Après-Midi Recap

Eileen Callahan Jan 2021

Eileen Callahan on Zoom for Adrian Leeds Group Après-Midi
Eileen Callahan on Zoom

Motivational speaker Eileen Callahan toasting with a glass of wineZoom enabled us to expand our horizons and instead of the 30 to 70 live bodies in the room at the Café de la Mairie, our registration for the event was almost 200! In order to include as many people as possible to attend, we changed the timing from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Paris time/9 a.m. Pacific time so that our west coast attendees wouldn’t have to wake up before dawn. As a result, we had people from all over the U.S., Canada and several parts of Europe.

The speaker, Eileen Callahan, founder of “Follow a New Path” who is a motivational speaker and champagne lover (as she describes herself), had powerful messages to present that would help someone change their life for the better…perhaps make the move to France or purchase a property in Paris as she had a few years ago.

Follow a New Path Eileen Callahan

When Eileen was working full time for a major player in the spirits industry in a high-level job, she decided to make her dream come true by purchasing a “pied-à-terre” in Paris. That’s when she came to us to help her achieve her goal. We set to work and found her a “deux pièces” (two-room) apartment with large windows and high ceilings on a small “Place” overlooking the Centre Pompidou…dead center Paris. It was a wreck and needed complete renovation, but with the creative talent of our illustrious interior designer, Martine di Mattéo, it was transformed into a virtual jewel. The apartment became her slice of heaven home-away-from-home until her professional situation changed, and then it became home…full time.

The dark cloud that hung over Eileen’s head lifted the moment she began to rediscover herself, leading her to this new life path as a motivational speaker who could change others’ lives for the better, too. Her experience in Paris, trading her large luxurious homes in the U.S. for her compact pied-à-terre in Paris, was all part of that plan, something she hadn’t imagined years earlier was even possible. At Après-Midi, she shared her insights into that journey to make a radical life change enabling her to pursue her dreams and ambitions and she’s sharing them with individuals who want to improve their lives, but seem stuck unable to budge for whatever reason—fear being one of the most debilitating.

Be sure to watch the video from the event below so you can take in all the important advice Eileen bestowed on us and the discussion that followed:

(Après-Midi January 12, 2021 with Eileen Callahan from Adrian Leeds on Vimeo)


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In attendance:
  • Adrienne Walls-Brunner
  • April Pett
  • Aria Trav
  • Audrey Riddle
  • Caryl Marsh
  • Christine Danforth
  • David Kagan
  • Deborah Diamond
  • Denise-Marie Nieman
  • Diane Evans
  • Dvora Gross
  • Elaine McCarthy
  • Elizabeth Woodliffe
  • Ella Dyer
  • Francine Michalek
  • Gloria Loventhal
  • Jana Troester
  • Janet Hoover
  • Jeanie Meyer
  • Joëlle (Atlanta)
  • Joyce Kauf
  • Judy Ruck
  • Julie Ogletree
  • Kristina Leitz
  • Liz Rivera Goldstein
  • Lynn Pritchett
  • Lynn Redding
  • Margie Patches
  • Marissa Hiney
  • Nancy Kulesza
  • Pat Hallam
  • Patrick Malval
  • Patty Sadauskas
  • Paula Wulff
  • Rebecca DiPasquale
  • Richelle
  • Sandra Thacker
  • Sheila Gustafson
  • Stephanie
  • Stephanie Diamond
  • Sue Berke
  • Susan McQuiggan
  • Valerie Hardee
  • Vanda Mackenzie
  • Victoria Albrecht
  • Laura Abbott
  • Laurie LaRocca


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