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Welcoming Madame La Maire and Paris Tourists

 Welcome City Lab - Paris, FranceWelcome City LabParis' Mayor Hidalgo Signing  the Inauguration - Paris, FranceMayor Hidalgo Signing the InaugurationHidalgo and Laurent Queige - Paris, FranceHidalgo and Laurent QueigeHidalgo Queige listening to Welcome City Lab Parisianist team - Paris, FranceHidalgo Queige listening to Welcome City Lab Parisianist teamMayor of the 6th Jean-Pierre Lecoq - Paris, FranceMayor of the 6th Jean-Pierre LecoqHidalgo listening to Marin d'Eau Douce - Welcome City Lab Paris, FranceHidalgo listening to Marin d’Eau Douce

As the dignitaries were filing into the brand spanking new “Welcome City Lab” yesterday morning to officially inaugurate it, Laurent Queige, the “Délégué Général” (Managing Director), who himself single handedly created the new “incubator” (and who takes too much of a back seat to the ‘officials’ in my opinion), told me a story about how one little email changed it all.

He had been working on the idea for ages, all the while being told it was a ‘stupid’ idea by various colleagues and getting no real attention from the mayor’s office…until one day the Mayor (then Bertrand Delanoë) received an email from of the most important French companies in support of the idea and willingness to become a primary sponsor. That’s when the tide turned in his favor and he was able to take the reigns for this new project.

A mutual friend of mine and Laurent’s commented recently that Laurent may have been born French, but an American observer would say he has more American traits. He seems to think like an American, has the energy, enthusiasm and optimism of an American, along with the industriousness and gregariousness of an American and somehow missed the gene that most French “fonctionnaires” (civil servants) have to not think ‘outside of the box’ or do more than one has to. You’ve read about him often in Parler Paris, because he does amaze us all with these qualities and to watch him network for no personal gain other than his desire to accomplish something is impressive. This is why I say he takes too much of a ‘back seat’ to the others around him — but no doubt, this is one way he gets so much accomplished.

The journalists who had special entry to the official inauguration with the current Mayor Anne Hidalgo were busy taking notes about the new incubator designed to promote innovation in the industry of tourism, while I was getting the background story in whispers from Laurent, a story I’ve heard since the very beginning and have followed all along the way with him, feeling very privileged indeed.

Twenty-seven new start-ups are now working inside their 1,000 square meter facility behind the l’Arlequin Cinema on rue de Rennes thanks to the financial sponsors and Paris Region Lab team. The mostly young entrepreneurs seated at their desks surrounded by computer equipment worked away as Mayor Hidalgo and the entourage of officials and press followed her from one point to another. She stopped along the way to hear presentations by a few of the start-up members about their projects and ideas.

She seemed genuinely interested and asked questions. At the end of one such interview, she exclaimed, “Vivre la créativité!” in true French style. At the end of the tour, the Jean-Pierre Lecoq, Mayor of the 6th Arrondissement, made a short speech before introducing Anne Hidalgo to the podium. She is Spanish-born (1959), a member of the Socialist Party (PS)and the first woman to hold the office. Without notes, she made an eight-minute speech before the assembled crowd and then posed for group photos in the courtyard before leaving.

Being upfront and close, I observed that while she didn’t seem to have the stature and presence of Bertrand Delanoë, who could command an audience with eloquence, she was personable and accessible, and what seemed like genuine. There was no tension, nor did anyone in her presence seem awestruck. Is this good or bad? Hmmm…let’s just hope that as a woman, she will bring to the city a lot of heart…as Laurent has brought innovation.

Watch and hear the speech.

A la prochaine,

Adrian Leeds, The Adrian Leeds Group Inc - Adrian Leeds

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