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Reach over 15,000 passionate and engaged Francophile readers with our high-impact ad units and targeted mailings.

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Your message will be read by more than 15,000 Francophile readers when you advertise in the Parler Paris or Parler Nice Nouvellettres®!


Published Monday and Wednesday, your ad may have up to 150 words of text and one photo, and will appear at the top of the emailed newsletter.

Prime Positioning Advertising Costs/Frequency(based on actual list counts):

  • 1 time: 10 per 1000 readers = 150
  • 3 times: 8 per 1000 readers = 120 X 3 = 360
  • 10 times: 6 per 1000 readers = 90 X 10 = 900

Payment must be received in advance. See below for how to make your payment.


Empty hammock on the beachGET PAID TO TRAVEL
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Published Monday and Wednesday, your ad may have up to 50 words of text and will appear in the classified section at the bottom of the newsletter.

Classified Advertising Cost:

  • 5 per 1000 readers = 75

Exact text must be supplied, and we reserve the right to correct and edit the text, if necessary. Payment must be received in advance. See below for how to make your payment.


PRACTICE YOUR FRENCH OR ENGLISH! Parler Parlor French-English Conversation Group

Practice speaking French and English. Make friends, discuss interesting topics, learn about other cultures, progress in understanding and speaking, naturally and easily. Meets three times a week -- come as often as you like!

For further details, visit Parler Parlor...your link here.

Maximize engagement with our Dedicated Sales Letters

Reach your target audience with a dedicated communication in Parler Paris, Parler Nice, and French Property Insider. Our readers will receive one individual mailing with your unique message on your choice of Tuesdays or Fridays.

It’s completely turnkey! All you do is supply up to 750 words and up to 7 photos, and we will edit and format the mailing, then send it to our entire subscriber base for you.

Dedicated Letter Mailing Costs: 

  • 350€ plus 10% commissions from sales, minimum 500€

How to Place and Pay for Your Advertising

  1. To place your ad and send your ad materials, please complete this form and indicate which newsletter or mailing you want, and the dates you would like your ad(s) or mailing to run.  NOTE: Photos must be at least 400px wide at 120dpi. We accept .jpg and .png files.
  2. If your ad is approved, we will contact you to collect payment.
  3. Upon payment, you'll receive an email confirmation along with further instructions (if any).

We reserve the right to edit or disallow your message, should the content be inappropriate.

Adrian Leeds Group neither verifies nor authenticates the offers promoted through our classified advertising. We assume no responsibility for these offers. Readers with any questions, comments, or complaints must contact the advertiser directly.

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