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With our connection to North American investors looking for properties just like yours, you can trust us to get your property sold, and sold with as little hassle to you as possible.

If you have a property in France to sell, you want to make sure you have the right agency on your side—one that knows French law and systems, but that also understands the North American way of doing things. We are your advocate throughout the process, but we also offer you access to North American buyers who appreciate purchasing a property from like-minded owners. Plus, our personal service and expertise in French property will make the process easy, and stress-free.

Our Service Includes:

Marketing Your Home

We won’t represent a property we don’t believe in. That’s why selling your property with us will carry the well-known and trusted Adrian Leeds name with it. At every point along the way, you will benefit from our personal connection to this target market.

Working with us broadens market exposure due to our extensive network of potential buyers as well as our agency partners throughout France. We make sure your property is seen locally as well as internationally and we welcome collaborations to ensure that your sale happens as quickly and smoothly as possible at a price that makes sense for you…no more fruitless visits from agents you’ve never met, let us qualify potential buyers and manage who has access to visits and your special property.

Imagine having an English-speaking agent to manage the entire process and qualify who has access to your property and how it is marketed! Along with the assurance that all administrative tasks are well managed and ensure a smooth sale.

Our marketing plan for your home includes:

  • Professional staging suggestions and guidance for a photoshoot to show your property in the best light.
  • Detailed property description, written exclusively by Adrian Leeds, that speaks to our target market, highlighting the property features and location details.
  • A dedicated page on our website featuring a photo gallery and detailed description, as well as our agent’s contact information.
  • Promotion to over 12,000 readers of Adrian’s popular newsletters, and exclusive dedicated sales letters. Properties often sell from here first due to the high level of trust and engagement these mailings have.
  • Exposure on our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Powerful personal recommendations through our extensive network in France.
  • Promotion on industry websites, liaisons with other agencies and property portals, when required.
Rooftop apartment Paris kitchen with great view
Rooftop apartment Paris kitchen with great view
Paris petit renovated bedroom

Managing Your Transaction

Our expertise and relationships with local resources and partners means you will have a true advocate helping you in all aspects of the sale:

  • Providing an estimate/appraisal to price the property properly if that is not already decided
  • Contracting with a diagnostician to provide the diagnostic certificates required for the sale
  • Providing the resources, including the Notaire and any other professionals required
  • Liaising with you, the Notaire and the Syndic to provide all of the documents (in French) required by the sale and do the due diligence, including the Promessse or Compromis de Vente and Acte de Vente
  • Signing all the documents on your behalf with specific power of attorney

While in Paris, we visited a few realty offices but without any progress or confidence. Then we met with Adrian and everything changed. We found our advocate!


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