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Adrian Leeds is a French property consultant who helps people realize their dream of owning property in Paris and all of France! Join Adrian as she combs the romantic streets of Paris to find the perfect pied-à-terre or journeys to the French countryside in search of the ideal home for her clients.

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Adrian Leeds & John Garland Jones on House Hunters International

"From Heartbroken to Happy in Nice" - Season 130, Episode 3

John moved to Nice, France, after his bitter divorce and braved the unfamiliar with help from property consultant Adrian Leeds. Almost two years later, John and Adrian look back at the house hunt and show how not everything unfolded as planned. (Recorded on Zoom with Adrian in Paris and John in Nice.)

Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Picky Hunting in Nice

"Picky Hunting in Nice, France" - Season 154, Episode 8

New York newlyweds follow his dream of living abroad by moving to Nice, France. He's passionate about having a dedicated office where he can teach linguistics, while she's hoping for peace, quiet and a stove for cooking.


Adrian Leeds on House Hunters International - Bostonians Go for Broke in Paris

"Bostonians Go For Broke in Paris" - Season 153, Episode 1

A Boston woman scores her dream job transfer to Paris, and her boyfriend settles for an unpaid sabbatical to join her. However, he's looking to reap the benefits of her new salary with a large, modern property.


Adrian Leeds on House Hunters International - A Parisian Place for Mother and Daughter

"A Parisian Place for Mother and Daughter" -  Season 141, Episode 9

Following in her mother's footsteps, a college graduate has fallen in love with the rich history and art in Paris. Now, both mother and daughter are on the hunt for a small piece of the city they can call their own and fulfill both their dreams of calling Paris home.

HHI VancouvertotheVineyards

"From Vancouver to the Vineyards of Epernay, France" - Season 145, Episode 4

A wine connoisseur (Christine Campbell) moves with her family (Dave Small and their daughter, McKenzie) to Epernay, France, in the heart of the Champagne region. They consider the options between the sprawling vineyard countryside and the bustling town center, but there's no easy answer as they decide what's best for their 8-year-old daughter.

House Hunters International - The Good Life in Paris

"The Good Life in Paris," - Season 140, Episode 11

A woman (Kelly Pruitt) is ready to pack up and move to Paris, France — a dream she's had ever since visiting the Marais neighborhood as an exchange student years ago. She's bringing along a good friend who tries to keep her grounded but injecting practicality may be difficult as she decides between the perfect neighborhood and the perfect space.

John G. Jones & Adrian Leeds on House Hunters International

"Finding a Voice in Nice, France" - Season 139, Episode 8

After having a rough year, a Texas man is taking a daring leap by selling his landlocked house and pursuing a singing career in Nice, France. His good friend and property expert, Adrian Leeds, has pulled off many French miracles in the past, but getting her buddy to downsize into a fabulous-yet-affordable home could be her greatest challenge yet.

Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Amour Than They Bargained for in Bordeaux

"Amour Than They Bargained for in Bordeaux" - Season 131, Episode 1

While travelling the world as a flight attendant, Kelly fell in love with the culture, architecture and wine of Bordeaux, France. His attorney husband, Steve, has finally agreed to try living abroad and let France plead its case. Leaving the stability of work life in Florida means tighter purse strings as they look for a French home and the pair will have to agree on more than just location. But the wine and charm of village life are compelling evidence that happiness can abound in bourgeoisie Bordeaux.

Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Paris By the Books

"Paris By the Books" - Season 129, Episode 2

Cristina is leaving Boston to complete her degree in international law. Her mom is tagging along to help her find a place and settle into a new life in Paris. Cristina's priorities revolve around how best to do her work, but her mom is encouraging her daughter to let her hair down -- a little in a role reversal that's almost as dramatic as the City of Light itself.

Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Pining After Paris

"Pining After Paris" - Season 126, Episode 10

A woman who's dreamed of living in Paris from an early age seizes the opportunity to further her education in France. Her husband is going to be a stay-at-home dad with their newborn son, so he's not swooning over the lack of space that comes with living the Parisian lifestyle.

Adrian Leeds Group House Hunters International - Picture Perfect in Paris

"Picture Perfect in Paris" - Season 126, Episode 12

A freelance travel photographer who spent years saving her money is convinced now is the time to move to the city that stole her heart -- Paris. She brings a friend along to help search for a spacious apartment that can double as a photography studio, but they quickly realize finding such a place is nearly impossible.

House Hunters International - A Last Hurrah in Paris, Poovan Shivani

"A Last Hurrah in Paris" - Season 125, Episode 11

Newlyweds follow a job opportunity to Paris, France, so they can enjoy one last move before buying a house and having kids. He's a true romantic and has his heart set on finding a home with Parisian charm in the city center, no matter the cost. However, she's concerned about the budget and wants to save on a home so they have money left over to travel.

House Hunters International - Living Large in Languedoc

"Living Large in Languedoc" - Season 119, Episode 2

Renee, a world-renowned photographer who specializes in nude photography, and her wife, Wendy, are leaving Los Angeles to establish their business in Europe. They are looking for a place to both work and live in the Languedoc region of France.

House Hunters International - Life and Love Parisian Style

"Life and Love, Parisian-Style" - Season 112, Episode 10

A couple decides to pack up their family and move to the city she loves, Paris. Brook lived and worked in Paris before moving back to California to marry and start a family with her husband, Jonas. The couple has decided to return to France to raise their two sons and run their business. Brook wants to live in the Marais section of the city, which is her favorite and has the Parisian charm she's after. Jonas, however, is more concerned with having modern amenities, enough space for the kids to run around and an office space for himself.

House Hunters International - Champagne Problems in Paris

"Champagne Problems in Paris" - Season 111, Episode 11Season 111, Episode 11

Chef Krista went to France to become a sommelier and then decided to sell her California home and move to Paris permanently. With the market booming and home prices in Paris on the rise, Krista calls on her best friend, Stanley, to help her invest her life savings. She wants the cafe culture of central Paris with a big enough space to entertain. For better or worse, Stanley won't let her settle, even if her small budget requires some concessions.

Cara Chapman

"A Dancer's Dream in Paris" - Season 107, Episode 5

Professional dancer, Cara, is finally settling down in the one place she feels most at home -- Paris. After receiving a generous inheritance from her late grandmother, she wants an apartment that will provide her with a space to practice dance. Unsure of employment opportunities, however, Cara finds it difficult to balance the dream life she wants and the real life she can afford. Watch as Adrian Leeds, real estate professional, helps her navigate the way.


House Hunters International - Two Bedrooms in Paris

"Two Bedrooms in Paris" - Season 105, Episode 5

Kate's humanitarian work is sending her to Paris for a new job opportunity, and she's calling in her friend and fellow expat, Jilian, to help her find the perfect apartment. Kate wants a second bedroom so she can work from home and host visiting family and friends, but an extra room in bustling central Paris doesn't come cheap.

House Hunters International - Paris with a Texas Accent

"Paris With A Texan Accent" - Season 99, Episode 10

After discovering she had familial ties to Paris, Texan Janet wanted to plant roots in her ancestral home. Michael supports Janet's dream, but he's nervous about buying a second home in pricy central Paris. Janet knows apartments are smaller, but she still wants space for her adult kids to visit with the charm of an older Parisian apartment. The move is Janet's big dream, but Michael isn't sure if he can stomach a financially unpredictable renovation.


House Hunters International - High Above The Cote dAzur

"High Above the Cote d'Azur" - Season 97, Episode 11

Francophiles Todd and Jim want to purchase a vacation home in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Rivera. The area is known to be very chic, and the asking prices for properties overlooking the Mediterranean are as impressive as the views. Can Todd and Jim's budget afford them the view of their dreams?



A Paris Shoebox for Six

"A Paris Shoebox for Six" - Season 95, Episode 6

Liz and Tony love life with their four kids in Melbourne. In fact, they love it so much that until very recently, they've never left the area. All that changed when they visited Paris a few years back, and now Liz is determined to break into their modest savings and buy a dream Parisian apartment. Unfortunately for them, Paris isn't so obscure to the rest of the world, and affordable real estate is hard to come by. With Tony stuck in Melbourne for work, Liz will only have her teenage daughter to help find an affordable Parisian gem big enough for six and she won't take 'non' for an answer.

House Hunters International Renovation - Perturbed in Paris

"Perturbed in Paris" - Season 2, Episode 11

After years of visiting and falling in love with Paris, Daryl and Angie are finally taking the plunge and purchasing their Paris dream home. But while they share a love of the City of Lights, they don't share similar tastes. With Daryl wanting old Bohemian charm and Angie pushing for modern and airy, they clash from the start of their search. After finally picking a house, they entrust a local contractor to oversee the renovations while they attend to business matters in the United States. A series of unexpected issues mar the renovation, but the biggest challenge comes in attempting to reconcile their vastly different styles.

House Hunters International - Paris' s Newest Recruit"Paris's Newest Recruit" - Season 72, Episode 5

Aspiring artist Lisa has lived abroad her whole life. She moved frequently with her family, and never really had a long-term place to call home. Recently finished with grad school, she's looking to move to the center of the art universe, Paris, in hopes that her first true masterpiece will be a settled home of her own. Her budget is functional, but her wish list is long. Lisa may be a dreamer with her head in the clouds, but if she wants to sign a lease in fast-paced, high-priced Paris, she'll need to come back to Earth before all the good apartments are gone. Will Adrian be able to keep her feet on the ground?

House Hunters International - Snap Shot of City Life in Paris"Snapshot of City Life in Paris, France" - Season 72, Episode 9

Ben and Nicole Miller loved Franklin, Tennessee so much they recently built their dream home there. However, when a job opportunity came up in Paris that could boost his career and also afford Nicole the chance to pursue her passion of photography, they knew a move there would be too good to pass up. With its countless photo ops, Nicole wants to live in central Paris but with Ben's job located outside the city, he doesn't want to commute through congestion every day to get there. Ben also grew really comfortable with suburban living and with two small dogs to also think about, Nicole knows it will be a struggle for him to be swooned by the allure of being in the heart of Paris, France. Watch as Adrian guides them to the perfect solution.

Adrian Leeds on HHI - HHINT-7006H"Californians sell their Vineyard to Afford a Summer Home on the Costly Côte d'Azur" - Season 70, Episode 6

California winery owners Jann and Gerry cherished their many retreats to the Côte d'Azur. Enchanted by the Riviera's culture and impressed with its food and wine, the couple considered the region to be the perfect place to unwind. And after 16 years of running their vineyard, they decided it was time to sell up so they could afford a summer home in southeastern France. This time, when Gerry and Jann landed on the coast it was for business and not pleasure. And as they scoured the Côte looking for a property, they quickly discovered getting a home that recreated the magic of their holidays would cost more than the 275,000 dollars they were willing to spend. And as they searched, they struggled to find a place with old-world charm for Jann, but that was move-in ready for Gerry. Find out how they come to a conclusion when House Hunters International combs the Côte d'Azur with Adrian Leeds.

House Hunters International - Finding Happieness in Paris2

"Finding Happiness in Paris" - Season 68, Episode 2

For Lisa Anselmo, visiting Paris has always felt like home away from home. So when her mother passed away she looked to France for rejuvenation. Now, she's convinced that finding the perfect apartment in her favorite arrondissement could bring her some needed joy. She's seeking la vie en rose but Parisian prices could put a damper on her dream. With space coming at a premium price, Lisa will have to find the sweet spot between size and location when House Hunters International goes to Paris, France.

House Hunters International - A Taste of Paris

"A Taste For Paris" - Season 68, Episode 1

After working long hours behind her desk, corporate lawyer Emerald realized cooking was her true passion. So, she's giving up a stable job in Perth to pursue a dream in Paris with friend and fellow foodie Wallis. Their plan is to create a business of hosting dinner parties, for paying guests, out of Emerald's home. In addition to a well-appointed kitchen and large dining area, Emerald desires a quintessentially French style home. But Wallis has a stake in Emerald's house hunt too, and reality checking her business partner, has been a challenge. So, Wallis is relying on property consultant Adrian Leeds to make sure Emerald doesn't bite off more than she can chew in the pricy Parisian rental market. Watch when House Hunters International savors life to the fullest in Paris, France.

 House Hunters International- Episode 6509H- “Nice To Be Back in France”Nice To Be Back in France” – Season 65, Episode 9

Lori Ann has a rich life in New Jersey, but after residing in Paris for 10 years, her husband Bill knew living in New Jersey wasn't for him. She knows her husband wants a second chance with France so they've decided on Nice. Bill is dreaming of the countryside, but this city girl has sacrificed a lot for the move, and wants the familiarity of urban life at any cost in pricy central Nice. Caught in the middle, property consultant Adrian Leeds will have a tough time reconciling the different wishes of both of her clients. Watch when House Hunters International tries to combine two dreams in Nice, France.

House Hunters International-Episode 6105H- "Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France"

"Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France" - Season 61, Episode 5

Since her first visit as a 17-year-old exchange student, Karin has dreamt of living in Paris full time. Boldly deciding life is short and now is the time to finally make her dream a reality, she and her practically minded mother go to Paris to find the right flat. But in the city of light's fast paced market, this long time dreamer nervously realizes she hasn't given much thought to what she wants in her new home. Property Consultant Adrian Leeds will have her work cut out for her when House Hunters International looks for la vie en rose in Paris.

"House Hunters International in Nice - Episode 5501H-"Becoming a Buyer in Nice, France"Becoming a Buyer in Nice, France" - Season 55, Episode 1

Scott Baker always wanted to live in France. When he discovered a job opening in Nice, he leapt at the chance to fulfill his French fantasy. But the apartment he rents has been falling apart around him. Not ready to give up on his dream, Scott's decided to purchase his own home in Nice and is leaning on Nice-native and close friend Clara for advice and assistance from Adrian Leeds to find just the right place. Clara's eagle eyes are spotting potential pitfalls in every home, and Scott will have to decide if he's willing to renovate or spend to get the perfect property when House Hunters International goes to Nice.

House Hunters International - Episode 5612H -"Planning a Furture in Paris, France""Planning a Future in Paris, France" - Season 56, Episode 12

Dr. Jayne Lee fell so in love with Paris that she geared her career in medicine towards moving there. Soon enough she found a job practicing telemedicine and fell in love with Edouard. But for these newlyweds, buying an apartment in one of the most coveted and expensive cities in the world isn't as easy as falling in love. While Jayne needs an office as soon as possible, Edouard wants to be sure there is room for a future family. Property Consultant Adrian Leeds desperately searches for a compromise when House Hunters International goes to Paris, France.

House Hunters International - Episode 5405H-"Healthy Living in Paris, France""Healthy Living in Paris, France" - Season 54, Episode 5

After two years of waiting Patrice has finally been transferred to Paris for her work as a nutritionist. Her desire for an apartment with Parisian charm and a mix of modern decor presents a challenge in finding the perfect home. With the help of her friend Ulla, Patrice is on the hunt for a new home to live a healthy life in Paris. Find out what happens when House Hunters International goes to Paris, France!


House Hunters International - Episode 5209H-"La Vie En Paris, France""La Vie En Paris, France" - Season 52, Episode 9

Abby Gordon memorized maps of Paris before ever setting foot in France. So when a job transfer to the city of her dreams came up, she took the chance. Now, after five years of renting, Abby is ready to take her relationship with the City of Light to the next level. She wants to buy an apartment that reflects her personal style. But in one of the priciest housing markets in the world, property consultant Adrian Leeds knows Abby will have to adjust her ideas of perfection. See what happens when House Hunters International settles down in Paris, France.

 House Hunters International - Episode 4807H-"Every Little Girl's Dream Comes True in Paris""Every Little Girl's Dream Comes True in Paris" - Season 48, Episode 7

Katherine is a successful Hollywood screenwriter who's aspired to live in Paris since learning of her French heritage as a child. Now a mother herself, Katherine wants to buy a home in her favorite city so she can explore her past, inspire her daughter's future, and show her aging father a glimpse of their family's roots. Katherine is looking for a space that embodies the Paris of her dreams: somewhere replete with the history, romance, and charm that has become the city's signature. Watch as House Hunters International makes every little girl's dream come true in Paris, France.  

House Hunters International - Episode 4301H-"ReturningtoEurope""Returning to Europe" - Season 43, Episode 1

Susie and her Argentinian fiance, Max, met six years ago online. They wrote to each other every day without fail for nine months before meeting in person. After five years and a beautiful daughter, Allegra, Max was offered the job opportunity of a lifetime in Paris. The prospect of living in one of Europe's most stylish and historic capitals was too much for Max and fashion and beauty journalist Susie to turn down. Although Susie is incredibly close to Max's family, and the pair will sorely miss the support of their network in Argentina, the move has offered Susie the chance to reconnect with her father who is able to visit far more frequently now that the couple are a comparatively short hop away. The hardest part of the move for the couple will be the language barrier as neither of them speaks French. Will this couple find their perfect Parisian paradise? Find out when Adrian Leeds and House Hunters International explore the streets of Paris, France.

House Hunters International - Episdoe 4107H-"Searching for Style""Searching for Style and Space in Paris" - Season 41, Episode 7

Illysia, decided to pursue a career in fashion and vowed to one day live in the City of Light. Now, with a successful career as a fashion stylist, Illysia is ready to make the second part of her dream a reality. She and her husband, Alec, are purchasing a pied-à-terre, which will serve as a frequent getaway from their Detroit suburb as well as an investment property that they may rent out when they're not there. But finding a place that will suit a family of four, appeal to potential renters and align with Illysia's strong sense of style, is a tall order, which is why they need the expertise of property search consultant Adrian Leeds. Watch what happens when "House Hunters International" strolls the fashionable avenues of Paris, France.

Captivated by the Parisian way of life, nomadic couple Rich and Rachel are excited for the job opportunity that's allowing them settle long term in the City of Light. Paris is known for its beautiful yet cramped architecture, but with baby number two on the way, space is more important than ever. Hoping to find enough space for their soon to be family of 4, Rich and Rachel have decided to stretch out into the banlieues, or suburbs, of Paris. Real Estate Consultant Adrian Leeds knows their $1300 budget will go farther in the banlieues, but even here space is considered petite by American standards. Rich and Rachel try to find a home that fits, when House Hunters International peruses the villages outside Paris, France.

While spending the summer in Paris as a law student, Mimi Chiang told her daughter Georgi she'd one day like to own a piece of this romantic city. But once she arrives with her two kids, real estate professional Adrian Leeds has a message that could threaten 10 years of dreaming. Homes in her 1 million budget are scarce. And most likely, they will need some work, especially if she wants the classic French style. Will she settle for small or spend thousands over her budget to create the vision she's clung to for years? Find out when House Hunters International walks the romantic streets of Paris.

March 14, 2016: We mourn the loss of one of the world's greatest women -- Mimi Chiang. Mimi was a treasured client and friend of ours, one of those wonderfully spirited women who overcame breast cancer and other major tragedies in her life to raise two gorgeous kids and come to Paris to create a home-away-from-home for all of them. She was spunky enough to star in a House Hunters International episode and show off the amazing life she created with her never-ending positive attitude. Mimi, you will be sadly missed and forever loved and we will treasure that episode and all of our good times together forever and always.

House Hunters International - Episode 2411H-"Historic Country Homes in Normandy""Historic Country Homes in Normandy" - Season 24, Episode 11

The Blairs want a drill in all things French and experience is the best teacher. But Franco-mania can produce life's sweetest pleasures and its worst misfortunes. Is the Blair's dream home hiding in the back roads of Europe's dairy land? Find out when House Hunters moves to Normandy, France with the help of professional real estate consultant Adrian Leeds.

House Hunters International - Episode1A05-"Vacation Home in Paris""Vacation Home in Paris" - Season 1, Episode 5

New Yorkers Jeff Ballinger and Mary Schiller recently began the first steps toward making their dream together a reality. Now, they've begun their search for a pied-à-terre in Paris.

House Hunters International - Episode 402-"Settling Down in Paris""Settling Down in Paris" - Season 4, Episode 2

Angela and Ben met in 2003 when they lived in Los Angeles working for the same clothing company. Now, the two are engaged to be married. When Ben started receiving frequent overseas work, the company believed he'd be more valuable in Paris, so they happily relocated. They immediately moved into a cozy rental in the 17th district near the Arc de Triomphe and started to explore the different neighborhoods of Paris. The pair is now ready to take the big leap and purchase an apartment to stay for good. Property consultant Adrian Leeds is enlisted to help.

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