Après-Midi Recap

Kim Bingham and Pierre Thunus Jan 2020

Kim Bingham - January 2020 Après-Midi

Kim Bingham - January 2020 Après-MidiIf Kim Bingham had a dime for every time she was told, “I hear French banks don’t lend to Americans buying property in France,” she’d be a millionaire . . . or almost. As the director of the international financing agency Private Rate, Kim has become a go-to person for loans to US buyers in France. Her seven years of experience in French real estate range from being the Adrian Leeds Group top property search consultant in Paris to working as a real estate agent for Paris luxury apartments and French Chateaux. All this before founding what is now a seven-member multilingual team of international mortgage brokers at Private Rate in 2017 — a branch of French mortgage firm La Centrale de Financement. Kim and her team assist buyers from all over the world with financing solutions for their property purchases across France. It’s their job to navigate what can be a demanding process to a successful outcome.

And Kim was at Après-Midi with a presentation to tell us all about the ins and outs of finding financing in France. It’s tough, but it’s not at all impossible. One of the requirements of a French loan is a life insurance policy that secures the repayment of the loan in the event of death of the borrower. Because rates become very expensive with age, it hinders the ability to achieve a mortgage in later years. One solution is to work with an independent broker, such as Pierre Thunus of Valorama.

After graduating from ISG and EAE, Pierre worked for more than 18 years in the fields of insurance, banking and high-end international credit. He is the founder and leader of Valorama. With his multilingual team, he puts his experience and know-how at the service of international investors and banking stakeholders (brokers and banks). Pierre followed Kim with another PowerPoint presentation to describe how his agency can make a substantial difference to the costs of the loan with their expatriate or non-resident loan insurance. Even the attendees who were not seeking a loan learned how to reduce the costs of the ones they already have.

Anyone seeking a mortgage can contact Kim or Pierre or we will put you in touch directly. Be sure to tell them Adrian sent you!


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In attendance:
  • Annalee Beverley
  • April Pett
  • Bailey Anderson
  • Craig Carlson
  • Dale Gaber
  • Denise Grassart
  • Eileen Callahan
  • Eileen Walker
  • Gail Keikoan
  • Juleine Latteri
  • Justin Bobyn
  • Leslie Mow
  • Lisa Wloch
  • Lydia Smith-Johnston
  • Mable Yee
  • Nancy Toolan
  • Patti Schwab
  • Patty Sadauskas
  • Peter Nichols
  • William Jordan
  • Plus others who did not sign in (or whose name was illegible)!


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