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The Adrian Leeds Group has partnered with these experts to help you with all your immigration and visa needs.

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Daniel Tostado Immigration AttorneyDaniel Tostado, Immigration Attorney

Daniel is a French attorney (avocat à la cour) and US attorney-at-law (New York) who runs a law firm in Paris for French-inbound immigration. Daniel handles French visas, residency permits, and naturalization applications. He offers both consultations or full-on assistance depending on the needs of each applicant.

Daniel Tostado would be more than happy to help you make your dream of moving to (or staying in) France long-term a reality. He knows intimately every category of French immigration and how to best navigate the system to obtain visas and residency permits for you. As he was born and raised in San Diego, California, he can consult with you in English.

EMAIL: [email protected]

Daniel Tostado, Immigration Attorney
Avocat à la cour, n° de toque B1147
1bis rue de Bretonvilliers
Paris, 75004, France

Maday Miralles-Carnley, French Immigration AssistanceMaday Miralles-Carnley, Immigration and French Administration Assistance

If you’re moving to France and need a bit of hand-holding through the visa process, as well as assisting you in acquiring your Social Security number in France and Carte Vitale, or acquiring your French driving license, then Maday is the perfect person on our staff to assist you. This assumes you have already consulted with Adrian Leeds and she has recommended that you work with Maday to make the whole process a whole lot easier and hassle-free.

Maday starts with a conversation on how to approach the move abroad depending on your individual circumstances. These sessions spark the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask in the process of curating your life in France.

Her Hand Holding Services include: Visas, Séjour, Séjour-Renewal, Application for Social Security number in France, and Carte Vitale with CPAM. This is her guided Do-It-Yourself approach, so you can take control of your journey, but have someone guide you along the way.

Note: For more serious questions about acquiring the proper Visa, it’s best to work with our recommended attorneys.


Maday Miralles-Carnley is a first-generation American born in Miami, Florida. At an early age, she experienced firsthand how moving abroad can improve your quality of life by opening doors and creating opportunities you never knew existed.

In 2014, Maday and her husband decided to spend a sabbatical year in France after many years working in public education. A year in the French Pyrenees was followed by a few years spent living and traveling in South America. Although the experience in Latin America was fantastic, she felt France calling her “home”. She and her family have called Carcassonne in the south of France home for several years.

With extensive experience in the challenges of international relocation and bringing up two daughters abroad, Maday now finds great satisfaction in assisting other individuals and families who dream of doing the same!

She is fluent in English, Spanish, and basic French.

To contact Maday: You must be first be a consultation client of the Adrian Leeds Group, then we can  provide you with our agreements and connect you with Maday. Contact Us for more information or Book a Consultation to get started.

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