Le Muguet

A Medieval Fractional Ownership in Provence

  • Two-bedroom, two bath former monestary
  • Located in the heart of Provence

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We are very excited about our first “Provence/Gard” property near Uzes, a medieval city with a lively heart and soul. The Place aux Herbes, just a 10 minute drive from our village of Vers, draws you like a magnet with colorful café tables surrounding a large place which hosts a Wednesday and Saturday market each week.

Fleur d'Uzes-le Muguet (or Flower of Uzes-Lily of the Valley) is an apt name for this deeded fractional ownership property as Uzes was in sad decline after World War II. Because of Uzes' great architectural interest & with ramparts surrounding the Bishop' Palace, it was listed as a city of artistic and historical interest in 1967 (thus its reflowering~) Lily of the Valley is symbolic of our new home in nearby Vers it was built from an ancient monastery and our flower is a symbol of purity.

Stand, admire and gawk. Rightfully so -- at this amazing house. Prepare to be dazzled when you enter the completed "Le Muguet." Our magical transformation is in that lovely stage where the yeast is working, the bread has been crafted using carefully considered ingredients, and we can only imagine the smell and taste after it bakes in a 400-degree oven for 30 minutes.  Now, picture yourself arriving at our lovely Le Muguet...


* Our idea is to try to create an authentic French country interior that conveys feelings of warmth and coziness.

* We wish to be sensitive to the medieval/renaissance fabric of the house itself and let the plethora of wonderful architectural details shine in thier own right.

If you love the idea of a home base in France but feel it doesn't make sense to buy a place you may use for only a few weeks a year, consider joining our group of owners in jointly purchasing Le Muguet SCI. We have many years of experience and have been offering high quality affordable home shares in France since 1988.

Stay tuned as Le Muguet (Lily of the Valley) transformation begins "I think I can, I think I can, I hope I can"... create a warm and inviting decor in a French country style while respecting the Medieval fabric of this wonderful property. We strive to make buying a second home in Europe simple, affordable, and enjoyable. If you would like to receive more information on this property, or about fractional ownership in general, please feel free to write Adrian Leeds at [email protected].

The Latest Video of Le Muguet:

Le Muguet - Lily of the Valley. from Running Bird Media on Vimeo.