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Passionate Paris

There’s been an awful lot of talk about sex lately. Should I apologize for that?

I must admit, there was a time when it was a ‘painful’ conversation…a time when there was little love in my life and ‘pleasure’ was long forgotten.

In Paris, it’s pretty tough to ignore. It’s simply everywhere around you…you’ll find couples (of every age) kissing openly, sexy lingerie stores on every block, books and magazines about ‘romantic’ Paris and night clubs meant to ‘titillate.’ It’s all about ‘passion’ from the people who are most passionate about life and ‘sensual pleasures’ — taste (French cuisine and rare delicacies), smell (perfumes, didn’t the French perfect them?), feel (lingerie and designer clothing), sight (beautiful people, architecture and art), sound (jazz and classical — all forms of music) and of course, touch (romance and sex, separate or apart).

This morning on the Eurostar, headed to business meetings in London, I opened this month’s “Where” Magazine to a flurry of ads promoting sex-related purchases and activities in Paris: a spotlight on Chantal Thomas, “the boudoir queen herself who changed the way we look at lingerie,” the “Musée de l’Erotisme” with a coupon for 3€ off entry ‘with this ad,’ the new “Tango Pasión” show at the Théâtre de Champs-Elysées,” “Le Boudoir,” a new restaurant advertising itself as ‘cozy’ and ‘flirtatious,’ and of course, all the night clubs and “spectacles,” such as the “Crazy Horse Saloon,” the “Moulin Rouge” and “Stringfellows.”

With all that, many women of my age (let’s just say ‘mature’) are struggling to find their sensual and sexual selves. It’s not so difficult to understand…at this age…once a few body parts have started to sag a bit, energy levels reduce, hormones go awry and our roots have started to gray.

And then there are the men. One friend over the age of …, says of men, “They are like parking spaces. Either taken or handicapped.” Go ahead, laugh. French men understand the art of seduction best (so says Polly Platt in her newest book, “Love à la Française”), but, most are ‘taken.’ If you don’t mind being the ‘other woman,’ it can be the best position to be in (isn’t the ‘first’ mistress always treated best?).

So, the point is just how are all those ‘mature’ women (and maybe men) going to rediscover their sensual selves if the ‘parking space’ is either ‘taken’ or ‘handicapped?’ And how are they going to find available parking spaces, at least for short-term, if not long-term ‘parking?’

Here’s my advice:

First, be in Paris. Just being here will make you feel sexy. With all those reminders around you, it will be tough to ignore. Plan for at least a week, a month, a year or a lifetime.

Second, start from the inside and work your way out. It all starts with you. Feeling good about yourself is the first step to others feeling good about you. If you don’t feel sensual, then you won’t send out the right messages. Forget the face lifts, boob jobs and tummy tucks…they won’t make you feel any more of a woman, or more of a sexual being.

Get ‘switched’ on. Start with the simple things. Wear sexy lingerie. Ready sexy books. Watch sexy movies. Watch couples kissing and instead of being envious, pleasure in seeing their pleasure. Flirt with everyone…put on your charm and revel in the positive reactions. People watch. Look for attractive men…and women. Make a game of finding the prettiest, sexiest people. Catch their eye — let them see you looking.

And for the real inside scoop, learn from the professionals. On Saturday, December 27th, while all you women are visiting Paris or staying home for the holidays, Pleasure Coach Victoria Strong is going to share her secrets with you (gentlemen, you’ll get your turn), during a two-and-a-half hour session, titled “The Joy of Sex-y,” that will turn you on and teach you how to turn men’s heads.

Even if you’re married or in a special relationship, this is the way to make it sizzle. And if you’re like a lot of us ‘mature’ women who have (temporarily) lost the ‘lust for life’ (or ‘life for lust’), then don’t miss it.

For more information and to reserve your space (seating is limited), visit /frenchproperty/conference

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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