Après Vente

View inside of a lovely Paris living room

Let us sweat the small stuff. Our Après Vente (After the Sale) Package helps you settle into your new home. We handle the details, so all you need do is move in and love it.

Utilities & Insurance

We will connect your utilities for you: water, gas, electricity, landline, Internet/WiFi, cable TV, creating accounts with local service providers, and setting up any direct payments (virements) so it’s completely turnkey. We will also assist you in obtaining any insurance you need—home, health, and car.

Personal Finance Assistance

We will provide banking advice and assist you with opening a personal bank account, Carte Bleue credit card service, and other basic banking needs.

Representation at Copropriété Meetings

We will provide representation from our team to attend your annual (or other) copropriété (homeowner's association) meeting on your behalf. We will review and translate the meeting agenda and discuss with you the issues of concern/voting. This includes travel to and from the meeting, attendance, and preparation of the summary of the meeting.


Contact our office for more information regarding fees and process.

Decorated Paris Apartment

We used the service of Adrian's team to set up all our utilities. This service saved us a tremendous amount of time and frustration since we were not fluent in French.


renovation & decoration help

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