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Napoleon’s Underwear

French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (born 1769) just celebrated his birthday this past Monday, August 15th. Astrologists will tell you that if you share this date, then you could also share some of the same characteristics he embodied — a natural leader and command of respect, not afraid to make decisions while being kind, just and fair. He was also considerate, caring and quite a romantic (married twice, to j2999éphine de Beauharnais and then Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria who bore him one child and he is known to have two illegitimate children).

Napoleon Bonaparte was certainly France’s most illustrious leader and one of the greatest and most influential people in the world. In France you are constantly surrounded by the wave of Napoleon’s wand — particularly the Napoleonic Code, still prevalent in Louisiana. (Louisiana remains different than the rest of the United States because of Bonaparte and his brilliant forward-thinking system of justice.)

Napoleon’s death in 1821 has always been clouded in mystery because they said the emperor’s body contained five times more arsenic than the maximum safe limit, but experts said they believed the he had absorbed the toxin over a long period of time and cited such things as hair products, wallpaper, ash from wood fires and glue as being the slow-poisoning culprits. In 1840 his final wish to be buried on the banks of the Seine was carried out when his remains were taken to be entombed in Les Invalides, and upon opening the tomb, they found that Napoleon’s body was completely preserved, as if he had died yesterday.

They now agree the most likely cause of the emperor’s death was stomach cancer, which could explain his classic pose with his hand held tight against his stomach.

Most of the French don’t give Napoleon that much thought, simply because he is so much a part of their everyday lives…except for a few. One of them is Pierre-Jean Chalençon. When he was 12 years old, his parents gave him a book about Napoleon and took him to visit his tomb at Invalides. He became fascinated and started to collect memorabilia and artifacts in whatever ways he could — in one early instance, he raised money by selling some of his own clothing to purchase a manuscript of Napoleon’s.

That was more than 22 years ago. Today, Chalençon has over 400 articles in his private collection, consisting of artifacts, clothing, manuscripts, books, engravings, drawings, paintings, sculpture, furniture, weapons, jewelry, dinnerware and silver and a host of other personal items, including one of Bonaparte’s tricorn hats, we all know so well. Included are several paintings of the Emperor by Antoine-Jean Baron Gros, who was appointed by Napoleon as painter of his war campaigns and commissioned to select Italian masterpieces, the spoils of war, to enrich the Louvre.

Chalençon describes it as “…not just a collection. I wanted to create an atmosphere of who Napoleon really was. For me it’s an irresistible train of events, like a drug. To begin with I was very particular, only buying autographs. Then by selling some of my documents I was able to acquire items and works of superior quality. Now this ‘disease’ has really taken hold. I need it to live. It’s like a gigantic jigsaw, but one for which I want to get to the end, but I don’t know where the edges are.”

He describes the most unusual piece of the collection as Napoleon’s underwear(!), but his most personally prized piece is his bandana. The most unique he believes is Napoleon’s first will and testament written by him in long hand, and the most valuable piece is a painting by Baron Gros entitled “First Consul of the French Republic.” (A similar painting sold for $2 million this past July at Christie’s in London.)

The collection is normally displayed in Chalençon’s own spacious art nouveau architectural style apartment on rue de Rivoli diagonally situated across from the Hôtel de Ville, where only he and his guests can enjoy it…but for the moment, the apartment is virtually empty. The collection is on tour for the first time to the United States, beginning with the National Geographic Museum at Explorer’s Hall in Washington, DC from September 28, 2005 through January 3, 2006. Following, it will tour about ten cities, projected to include Tallahassee, Atlanta and Los Angeles. A paperback catalog of the collection is currently being published and will be sold at the exhibitions for about $20.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon’s dream for the collection…”to be permanently displayed in an American museum, where it would be even more appreciated than it would here in France!”

For more information about the Chalençon Collection, email [email protected]

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris
Email [email protected]

P.S. Scroll down to have a look at what’s on in English this beautifully cool, sunny, quiet August — and happily, Astro Paris by Eric Francis is back after a short hiatus.


* Trompe l’Oeil in Languedoc-Roussillon
By Claudia Smith

In December 2003, I commissioned an American designer who is looking to create a part-time career in France as his own “rêve” to do three projects during his two-week working holiday. Even though I still lacked the basics, such as a dining table and real furniture and a car in my garage, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse to launch his dream…Read On…

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Editor’s Note: You are invited to attend the THE ART OF TROMPE L’OEIL WORKSHOP here in Paris December 29 – January 2 with internationally renowned trompe l’oeil muralist and educator, Yves Lanthier! For more information, visit

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Calendar #70
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Paris, France


We gladly run announcements for non-profit organizations. If you wish your community announcement to appear, please provide the text in ENGLISH just as you’d like it to appear and send it to Lynda Sydney: [email protected] We reserve the right to edit as necessary.

Thank you, Adrian

Strictly Entertainment: Comedy, Plays, Movies, Dance

Cinema en Plein Air 2005
July 19 to August 28

The 15th anniversary of this annual summer outdoor film festival includes films such as “Night of the Hunter,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Short Cuts.”

Free admission!

Parc de La Villette, 75019
Métro: Porte de Pantin

For more information, call or visit


Festival Cinéma au Clair de Lune
August 3 to 21

Another chance to see cinema masterpieces past and present having Paris as subject or backdrop. Outdoors.

Films are in French, but you can catch two in their original English version with French sub-titles (vofst):

Wednesday, August 10
Jardins du Trocadéro (in front of the fountains), 75016
Metro: Trocadéro

One Hour With You
Friday, August 19
Avenue de Breteuil, place
Henri-Queuille, 75015
Métro: Sèvres-Lecourbe

For a complete list of films visit

Art and Culture

Paris Walks with Leonard Pitt
September 6, 23, 30 and October 5 & 12

Leonard Pitt, author of the bestselling “Promenades dans le Paris Disparu,” will be in Paris for one month, September 15 to October 16 and is now organizing groups for walks through the city. Four walks are offered. Each lasts about 3 hours.

Leonard’s unique perspective offers a view of Paris in all of its beauty and drama that is not available anywhere else. Diane Johnson speaks of his book with praise in her latest book, “Into a Paris Quartier,” and the French press came out with numerous glowing reviews when his book appeared in 2002.

“Leonard is completely legitimate, he’s impregnated with Paris. He sees things that we don’t see.” – Le Figaro

“This American friend knows Paris like the back of his hand and illustrates clearly what the serious stroller would have a hard time deciphering on his own – the history that runs beneath today’s buildings.” – Le Nouvel Observateur

Walk 1. Left Bank.
Begins at St. Germain des Prés and ends at Square Viviani across from Notre Dame.
Walk 2. Ile de la Cité.

Walks 1 and 2 give a first-hand view of the making of modern Paris under Baron Haussmann. The effect of standing on a corner with a photo in hand of 19th century Paris brings home the full impact of the city’s transformation as the Baron’s pickaxe tore down 20,000 houses to make way for the great boulevards and avenues that define Paris today.

Walk 3. The Marais.
Begins in Place des Vosges and explores the unknown history of the Marais south of rue Saint-Antoine from the 1920s to the 1950s. A mixture of anti-Semitism plus a blockheaded approach to urban planning was a disaster to this quarter. The casual stroller has no idea of the dramas played out at virtually every corner.

Walk 4. Paris and Chocolate.
This walk combines Paris history plus visits to three of Paris’ premium chocolate houses. We begin on the grounds of the Louvre and look at how the creation of the Louvre as we know it resulted from a tragic accident. Then we walk to the garden of the Palais Royal to see how one man’s debauchery lead to the creation of that great architectural gem, the covered passageway. Then we walk through the passages Vivienne and Colbert, up rue Vivienne with a stop at De Bauve and Gallais chocolatier on our way to the network of passages, des Panoramas, Jouffroy, and Verdeaux. We exit the passages and make our second chocolate stop at Mere de la Famille. A short bus ride to place de l’Opera takes us into the making of modern Paris and the great history of the Grands Boulevards. After a stop at La Maison du Chocolate we repair to a cafe where we taste, compare, and rate our chocolate purchases. Leonard is founder of the Berkeley Chocolate Club. Go to

Cost: 60 Euros per person. Maximum 8 to a group.

For information, contact Leonard at [email protected]


“Première a Paris”
Photography by Jan Hanson
Vernissage September 22, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

San Francisco photographer Jan Hanson invites those of you who will be in Paris this fall to visit her photo exhibit at ArtSpace at WICE.

The exhibit features Jan’s display of stunning photos of Paris by night and mouthwatering close-ups of food by day, as well as a few surprise images added for good measure.

The exhibit, “Première a Paris,” will run from September 19 through November 10, and the Vernissage will be Thursday, September 22, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

20, boulevard du Montparnasse, 75015, Paris
Métros: Duroc and Falguiere

For more information, contact Jan Hanson at [email protected]


Amazonia Brasil
Palais de la Decouverte
Until August 28

A major event in France’s Brazilian season, “Amazonia Brasil” plunges you into the heart of the largest forest in the world, on a voyage of discovery to see its lush vegetation, its wildlife and its inhabitants.

Palais de la Decouverte
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 75008
Métro: Champs Elysées Clémenceau
RER: Invalides
Bus: 28, 42, 52, 63, 72, 73, 80, 83, 93
For more information call or visit

Open daily 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed Monday


Jules Verne, Stories of the Sea
Until August 31

Exhibition focusing on the writer fascination with the sea.

Musée de la Marine, 75016, Paris
16th Arrondissement



Charlie Chaplin et les images
The world through a comedian’s eyes
Until September 18

The exhibition “Chaplin in pictures” at the Jeu de Paume includes documents and home movies from Chaplin family archives. It reveals one of the 20th century’s best-loved characters and the outstanding achievement of his creator: producer, director and actor.

Jeu de Paume
1 Place de la Concorde, 75008, PARIS
Metro: Concorde
Bus: 24, 42, 52, 72, 73, 84, 94
For tickets call:
For more information visit

Literary Events


If you want to get hold of a copy of “Challenging US Human Rights Violations Since 9/11” for your summer reading, you don’t have to wait till September.

Books are available from:
Sally Sharpe [email protected]
Julie or Jane [email protected] or phone

Please note Democrats Abroad France’s new email address: [email protected]

Musical Interludes

Richard Thompson
Guitarist and Songwriter
Monday, September 5 at 8:30 p.m.

A rare opportunity to hear brilliant guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson give a solo acoustic concert in an intimate venue.

La Java
105 rue Faubourg du Temple 75010 Paris

For more information visit
Tickets 33 euros, avilable at FNAC or Virgin


Festival Musique en l’Ile
June 28 to September 17

Classical concerts with the Moscow Sirine Choir, the Vocal Group “Oxford Voices,” the Paris Gregorian Choir and more.

Eglises Saint-Louis-en-Ile (4th Arrondissement), Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6th Arrondissement) and others.

For more information

Bonnes Soirées and Great Gatherings

Full Moon Picnic
Thursday, August 18, 8 p.m.

We’ll be observing the next full moon on Thursday, August 18, 2005. It is known by American Indian lore as the Full Fruit or Barley Moon. (Officially the full moon is actually on August 19, but it’ll look just as full the night before).

WHAT: Everyone brings food and drink to share.

WHERE: Pont des Arts. We’ll gather about three-fourths of the way across the bridge towards the left bank side, where Michael Muszlak’s regular Thursday PDA (Pont des Arts) picnic will be meeting starting at 8 p.m. Nearest metros: Pont Neuf and Louvre-Rivoli.

WHEN: Thursday night, August 18. Sunset about 8:45 p.m. Moonrise visible about 9:10 p.m.

WHY: Share one of the most memorable sights in Paris with some of the nicest people around.

WHO: You and your friends.

HOW to find us: Look for a white telescope on tripod if the sky is clear. Or call

FOOD THEME: Fruit, beer (from barley), Mars bars. This sounds like a bad frat party. Use your imagination.


Begins July 21 to August 20
Daily 7 a.m. to midnight

Get outside this summer as the banks of the Seine are turned into an urban beach bash! Sand, deck chairs, palm trees, sports and lots of entertainment.

This year the plage has a Brazilian theme, with concerts, samba lessons, beach soccer, children’s workshops and more.



Closed August

Next Meeting: September 13th, 2005 and Every Second Tuesday of the Month 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This is your opportunity to meet every month, often with local professionals who can answer your Working and Living in France questions. You are invited to come for drinks and share your questions and comments about what it takes to create a life here, own property and enjoy what France has to offer. It is also an opportunity to network with other Parler Paris readers.

Upstairs at La Pierre du Marais 96, rue des Archives at the corner of rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris
Métro Lines 9, 3 et 11, stations Temple, République or Arts et Métiers



We’re open all summer!

MAKE CONTACTS FOR BUSINESS, CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Bring lots of business cards to exchange with others. Unsurpassed networking opportunities.

Wednesday, August 17 at 6:30 p.m.

GETTING YOUR RESUME TO THE TOP. Using The Bio: An Essential Document To Complement Your Resume. What To Say, When To Use It And How To Write It.

Bernadette Martin
Marketing Professional, Professor And Career Advisor

Bernadette Martin is a multi-lingual professional with a combined 15 years experience in marketing communications, tourism, and academia.

During the course of her marketing career, both on the advertising agency and corporate side, she has helped clients develop and communicate their brand throughout all “touch points” with stakeholders. Clients in the U.S., Asia and Europe have ranged from hi-tech startups to Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, DHL, P&G, Ford, and Citibank.

Bernadette used her professional career in marketing as a foundation and reference to embark on a career in academia. This coincided with a move in 2002 to Paris, where she currently lives, and is involved in various areas of education both at the graduate (MBA) and Executive Education level. In addition to lecturing on Brand Management, Global Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Corporate Responsibility, she has also developed innovative courses and workshops on Personal Branding and Career Planning.

Bernadette also works with individuals in career transition, helping to build their Personal Brand and create an effective communication strategy. She applies branding concepts and methodologies used for corporate brands and applies them to individuals. As part of an initial Personal Brand Audit she assesses the total “package” from interviewing skills (appearance, content, delivery) to written documents (resume, cover letter, bio, portfolio etc.).



Interested in being a guest speaker? Contact Patricia

For more information contact Patricia
[email protected]



Every Sunday! We’re open all summer!

NEW TIME! Happy Hour is at 6:30 p.m.



Sunday, August 21 at 6:30 p.m.

FIRING UP YOUR BLOOD IN ANTARCTICA: A Travelogue Featuring San Francisco Based Travel Consultant and World Traveler Paulette Lagana

Paulette Lagana
Travel Consultant And World Traveler

Antarctica is a truly magical travel destination that stirs the imagination and fires the blood. It simply has no equal for the traveller who appreciates unique landscapes and unusual environments. It is a landscape filled with castles of ice, seas of glass, thousands of penguins, bellowing elephant seals and other wildlife. Bring your sense of wonder to hear about the “White Continent” — it’s not just a vacation, it’s an adventure.

Paulette Lagana, Travel Consultant and World Traveler, is offering tours in Antarctica in January 2006. Call her for more information at (925) 439 8286.

At Patricia’s apartment on the Ile St. Louis. Ask Patricia for exact address and door code.


GREAT FOOD! International Cuisine.

Thanks for reserving via return email! If you don’t receive an email confirmation by Sunday, please call Patricia. To reserve on Sundays, please call.

[email protected]

Patricia is proud to have a 21st Century Parisian Salon. Our mission is to simply enlarge your circle of acquaintances in a safe and stimulating atmosphere while promoting Cultural Achievement, The New Age and Paris Personalities. And we have fun! We are THE gathering place for the International Community of Paris. Enjoy! Discuss! Meet new and interesting people.


27 Years of Dinner Chez Jim Haynes

Jim’s atelier becomes a salon every Sunday night where about 70 people from all over the world meet, dine, drink and enjoy themselves. Telephone on Saturday or Sunday for your invitation, directions and the door code.

Jim Haynes Atelier
A2 83, rue de la Tombe Issoire
75014 Paris
[email protected]


Dancing on Quai Saint-Bernard

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays evenings, until August 31, 2005, weather permitting (or at least if it’s not raining) rendezvous on the quai Saint-Bernard.

The Parisians bring along a stereo and their best CDs and let themselves go to the sounds of tango, salsa or rock’n’roll.

Come and join in!

Quai Saint-Bernard 75005 PARIS
Métro: Gare d’Austerlitz
RER C: Gare d’Austerlitz
Access for persons with limited mobility


Volunteers Needed!
International Museum of Women

The International Museum of Women is looking for French candidates to participate in the global advisory committee for the Imagining Ourselves projects. This is a one year commitment and candidates will hold 4-5 events related to women issues.

The successful candidates must be bilingual in English and French. There will be monthly meetings via telephone or online chats with members of the committee.

If you’re interested, please contact Sophie Luu at [email protected]


Until August 28, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Get out your footballs, basketballs and handballs and hit the courts!

Jardins Saint-Paul
9, rue Charlemagne
Métro: Saint-Paul and

Neuve Saint-Pierre
5-7, rue Neuve Saint-Pierre
Métro: Saint-Paul


Rollerblading in Paris!
Fridays and Sundays

Every week, you can don your blades for two rolling tours through the City of Light!

Friday evenings: Over 4,000 experienced skaters take a different 25 km circuit each week. Full details the Thursday before at or call

Sunday afternoons: Tour for beginners. A circuit of approx. 20 km over 3 hours. For more information visit or call

Upcoming Conferences

For more information on the conferences, seminars and workshops listed below, visit /frenchproperty/conference/index.html

Contact Schuyler Hoffman, Conference Coordinator, at [email protected] to be put on a special mailing list to be notified when the details are in place (very, very soon!).

San Francisco
October 21 to 23, 2005
Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf

Our popular three-day Living in France Conference will give you all the information you need to make your Paris dream a reality! The line-up for the conference includes seminars, discussions, dinners, cocktails with well-known Paris, Europe and U.S.-based experts. For West Coast folks, or those wanting more comprehensive information on all aspects of living in France, the San Francisco conference is a must.


New York
October 26, 2005
Harvard Club

Take just one day and learn from some of the finest experts in French real estate about the best ways to make your money and real estate investment grow. Join us at the prestigious Harvard Club for this power-packed one day event.


December 28, 2005
Chez Jenny

Enjoy your Christmas vacation in Paris, and set aside JUST ONE DAY of your busy schedule visiting museums and dining on foie gras to learn how to make your money grow, while building a portfolio of some of the most desirable real estate in the world.


French Property Exhibition
London, England
September 23 – 25, 2005
National Hall, Olympia

Now in its 16th year, the London French Property Exhibition gives you the opportunity to learn about all aspects of buying property in France. Visit the John Howell and Co. booth to meet John Howell, and Adrian Leeds of Parler Paris and French Property Insider.


4th Paris Poetry Workshop
Paris, France
October 2 – 6, 2005

This is your opportunity to spend five days in Paris as a poet among poets. Over the past several years, the success of each Paris Poetry Workshop has contributed to the creation of an expanding international community of poets writing in English, who come together from all parts of the world to generate new work, hone their craft, share and support one another’s creative endeavors. This is your chance to become part of this exciting and vibrant community. Click here for more information:


—————- “Welcome to France” Fair
October 16
Carrousel de Louvre – Booth #17

The team from French Property Insider and John Howell & Co. will be at booth #17 — come by and say hello.

At the Expatica Welcome to France Fair you will get the information you need from companies and agencies specialized in expatriate services. You’ll find information on house hunting, finding a job, immigration and permits, staying long-term, and much more. Meet the people who make expat life great, including the top clubs and associations, travel agents and sports teams.



The Art of Trompe l’Oeil Workshop
Paris, France
December 29 – January 2

Join a unique community of artists, engaging in hands-on painting and conversation with internationally renowned trompe l’oeil muralist and educator, Yves Lanthier. An award-winning artist, Yves has created large oil paintings and elaborate trompe l’oeil that adorn the ceilings and walls of many East Coast mansions and Palm beach estates, including Celine Dion’s estate in Jupiter, Florida.

Click here for more information:

Astro Paris by Eric Francis

Astro Paris is back! Each week I’ll be giving you an astrological update from Paris, where I live, or wherever I happen to be at the time. Meanwhile, you can read my writing daily at and each Friday at

MERCURY IS DIRECT as of late Monday just before midnight in North America, early Tuesday morning in Europe and the UK, and Tuesday afternoon in Oz. The station direct occurred in Leo, with Mercury in a 1.5 degree square to Mars, so it’s holding a rare, long, as in weeks long, 90-degree angle to the red planet. Mars, for its part, is working its way toward a square to Neptune. Continue to beware of self-destructive behavior in yourself and in others. I regret using the word behavior, but that’s the word. Knowing and applying this bit of astrological information could save you a lot of trouble.

We are in a kind of astrological testing ground that takes us through the Full Moon later this week and into the waning cycle. Challenging aspects persist, as do a series of improvements to the general condition. In a day or so, Venus joins Jupiter and Pallas in Libra, and works its way toward a conjunction exact in two weeks on Sept. 1. The Venus-Jupiter-Pallas conjunction is trine Neptune, which is a big opening in the universe after quite a few tight squeezes.

As for the more immediate news of the Mercury direct, take this one step at a time, as Mercury is still slow and powerful, and square Mars. It can take a lot of practice to learn how not to hurt oneself under astrology that features self-attack, intense self-criticism and serious doubts about one’s values. The whole purpose of being aware of astrology is to raise these aspects to another level, so we can work with them more consciously; indeed, self-consciously.

We are in extraordinarily challenging territory for people who suffer from any form of psychological or emotional instability. This is due to the two square aspects involving Mars, the fast changes to Mercury, and the fast-approaching Full Moon in Aquarius. Within yourself, be mindful of extremes of emotion, opinions you may hold of others, judgments and so on. These are especially dangerous traps now, and as the combined intensity of the Full Moon adds to the emotional waterflow, it’s easy to say things you regret.

When in doubt, stand back, pay attention to what’s going on around you and within you, and let the whole thing pass like a dream. It can be a truly creative dream, as square aspects in their highest expression are aspects of integration of inner energies, and making decisions to improve our lives. They may have a feeling of being forced, or made under pressure, or there may be the sense that long overdue changes are being thrust in your direction; but several points of movement, action and resolution are in the neighborhood right now.

Struggling, attack and fighting are just a few of the less creative uses of the sky as we’re feeling it. As the spiritual aspirant, your job is to find others and put them to work in your life, or to play.

This week, as the Sun is about to change signs, I’m including two birthday reports.

Happy Birthday, Leo!

You must be careful not to sacrifice your dreams while you work toward eliminating the examples of wishful thinking in your life. The idea is to discern between false hope and true idealism. Arriving at the truth of any matter takes time, and it can be done. It’s often a process of assessing what hurts us and what helps us. If you can be honest with yourself about these two factors, much else will come into focus, and you’ll be able to make your decisions with greater clarity. Remember that there is no rush, and that you will learn all you need to learn in time. And meanwhile, you have a lot to be thankful for.

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

If you would only use a little of the logic for which you’re so famous, you would see that you have a lot more in your spiritual bank account than you’re admitting — and in your financial bank account. It may be in some other form than cash, but if you’re feeling any scarcity at all, you’re missing something big. At times, you seem split between understanding you really do have a magnificent purpose on this Earth and believing you barely exist. I suggest you use the opportunities presented to you in the next few seasons of your life to decide betwee

n the two once and for all.

Eric Francis has more to say at He is available in Paris for astrological consulting, or you may subscribe to his excellent weekly news service by visiting his web site.


Have your portrait painted by American Portrait Artist, Kathy Burke For samples of her great work, visit /parlerparis/art/index.html


Schuyler Event Services
Providing experienced planning and management services for events, corporate meetings, and conferences and seminars internationally. Owned and managed by Schuyler Hoffman, SES successfully creates, plans and manages a variety of events for clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Schuyler Editorial Services
Owned and managed by Schuyler Hoffman, SES is the outgrowth of several years working as a writer and editor and provides a variety of editorial and writing services for international companies and individuals. An innate sense of style and grammar coupled with education and experience give Schuyler a particular affinity for producing first class documents. His sensitivity to every writer’s voice make him a first choice editor for novice and experienced writers alike.


WORDS THAT SELL! English Language Copywriter

Freelance copywriter with more than ten years of strategic marketing and advertising experience will write your brochures, sales letters, direct mail packages, web sites, newsletters and more. I will work with you to truly understand your products/services and the needs of your customers, to produce targeted communications that get results. Clients include advertising agencies, corporations and small businesses, and I am working with Adrian Leeds of Parler Paris and French Property Insider. Competitive rates. Contact Lynda at [email protected]



Tell your French friends!

Business English, conversation,writing,TOEFL/TOIC prep. All levels. Lessons designed to meet student’s needs. Instructor has a Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (TESOL),and 10 + years of teaching experience. Contact Nancy Szczepanski at or [email protected]

Learning la Langue Française

Parler Parlor French-English Conversation Group

Saturday, September 17, 2005
at Eurocentres
10 Euros

PLUS Save 10 Euros on a 10-Session Card and 20 Euros on a 20-Session Card That Day!!

Parlor Times — 3 Times A Week In Two Locations

Berlitz Opera – Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 38 Avenue de l’Opéra 2nd arrondissement, Paris Opéra, RER A Auber

At Eurocentres – Wednesdays 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 13 passage Dauphine (entrance at 30 rue Dauphine, between rue Dauphine and rue Mazarine), 6th arrondissement
Métro: Odéon, Saint-Michel

Membership and General Information
[email protected]
Elisabeth Crochard, Tel:
Adrian Leeds, Tel:

Community Events

Summer Events for Expats!

Euronet Paris is a multicultural and multilingual venue for international professionals to meet and network. Members represent over 50 different nationalities, are between 25 and 43 years old, and are internationally oriented, working in an international environment and living in Paris.

Upcoming Euronet events include:
August 30th: End of Summer Happy Hour
Mid-September: Speed Networking Happy Hour

For more information visit

For Our Bay Area Friends

The Bay Area Francophile List is a weekly calendar of cultural events of interest to Francophones and Francophiles of the Bay Area, offering information on cinema, art, theater, music, conversation groups, classes, etc. and servicing the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

This week’s Bay Area Francophile List has been posted at


Paris Transforming
Chocolate Awakening
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 26, 27, 28 at 8 p.m.

Leonard Pitt, author of “Promenades dans le Paris Disparu,” and founder of the Berkeley Chocolate Club will present a double-header evening made up of

his totally new Paris show followed by a chocolate tasting.

Act 1. Pride and Passion – The Histrionics of Paris Urban Design
We usually think of city planning as the result of a process of reason and deliberation. And it is. But in the case of Paris, the layout of much of the city was triggered by raw violent emotion. Come hear the stories and see the images behind Les Halles, the Louvre, Palais Royal, and the Left Bank presented by one of the Bay Area’s most passionate Francophiles.

Act 2: Chocolate Awakening
We’ll begin with a brief overview of the history of chocolate. Then from a selection of five bars of premium chocolate we’ll taste, criticize, rate, and above all enjoy. Liking chocolate is one thing. Tasting a variety, comparing them, is a revelatory experience that deepens our own choco appreciation while opening us up to the subtleties and nuances of this food of the gods.

Where: 1542 Grant St. at Cedar in Berkeley in Leonard’s 17th century French cottage.

Donation $20

Each evening is limited to 20 people. They usually fill fast. Don’t wait. Reservations a must. Contact Leonard Pitt at [email protected]

What’s On in the City

Année du Brésil en France
From March to December
Music, Dance, Exhibitions, Film, Literature…


Cinema en Plein Air 2005
July 19 to August 28
Parc de La Villette


Festival Cinéma au Clair de Lune
August 3 to 21

Another chance to see cinema masterpieces past and present having Paris as subject or backdrop. Outdoors.



Fête Des Loges Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Until August 21

One of the biggest fun fairs in France, attracting over three million people each year, the Fête des Loges covers seven hectares in the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, only 20 minutes outside Paris. Originally a giant country fair, it was first held over 300 years ago and is now a temporary theme park with a variety of roller-coasters, fairground rides, side shows and a pretty good choice of bars and restaurants.

Entry is free.

Mon-Thur & Sun 2 p.m.-1:30 a.m., Fri-Sat 2:30 p.m.-2:30 a.m.

By car: Take the A13 and exit Saint Germain-en-Laye. Parking is 4.5 euros.
By train: Take the RER A1 to Saint Germain-en-Laye and then a half hourly shuttle bus. Entry is free.


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