The Most Perfect Real Estate Investment In Paris

The New Gare du Nord, Digital Photo by Rafal Tomasik

The Most Perfect Real Estate Investment in Paris

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Friday, April 2, 2004
Paris, France



Ever dream of waking up and standing on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea…

Or dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle its 20,000 lights against the dark night sky?…

If you ever thought of owning your own little piece of France, a pied-à-terre in Paris or a stone cottage in Provence, then French Property Insider is exactly what you need to get you on your way.

French Property Insider is a weekly e-letter devoted to property in France… sharing insights, recommendations, tips and discoveries about property in both Paris and France including how to find the home of your dreams, how to get an inexpensive mortgage and how to make the move simple and easy.

See for yourself.


Dear Parler Paris Reader,

If you aren’t already familiar with France’s brilliant Leaseback program, and you’re interested in making an investment that is absolutely guaranteed to return as much as 6%, then you may want to take a closer look. We’ve waited months to have the details on Paris’ newest Leaseback property and it’s finally arrived.

France is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and receives more than 75 million international visitors each year…plus the French themselves typically prefer to vacation in France. Because there is a chronic shortage of short-term rental accommodations in France, the government offered this program as an incentive to build vacation properties. It worked.

It’s hard to believe, but this is a real estate investment opportunity that combines diversification, safety, tax advantages, inflation protection and asset protection-and doesn’t require much capital to get started. Best of all, your income from this investment is actually guaranteed by the French government!

Details about the program are outlined at the French Property Insider Web site at /frenchproperty/insider/leasebacks/index.html and links to the various properties available are linked on this same page.

The newest property to land on our doorsteps is a long awaited six-story 19th-century building in the 18th arrondissement near the Gare du Nord and Sacré Coeur. Studios start at a little more than 150,000 euro. Details are described below and at /frenchproperty/insider/leasebacks/Gare_du_Nord_18th/gare_du_nord_18th.html

Living near the Gare du Nord makes it very convenient for frequent travelers to many parts of Europe. The first TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) left the Gard du Nord headed for Lille (“capitale européenne de la culture”) May 23, 1993, arriving there in just 1 hour 4 minutes. With a return at the end of the evening at 11:30 p.m. from Lille, it’s easy to make this commute almost daily if one wanted or needed to!

Travel a little further, another 20 minutes on the Thalys train, and spend your day in Brussels (I recently spent just an afternoon with a friend from home who was between flights! It was so easy by train to come into the city, both from Paris and the Brussels airport!)

Amsterdam is just 4 hours 11 minutes away from Paris Gare du Nord. I’ve done this, too, in just one day leaving early in the morning, arriving home late, but having a good 6 hours to visit the Dutch Masters, eat an Indonesian “Rijsttafel,” buy a bouquet of tulips and take a tour on the canals.

Cologne, Germany is 3 hours 54 minutes from Paris and of cours

e, the Eurostar, has service to London Waterloo station now just 2 hours 41 minutes since the tracks on the British side have been specially built to accommodate the high speed trains. The advantage of train travel from center city to center city is hands down better than flying at any price. Anyone who’s tried them both knows why and staying so near a major center for high speed train travel make it all that much more convenient.

No doubt, this is an excellent investment property. Be sure to scroll down for all the information.

A la prochaine,

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
E-mail: [email protected]

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Located in the booming area of the 18th district at immediate proximity from Gare du Nord, the most important train station in terms of traffic across Europe, also close to tourist sights such as Montmartre and “Sacré Coeur,” “Place Frannz Litz,” this three-star service residence offers you studio and one-bedroom apartments.

This six-story building,which is townhouse dating back to the 19th-century is going to be totally renovated. Surrounded by a planted courtyard, the 43 apartments will all come fully furnished and tastefully designed in the style of 30′s Chicago. Rental income is guaranteed by one of the largest luxury hotel group in Paris.

Delivery date is planned for the end of 2004.

The return is net of all the costs that are paid by the management company:

- condominium expenses
– management fees
– local tax
– electricity, heating expenses
– replacement of furniture if necessary
– overall upkeep of the property

Studios from 151,165 Euro
One-bedrooms from 283,124 Euro
Prices including furniture (from 7,000 up to 21,000 euro)

For more information, visit /frenchproperty/insider/leasebacks/Gare_du_Nord_18th/gare_du_nord_18th.html
or email: mailto:[email protected][email protected]&subject=Parler_Paris_Reader_for_Gare_du_Nord_Leaseback

* * *

* Further resources:

* Many people don’t have the time nor the resources to look for their own little piece of France, especially if they’re located in the States or other foreign country.

* Stay in the heart of the Left Bank your own luxury apartment…

* Getting a mortgage in France is easier than you think.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
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