Financial Planning for Expats

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Let us show you how it’s possible to live and invest in France—now. Our expert partners are well-versed in expat strategies, as well as local regulations.

Wealth Management

Brian Dunhill - Dunhill Financial |

Dunhill Financial

International Financial Planners Specializing in American Expats and Expats in America

Dunhill Financial offers independent advice and personalized solutions for each client based on their individual situation. Dunhill's advisors have a wide breadth of experience working in multinational firms and will help you feel secure in an environment of trust, discretion, and confidence. Through aggregated planning and collaborating (where appropriate with your accountant and attorney), they will be in a position to help with every aspect of your financial planning. They will select a diverse group of carefully chosen, and vigorously monitored, investment managers to manage your assets rather than promoting packages of our own.

They offer services including:

  • Financial Planning
  • Pension Planning including Social Security
  • Insurance and Estate Planning
  • Management of funds directed by your existing Financial Advisor, Taking into account PFIC regulations and FATCA

The Adrian Leeds Group recommends Dunhill Financial for all your financial planning needs.

Brian Dunhill is happy to discuss your options during a telephone consultation or face-to-face meeting.

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Contact Brian Dunhill

EMAIL:   [email protected]

SKYPE: briandunhill23

UK PHONE: +44 7514 993556

US PHONE: +1 561 570 5640


ADDRESS:  20 Corssharbour Plaza, London, United Kingdom E149YF

French Tax Preparation & Asset Management

MD Patrimoine Matthieu Duclos is a French tax and investment expertMD Patrimoine

Matthieu Duclos is a French tax and investment expert, and head of his own firm. His background is in business and tax law, and he has worked with KPMG as a tax advisor as well as with Christie’s as an administrator. 

He can assist with wealth and tax planning, and management (planning and optimization), tax preparation, and financial investments.

Contact Matthieu for the preparation and filing of your French tax returns.

French Tax Preparation & Asset Management - MD Patrimoine logo

Contact Matthieu Duclos

PHONE:  +33  06 08 75 55 49


US & French Tax Preparation & Business Services

Benjamin Pik of Pik Consulting is a dual French and American certified Public AccountantPik Consulting

Business Advisory and Tax Optimization Services for Expats and Foreign Companies Wishing to Settle Down in France

Benjamin Pik is a dual French and American certified Public Accountant admitted to practice public accounting both in France and in the US.

Bilingual in English and French, he holds degrees from both the University Paris Dauphine (France) and from Concordia University (Canada). Prior to opening his own practice, Benjamin worked for 8 years in international accounting firms across North America, Middle East, and Europe where he coordinated French and foreign financial audits and provided advisory services.  Benjamin is also involved with the American expat community in France.

Services include:

Pik Consulting logo

Contact Benjamin Pik

EMAIL:   [email protected]

PHONE: +33 06 27 94 60 17

ADDRESS:   7 Rue Theodule Ribot, 75017 Paris, France

Private Tax Services

We are a team of French and American CPAs specializing in assisting French residents with US and French individual income tax and other international tax compliance matters. Our aim is to assist individuals and families with:

  • US and French tax preparation
  • ITIN Application
  •  Prior years’ tax regularization and Streamline Certification

Business Services

We assist foreign subsidiaries in France and English-speaking entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in France by providing them administrative accounting and tax assistance.

  • Administrative services
  • Accounting services
  • Tax services
  • Payroll and Human resources services
  • Legal services
  • Auditing

Contact Benjamin Pik

EMAIL:   [email protected]

PHONE: +33 06 27 94 60 17


ADDRESS:   7 Rue Theodule Ribot, 75017 Paris, France

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