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View over the rooftops of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the distance

Property Sales in Paris Still Falling

Cover page for the Notaires de France report

Prices Down All Over France Except…La Côte d’Azur!

Screenshot of Adrian Leeds feet/shoes on the stairts to an apartment for House Hunters International

In the Shoes of Our Clients

The tram in Nice, France

Trains, Planes, Buses, Trams…or Even Rental Cars

Signage on a notaire's office in Paris

A Look at Real Estate from the Notarial Point of View

View of the Eiffel Tower over the rooftops of Paris

Paris is Down, Opportunity Looking Up

For sale: 50m2 in the 7th near the Eiffel Tower

Americans Buying in Paris Big Time!

Panoramic view of the terrace on the apartment in Nice Adrian Leeds is purchasing

It’s Insurance, So Why Take the Risk?

Scenic photo of rolling hills and green fields in France

Be Nice to Your French Neighbors!

Apartment buildings in Paris, France

Changes in Occupancy to Declare

The Bordeaux tram at the Opera stop

Bordeaux or Bust

Official poster for the 2024 Paris Olympics

The Paris Olympics Make It Even Tougher

The charming garden of the house for sale on Rue Tatin in Normandy, France

Bury Saint Joseph; Sell a House

Meme for the Notaires Grand Paris property report

Prices in Paris are Still Dropping/How to Evaluate Inheritance Taxes

Meme for a last will and testament

The Importance of Having a Will in France

Meme for Capitol Gains tax on real estate in France

Capital Gains Tax Reforms in Favor of Non-Residents

A closeup View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

It’s Still a “Wait-and-See” Market

The Eiffel Tower in Paris at twilight

The Number One American Dream…?

The renovated Caravan interior

French Life in a Gypsy Caravan

Outdoor patio at the Grand Cafe de France in Paris, France

The Numbers Don’t Lie: Living in France Costs Half as Much and Quality of Life is Twice as High

Hausemann style apartment buildings in Paris, France

Apartment Hunting in My Own Backyard

View of Paris from the Sacre Coeur

The Paris Market is Still Sluggish, But Stabilizing! Foreign Buyers are the Reason!

Neighborhood sidewalk scene at a cafe in Paris

Population Growth and Growing Popular

View looking across Paris to the Eiffel Tower

What Does a French Property Cost to Own and Operate?

Screenshot from House Hunters Internatinal in Nice

What Do You Hire Us To Do?

Alliances Françaises U.S.A's meme for Adrian Leeds' presentation on How To Decide where to Live in France

Q & A with Adrian Leeds…Post Webinar

Cover for the Notaires de Paris 3rd quarter real estate market report

Paris Region Real Estate Market: Third Quarter 2023 and the Outlook

Meme for Real estate market trends

The France Real Estate Market Trends as of October 2023

Meme: I Make Monet Like Claud Money

Money Matters in France

View of Paris from the Parc de Saint-Cloud, Photo provided by

Discovering the Paris “Banlieue” (Suburbs)

View of buildings in Paris from a hilltop

French Real Estate Has Reached A Crisis But Not Yet A Crash…*

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