Après-Midi Recap

Sara Somers – October 2021


We had a seriously respectful turn-out now that we’re back to a kind of “normal” with many of our new clients who have just moved to Paris attending.

Book cover for Saving Sara A Memoir of Food Addiction by Sara SomersSara Somers author of Saving Sara A Memoir of Food Addiction, came to Paris eight years ago and never left…like so many of us. As part of her new life in the City of Light, she began taking writing courses only to discover a talent for writing she didn’t know she had. As a result, she was encouraged to write her memoir about her many years suffering from an untreated food addiction. She wrote the memoir in hopes that others suffering as she did will identify and know there is hope and there are solutions. She would also like to educate friends, family and professionals working with food addicts, that food addition, like alcoholism, is a real disease.

At this session of Après-Midi, she asked her friend and retired journalist, Bill Diem, to interview her as a way of telling her story. It was the first time she has spoken about the book to a live audience and that kind of venue got her relaxed enough to easily tell her story and read from her book.

The questions from the audience varied from wanting to learn more about her experience as an author to her experiences dealing with her eating disorder. It was a fascinating recount, and as someone in the audience said who had already read the book, it’s a page turner, easy to read and fascinating.

I got my signed copy as did many others…

To get your copy, visit the Amazon website.


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