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Apartment renovated and decorated by Martine di Matteo

Dream apartments are made, not born. It’s the bones of the property that count. The rest can be designed and built to your personal wishes, and we can show you how.

When you're looking at properties for purchase, keep in mind that the only thing your money is actually buying are the attributes of the property you cannot change: what floor it's on (with or without an elevator), the views and window placement, the orientation or exposure, the neighborhood. Certain interior elements also cannot be changed without permission of the homeowner’s association (copropriété), for example, supporting walls, sewage, plumbing, and other structural features. There are also city restrictions regarding exterior modifications (thanks to the 1962 Malraux laws safeguarding historic centers) that could require additional permissions from the city and the Architectes du Bâtiments de France. 

Outside of that, all is possible. So as you visit properties, ignore the color of the paint on the walls, and even some of the walls themselves. Because at the end of the day, you buy what you can't change. It's that simple. Everything else is smoke and mirrors—or in this case, renovation and decoration.

With work with a few select designers Martine di Mattéo, Joanna Carubia, and Laura Poirier–you can learn more about them below.

Our expert Martine di Mattéo leaning on a wall outside in Paris

Let Martine di Mattéo Create Your Dream Home

Since we first began assisting people in finding and purchasing property, we've had the very good fortune of developing a relationship with the person I consider to be the finest Interior Architect of Paris (and beyond), Martine di Mattéo. 

Martine, born and raised in Paris but educated in San Francisco (where she became an American citizen), has experience in retail display at Macy's, Disneyland Paris, and other venues such as hotels and residential projects. She taught me how to understand her basic concept to brilliant design: "Create one story, one design combining aestheticism and functionality.”

Together, Martine and I have worked on hundreds of residential projects, and as a team, we are unbeatable for our clients. My ability to see the "good bones" in a property and her ability to bring it to life with "one story" has been a winning combination for over 15 years of collaboration.

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I was very nervous about having my apartment in Paris redone because I lived in the U.S. However, I put my trust in Martine and she gave me a stylish apartment that is nicer than my main residence!


Martine has made my dream come true of owning the perfect Parisian pied-à-terre! I admire and respect everything she does. You have the very best when you hire Martine.


If you want to be successful on your apartment refurbishment, work with Martine and her team. Martine can transform the worst spaces into beautiful homes.


No one combines French aesthetics with American functionality like Martine. She pulls together every minute detail in a harmonic way, much like a conductor blends the individual instruments into one orchestral sound—with an eye for color and pattern that will astonish you. Being well resourced, she can find the unusual amid the usual and make each home reflect the true personality of its owner, even as her own creative talents are obvious to the observer like an artist's strokes are to the canvas. The bottom line: Martine can turn a heap of rubble into a château fit for a king or queen.

Before and after of a renovated apartment

Martine's vision created the perfect home out of a trashed out space. It's better than we could have imagined! Every detail was taken into account, and we couldn't be happier!


Stress-Free, Even from an Ocean Away

Working with long-distance clients is Martine’s forte. She has her own construction teams that she oversees from beginning to end—down to outfitting the property with every necessity, and beyond. When you work with Martine, there is nothing for you to do but drop your luggage at the entry and call it home.

Before and after of a renovated apartment in Paris

Martine was a godsend! She made renovating an atelier from overseas a much easier process than I imagined it would be. She understood what style I was looking for and I am beyond pleased with the final result. I would definitely use her again.


Martine is available to visit a property that you are seriously considering in order to offer her expertise and ideas, as well as provide a rough estimate of what you might spend to realize the property’s full potential. This vision, and validation, is immeasurably valuable to a potential buyer.

Before and after of a renovated apartment

While renovation and decoration come at a price, your investment is not only in the property, but in enriching your experience as a homeowner, too. Do not discount the value of renovation, and don't be afraid to purchase a property that needs work. In fact, embrace it! We’re here to make it stress-free, and with Martine, you'll be forever grateful you did.

Before and after of a renovated apartment
Joanna Carubia, Architecte d'intérieur - Ivory Interiors

Ivory Interiors by Joanna Carubia

Joanna was inspired by interior design from a young age. She was influenced by the work of her father, a construction worker, who infused in her an appreciation of the principles of design and renovation. She attended the prestigious design school La Martinière Diderot in Lyon, where she graduated with a Masters Degree in Interior Design.

Her perspective and creativity was rewarded by winning first prize in the Jean Prouvé Competition launched by France’s education ministry while she was still a student. She now runs Ivory Interiors, a design agency based in Nice that manages projects across the French Riviera.

Her objective is to always craft interiors that reflect the personality of her clients. Her English-speaking bilingual skills, extensive list of French contacts, and deep understanding of French construction laws means she’s perfectly placed to undertake projects from American and other English-speaking clients.

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Laura Poirier, designer of Le Jardin de la Promenade

LP Interior Designs by Laura Poirier

Laura Poirier was born in the South of Ireland and attended the Limerick School of Art and Design. She's lived in France for over 25 years with her French husband and adult children. Moving from Paris to Nice gave her the opportunity to work in real estate for almost 15 years opening and managing two agencies with the group she worked with. Selling almost exclusively to foreign buyers, she would take on renovation/decoration projects for some of her clients until the demande for renovation and interior decor took over–that's when she left sales to do what she loved the most.

She designs, sources and installs everything for you according to an agreed-upon budget and schedule and will work with you to create a practical, unique interior which reflects your style and taste, or you can just leave it to her to create your new interior, taking into consideration your desired color schemes and features.

Based in Nice, Laura works with an experienced team of contractors to transform your purchased property into your perfect home, while overseeing the works from start to finish to deliver a turn-key property ready to move directly into.

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