We Can Find Your Ideal Long-Term Rental

Apartment living and kitchen in Paris

Rental apartments, especially in sought-after cities like Paris and Nice, are difficult to find and even more difficult to secure—even for the locals. Tap into our expert resources to find your rental home in France.

Petit chambre - small bedroom

What are Long-term Rentals?

Long-term rentals are any furnished or unfurnished property available for rent from 1 to 3 years. (Rentals from one to 10 months in Paris fall under the regime of “mobility lease” and are designed for tenants staying for business or education purposes.) These rental properties are hard to come by in certain areas France, particularly in Paris and Nice, and may require an immediate decision because of limited availability. The landlords’ requirements to guarantee rental payments can seem daunting and expensive to foreign tenants, especially if the tenant doesn’t have a set income or salary in France. These include a “Guarantor” or a year’s worth of rent held in an escrow account with a local bank. One must provide proof of disposable income at least three times the monthly rent.

Why it Pays to Hire Us

Should you decide to rent an apartment online sight unseen, without someone verifying the quality of the property, you risk a variety of problems with both the apartment and the landlord, including becoming a victim to scams! When you hire us to find you a property for rent, we advocate on your behalf. Not only do we have the know-how and experience to ferret out the best properties, but you can trust us to make the right choice for you, so you can move right in, leaving the legwork to us. Plus, the clout we lend to your status, due to our relationships with agents and owners will put you ahead of the others vying for the same property.

Apartment living and dining area
Paris apartment interior living room

What We Do for You

We can assist you in finding apartments in central Paris or Nice (or elsewhere in France with additional costs), based on your preferences, budget, and needs. We will ask you to complete a questionnaire to determine your specific desires and consult with you as well as advise. We’ll then perform an apartment search and selection, provide you with photos and descriptions, and set up visits for you (if possible), or for us to visit for you. Plus, we will negotiate the lease on your behalf. 

For an additional fee, we will set up all your utilities (electricity, gas, phone, Internet, TV, etc.) to make your transition as easy and worry-free as possible. We also have helpers on the ground who can facilitate other aspects of your move.

If you are applying for a long-stay visa in France, we can provide you with proof of housing to satisfy France Visa requirements for an additional fee.

Best of all, this service includes a two-hour one-on-one consultation with Adrian Leeds or a member of the ALG team, which will put you in the right direction and answer most all of your important questions!

PLUS, this service includes a valuable savings on our Property Search fees for our Rental Search Clients should they decide to purchase a property in France within two years!