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SPECIAL EDITION: A Share in the Palace…

PDV located on a 17th century mapPDV located on a 17th century map

One of the arcades at Place des VosgesOne of the arcades at Place des Vosges

The entry to Palace des VosgesThe entry to Palace des Vosges

Hôtel de SullyHôtel de Sully

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France


Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

Le Palace des Vosges - Paris, France

In the last 10 years, only two other owners have elected to sell their shares of the precious fractional ownership property, “Le Palace des Vosges.” That’s quite a record, but I believe it’s because of a few factors that make this particular property such a jewel that the owners treasure it more than any of the others in Paris. Now, a third shareholder wishes to sell his share — not for any reason other than he and his wife want to spend time in other places while they still have the means and wherewithal. That means letting go of their “jewel.”

Le Palace des Vosges is a five-star luxurious fractional ownership property in Paris, located in…you guessed it…the more than 400 year-old Place des Vosges, at number 9, on the courtyard adjacent to the Michelin three-star restaurant L’Ambroisie. It’s also just one door down from the entrance to the gardens of the Hôtel de Sully — an oasis of calm in the very center of Parisian life. In case you didn’t know, this is Paris’ most prestigious address. Madame de Sevigné was born At No. 1bis; Victor Hugo lived at No. 6; Cardinal Richelieu lived at No. 21. At number 9 was the Hôtel de Chaulnes, now the seat of l’Académie d’Architecture…as well as Le Palace des Vosges!

Need I say more?

The apartment is a two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath luxury apartment with a fully equipped kitchen and all the amenities one could dream of with a lockable storage unit for each owner plus a wine cellar accessible from within the apartment. You enter from the courtyard (that was once a barnyard, centuries ago!) and through the main door, which is part of a two-story high glass paneled wall, into a large and spacious elegant living/dining room and open gourmet kitchen that has huge 400 year-old beams and château stone tiled floors. The ceilings are more than four meters high and every inch has been restored, furnished and equipped for the most luxurious of lifestyles thanks to its complete renovation and decoration by our accomplished Interior Architect, Martine di Mattéo. It is not only absolutely beautiful and charming, but it is totally comfortable and missing nothing. I mean nothing. It’s the perfect home away from home, and it’s in the City of Light at this illustrious address.

If you don’t believe me, see more photos by clicking here

The share available is Share “C,” one of 13 four-week shares that normally have two-week interval usage, 26 weeks apart. Each year, the rotation moves forward by 16 weeks to allow for a good mix of seasons. This share takes advantage of a four-week per year usage because it is adjacent to Share B, which also enjoys a four-week per year usage. Between shares B and C, the owners are flexible to trade their weeks so that each enjoy four weeks continuous usage one time per year. The next dates of usage are currently projected for September 3 to October 1, 2020.

If you think I’m joking about “missing nothing,” then have a gander at the  complete list of amenities by visiting the property’s website

Share C Asking Price — €222,000, payable directly to the seller

Annual maintenance, taxes and fees are estimated to be approximately 2,500€ per share, plus a reserve fund of approximately 700€ is set aside for future replacement of furnishings.

Here are what some of the owners have to say:

I entered and knew immediately that this was it! The elegance of Marie Antoinette’s Paris grounded by the huge rustic 400 year-old beams spoke to me. The view from every room of the Hôtel de Sully, built in 1624, was ‘la piece de resistance.’ I am thrilled to be an owner!” Gail M. (and Rick)

The bottom line is – in the future we’ll be returning to Paris in the way that only owning a specific property and caring about the details achieves – the sensation of coming home. Thank you, Adrian and Martine, for your expertise and vision in purchasing, designing and decorating our amazing apartment. I knew it was the perfect situation for us.” Gail A. (and Bruce)

We are enjoying the apartment and Paris so much, Jane and I feel it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made. Everyone involved deserves a good pat on the back for the care and thought and effort that has gone into keeping the apartment in such excellent condition. As you know, it’s a pleasure to come home too.” Mark C. (and Jane)

Now, we know that before you make such a serious decision, you will want more information, but more importantly, you’d want to know what kind of people with whom you’d be co-owning this beautiful Paris apartment. Before you get a chance to talk with or meet with them (which we can facilitate), I can tell you that this is the most congenial group of owners you will ever want to meet. So congenial, that every year they hold the annual general assembly over breakfast or drinks at the home of one of them…and even though they live all over the U.S. and Australia, several are willing to fly thousands of miles to participate! It’s amazing! They just don’t want to miss an opportunity to get together.

Don’t delay, because the share won’t last long. The sale of the share will be based on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, visit:

Le Palace des Vosges Homepage
Photo Gallery
The Owners’ Usage Calendar
La Place des Vosges History and More Details
Press, Videos and Magazine Articles

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