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Adrian Leeds sitting in her Paris living room - Photo by Paul de Burger

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Let us show you how you can make your dream of living and working in France a reality—now. Learn how to move to France, request your consultation today.

It All Starts with a Consultation

Investing in property or making a move overseas is one of the biggest decisions you will make. It’s not something you crowd-source on social media or blindly research on the internet. Depend on a professional with 25 years of experience and knowledge in living and investing in France, who has helped countless clients, like you, achieve their dreams by moving to France.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Dream

Even if you think your plans are years down the road, strategizing in advance will put you in the right direction, and save you untold amounts of time, anxiety, stress—and expense. Adrian will provide you with creative solutions and ideas about how to reach your goals. She has the uncanny ability to think outside of the proverbial box. By knowing how the systems work in France, understanding the cultural implications, and having had the experience herself, she knows how to work around, over, under, and through the obstacles in order to overcome them. Along with Adrian’s valuable contacts and professional associates, she can guide you through the complex processes and famous French bureaucracy. You will learn that your dream of living in France is easier than you think.

Your questions can be anything related to:

  • Obtaining the right to be in France
  • Making the move 
  • Dealing with technology
  • Finding employment
  • Starting a business
  • Setting up Your finances
  • Finding temporary housing
  • Finding property for rent or purchase
  • Buying, selling, and owning property
  • Renting your property for profit
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Getting health care and insurance
  • Learning the language
  • Educating the kids
  • Bridging the cultural differences

Adrian knows the ins and outs of the French real estate process and has a great network to rely on.


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Learn more about living and investing in Paris, Nice, and all areas in France.

Consultations are generally conducted Monday through Friday, between the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. GMT +1 (Paris), and can take place via a web meeting online, by phone, or any mutually agreeable location. Location for in-person meetings will be confirmed in advance with you.

Please provide us with information about your goals by completing the Consultation Request Form below. After you complete the form, we will follow up with more information and a payment link

Fees and expenses are billed in euro value and payable by credit card in U.S. dollars based on the rate of exchange on the date of transaction. You may use the FX currency converter here to view exchange rates.

Please note that your credit card statement will be charged by Adrian Leeds Group, Metairie, Louisiana. Invalid disputes may be subject to a charge of $100.

Consultation fees are non-refundable except with authorization. If your appointment was confirmed and paid, and you do not attend, no refund will be given. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have questions prior to booking your consultation regarding fees or other questions, please contact us here or email us at [email protected].

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After our first consultation with Adrian, her optimism and can-do approach—but even more importantly, the information she gave us—made us feel this was something we really might be able to do.


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