processes!

Bob & Julie H.

“We wouldn’t have been able to acquire our house without their help.”

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I absolutely would and shall recommend Adrian Leeds Group to anyone contemplating a real estate purchase in France. (We were talking with friends who are wanting to buy a property in Italy, and we told them they should look in France instead so that they could engage Adrian!)

In brief, we wouldn’t have been able to acquire our house without their help. The process and property exceeded our expectations in that the villa is in the exact small village we wished to live, and with virtually all the features and requirements we wanted at a price well below that of other listings then on the market. Jennifer took what would otherwise be complicated, time-consuming, and daunting projects and broke everything into small, discrete steps.

On our own we would likely not have been successful in acquiring the property we bought. It would have already been under contract by the time we would have found it and made inquiries. The Adrian Leeds Group knows what they are talking about, and they back that up with successful experience.

R. McQuin

“We were not wrong to choose you!”

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Your blog today reminded me of how we came to know you. After our first visit together to Paris in 2006, we started to think of maybe getting a place in Paris to retire to in the far off future. On trying to find out about that on the internet, your name kept coming up, and we could not resist the opportunity to ask you questions for an hour for FREE! And when you asked us where we’d like to live in Paris, and our budget, you said straightaway, “No you can’t afford to live in the 5th.”.

We really appreciated your honesty and thought that you were certainly the person we wanted to deal with. We were not wrong to choose you! Our apartment was completed in 2008, and thanks to you, we have now lived happily in Paris full time for 7 years! We are grateful.

Tom B.

“Your experience…is priceless.”

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Trusting your successful process in finding a home in Paris resulted in getting settled quite quickly. My search consultant, Bernard, listened to what I was looking for and was able to research and find apartments to meet my list.  At times I had anxiety; however, Bernard understood and gave me words of confidence and encouragement. The search process worked. Your help in moving to France makes what could be overwhelming so smooth. I would absolutely recommend you. Your experience in helping make the move to France is priceless.

Barb H.

“No other organization does what Adrian and her team do.”

Priscilla D Testimonial - village of Allemans du Dropt in the Lot-et-Garonne Department

Adrian and her team are patient, show such kindness in any situation that arises, and there is very little they would not do to help. Even if I say thank-you a million times it would not be enough.  All personnel at Adrian Leeds Group whom we dealt with went way above and beyond their call of duty.

At no stage of our search for the property, which we would call home, did we have any trepidation or second thoughts. Everything was done by Zoom with her property personnel assigned to help us, because we could not be present physically. I didn’t think that buying a property could be done so easily.

Adrian calls it as she sees it and gives advice which benefits the person seeking a property. France was a dream we harbored for years and wondered how we could approach the process and from the the first telephone call with Adrian, we had made up our minds.

The Adrian Leeds Group saved us so much valuable time and money, because if we decided to do it on our own having no experience in  French real estate, we would have floundered and probably never able to realize our dream of owning a home in France and enjoying the French lifestyle.

Having gone through the process with Adrian and her team, my husband and I would have no qualms with doing it all over again. We learnt so much from the special property personnel on Adrian’s team and would recommend Adrian and her group to anyone in a heartbeat.

Pricilla D.

“I felt I had someone in my corner, advocating for my interests.”

J Smith testimonial

Without their support, I suspect I would have made several mistakes along the way. I felt throughout the process that I had someone in my corner, advocating for my interests–even for things I never would have thought of myself.

They helped negotiate the price, as well as inclusion of some of the furniture. I’m sure their efforts saved me more money than the fee I paid–which was one of the best investments I have ever made.

I now have my dream home, and I know I would never have found it on my own. The experience in working with them far exceeded my expectations. Jennifer went above and beyond in every aspect. She held my hand every step of the way and helped me in every aspect (even some unrelated to the house purchase, eg. where to find a Christmas tree!).

I would absolutely recommend the Adrian Leeds Group if you are making a move to France! I cannot imagine going through this process without them! They are worth their weight in gold.

Janice S.

“Worked in our best interest at all times.”

R Slade

Everything that was promised, was delivered. Both Adrian and our agent Jennifer did more than expected. Every facet and concern were anticipated and we felt safe and informed while navigating a complex and anxiety-producing process.

We absolutely trust that the Adrian Leeds Group worked in our best interest at all times. They steered us away from temptations and constantly reminded us to focus on what is most important to us in the long run.

We could never have navigated our purchase without them. I can’t even imagine the wrong turns we would have taken. We speak some French, but so many of the details are beyond our skills.

I absolutely, without question, would recommend the Adrian Leeds group. I can’t say enough.

P. Barcus & R. Slade

“We couldn’t be more grateful.”

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We love the apartment, and couldn’t be more grateful to the Adrian Leeds Group for finding the apartment for us. We are also very grateful for your help working with the real estate company, and for your help during the “états de lieu” process. Our entire experience with the ALG was exceptionally positive, from beginning to end, and I am happy to share my observations on your website readers.

Gordon M. and Eric R.

“I recommend the Adrian Leeds Group 1000%!”

Beeta H photo

I am so happy I chose Adrian Leeds Group to help me find my apartment. Adrian’s team was incredibly thorough, professional, prompt, and organized. Adrian and her team helped me find the perfect apartment despite the little time I had and showed up on move-in day to help facilitate the final paperwork and walk-through. The apartment rental process in Paris can be incredibly daunting and difficult, but Adrian’s team made it feel so much more manageable and easy than I imagined. I recommend the Adrian Leeds Group 1000%!

Beeta H.

“A simple process, delivered with a smile!”

Steinman apartment in Paris A Taste for Paris HHI episode

I definitely recommend the Adrian Leeds Group team who provides professional, accurate, and timely information. Not only does the ALG team deliver, but they offer service above and beyond the initial inquiries. Advice and direction by Adrian and her team always yielded full success and direction for bookings, legal, financial, and more. I have total trust in Adrian and her team. They work together in concert to deliver results that maximize your interest. They made buying in France a simple process and delivered it with a smile!

Monte S.

“Not one detail left out in their process.”

ALG clients Rachel W andWill B

Adrian Leeds and her team made the process of buying our first apartment in France, an extremely pleasant experience. I have first-hand knowledge of family and friends that have shared the difficulties of buying in France, obtaining French bank accounts, mortgages, etc. I have also read numerous books on how difficult the experience can be. I am so happy to say that because of Adrian and her team, I did not have to have many of those difficult experiences. Her team has a knowledgeable group of professionals that guided my husband and me through each stage of the process—from locating the apartment of our dreams in Nice, to an introduction to an amazing mortgage broker, to obtaining a French bank account, to turning on the utilities, to interior designers, to her internal team including who held our hand through each stage—there was not one detail left out in their process. Because of their knowledge and professionalism, I had the utmost confidence that I could buy sight unseen during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was delighted with the apartment we purchased. This will be one of many with them, I’m sure!

Rachel W. and Will B.

“The personalized service made the daunting process painless.”

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We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in making our dream a reality! The personalized service you extended to us made the daunting process smooth and painless. From the translation sessions and advice to the handholding and encouragement, you were truly a blessing! I really don’t know how we ever would have done this without you.

Caroline and Paola K.

“Duly impressed!”

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It was simply wonderful having someone with such acumen and insider knowledge on our side. And we weren’t the only the ones impressed; while they would never admit it, I think all parties involved were duly impressed with Adrian’s negotiating ability and knowledge of the tricks of the trade, including the owner.

Nicole L.

“Up to date on property values.”

ALG Leslie S

Adrian and the whole team at Adrian Leeds Group were the most incredibly pleasant and professional people to work with throughout the entire process. They are very up-to-date on property values in Paris and were quick to point out that the arrondissement where we were buying had one of the highest rates of return based on a recent quarterly report.

Leslie S. and Adam R.

“Professionalism and honesty.”

Rick H. and Michael M. Client Testimonial

Adrian’s professionalism and honesty served us well. We actually found the whole process even easier than in the U.S. The apartment renovation, too, was less stressful than some projects we have undertaken back home. We’re sure this is no coincidence, and that we have Adrian and her team to thank.

Rick H. and Michael M.

“The expert advice we needed.”

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We were very pleased with the level of service and competence. Adrian’s enthusiasm and knowledge were just what we needed. We looked to the Adrian Leeds Group for expert advice, and we got it!

Mary and Al T.

“Thank you, Adrian!”

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Thank you to Adrian and her team. We don’t see how we could have done this without their encouragement and assistance.

Suzy and Michael G.

“A dream to work with.”

Janet & Michael Hoover

Adrian was an absolute dream to work with. Without her and her priceless connections, I can’t imagine how anyone could navigate purchasing property in France. There is no way my husband and I could have figured this out without her.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for her and for her amazing team. She made our dream of living in Paris a reality and we are honored to now call her our friend and neighbor!

Janet & Michael H.

“Could not have done this without Adrian and her team.”

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Thanks to Adrian and her team for all of the help, advice, contacts—and for the time and patience you took with us. I know that we would not have realized this as easily without the Adrian Leeds Group.

Kathy N.

“Thank you for making our dream a reality!”

Terry Cardwell Client Testimonial

We love our Paris home. Thank you, Adrian, for making my dream a reality. And most importantly, for your friendship.

Terry C.

“Adrian showed us owning in Paris was possible.”

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Adrian showed us that owning an apartment in Paris was actually possible. After our first consultation, her optimism and can-do approach—but even more importantly, the facts and information she gave us—made us feel that it wasn’t pie-in-the-sky, but something we really might be able to do.

Sue and Steve C.

“Comprehensive and meticulous.”

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Adrian’s detailed explanation of the procedures of purchasing French property, and the requirements essential to obtaining a mortgage and bank account were comprehensive and meticulous. The more contact we had with Adrian and her team, the more relaxed and comfortable we became with our decision to place ourselves in their hands. It was the best decision we could’ve made.

Graham and Cheryl B.

“Working with Adrian saved us thousands.”

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Adrian helped us open a French bank account and selected an English speaking notaire with whom we worked. She also advised us on the financial institution that would give us the best rate of exchange. This alone saved us thousands of dollars.

Steve H.

“They do everything for you.”

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Our consultation with Adrian was very informative; she explained the whole process, step by step. At that moment we knew that the Adrian Leeds Group was the way to go because we don’t live in France, and they do absolutely everything for you in the most professional way.

Irene S. and Jimmy P.

“Helped me fulfill the dream of a lifetime.”

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The Adrian Leeds Group helped me fulfill the dream of a lifetime. I couldn’t possibly have found my apartment or gotten through the purchase process on my own. Purchasing property in France is nothing like purchasing it in the U.S. Without an experienced, knowledgeable guide like the Adrian Leeds Group, it would be next to impossible.

Adrian’s team set up the electricity and wireless for phone, Internet, and TV. This is something easily done in the U.S., but in France, it is very difficult—even if one speaks fluent French.

Lana S.

“A pleasure from start to finish.”

ALG client Illysia and Alec

The experience of buying an apartment with the Adrian Leeds Group was a pleasure from start to finish. Adrian and her team were very responsive, even on the weekends, and were knowledgeable about all aspects of the buying and renovating process.

Renovation and decoration with Martine di Mattéo was a pleasure. She executed our vision even more beautifully than we had hoped. We are thrilled with the result! I wouldn’t hesitate to use Martine again.

Illysia and Alec L.

“Consummate professionals.”

Mary S. and Jeff B. Client Testimonial

The Adrian Leeds Group are not only consummate professionals, but they really do make dreams come true. We were ably assisted by Adrian and her team at every juncture.

Mary S. and Jeff B.

“Guided me through every step.”

ALG Client Liz V

Although the process is a complex one, the Adrian Leeds Group guided me through every step — and supported me the whole way.

Liz V.

“Helps you with the red tape.”

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Adrian has a wonderful network of professionals to help you with every step of the red tape, making the legendary French bureaucracy much easier.

Dina E.

“Adrian knows the ins and outs of French real estate.”

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Adrian knows the ins and outs of the French real estate process and has a great network to rely on. She and her team are truly hands-on and follow up on every detail throughout the process of buying and selling.

M & D J.

“Extremely experienced, kind, honest, and direct.”

Brock & Erin Fisher Client Testimonial

Adrian honestly wants to find the apartment that’s right for you. She is extremely experienced, kind, honest, and direct. We highly recommend her.

Brock & Erin F.

“Honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability.”

Tom & Ann B. apartment in Paris

From the start, The Adrian Leeds Group skillfully guided us along that complex learning curve: what property in Paris really costs, which areas were most likely to suit our needs, how to obtain a loan, how to navigate the murky bureaucratic waters. Adrian did this with complete honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability, which made us always feel that we were in good hands.

Tom and Anne B.

“More than paid for the cost of the service.”

Dan M Client Testimonial

Adrian and her colleagues made the whole process painless and achievable for me. My advice to you: using Adrian’s services will make the whole process of purchasing your home in Paris much easier than if you were to attempt it on your own. The savings of finding the property so quickly, and help in the negotiations process, more than paid for the cost of the services.

Dan M.

“Would not have found my apartment on my own.”

Abby G. Client Testimonial

I think it’s unlikely I would have found my apartment before others got to it. And even if I had, it’s questionable whether the sellers would have gone for my offer if not for Adrian’s relationship with the agent.

In addition to the search process, I found it very helpful to have someone help with the whole process. The Adrian Leeds Group has a good balance of listening to the client but also being vocal enough so you won’t make a mistake!

Abby G.

“We’re thrilled!”

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We are thrilled! Adrian did a superb job finding the right place for us. It’s amazing that the very first one could be so perfect. We thank Adrian and her for a job well done!

Jaye M.

“We found our advocate!”

Sherry & David Finkelstein

We found our advocate! Adrian didn’t try to sell herself or her services to us. Her team asked questions and listened to our desires and needs. The Adrian Leeds Group is a real source of comfort and encouragement through the process. We could not have enjoyed our Paris dream without Adrian and her team!

Sherry & David F.

“The experience absolutely enjoyable.”

Rick and Karen Client Testimonial

Adrian was quite helpful in suggesting a mortgage company, and one of her associates also accompanied us to the notaire for the official signing. After the apartment became ours, we needed someone in Paris to take charge of the decorating. Once again, Adrian came to the rescue, suggesting Martine di Mattéo. The Adrian Leeds Group helped us with every step we’ve taken on our new adventure. We did not know what to expect, but the whole experience was absolutely enjoyable.

Karen & Rick P.

“In two weeks I had the apartment of my dreams!”

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Stress doesn’t begin to describe my physical and emotional state when I decided to sell my house in the States and follow my childhood dream to live in Paris. So, when a friend suggested I contact Adrian Leeds (she’s a fan of House Hunters International), I did just that. Within two weeks, I had the apartment of my dreams!

Nancy K.