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By The Sea In Picardy

Volume II, Issue 34

France offers a lot of seaside for summer living. The Cte d’Azur is the most well known, followed by the beaches of Normandy Americans know well from D-Day landings during World War II. Instead, we take you to lesser known coastlines of the regions of Picardy and Pas-du-Calais, beach resorts on the English Channel. Each has different beginnings, different architectural styles, different inhabitants, different lifestyles.

I had the fortune of visiting the region last weekend with friends. We stayed in a “maison de village” in the beautiful village of Le Crotoy, famous for many events and noteworthy folk, Jeanne d’Arc among them. I share with you information about the area and many of the photos taken during a weekend of exploration, along with listings of some beautiful and charming homes currently for sale at what are unusually reasonable prices, given their seaside locations.
We also have new Leaseback properties to ad to our portfolio — one in Paris, the other in Grenoble. Scroll down for all the details or visit our site for all the Leaseback properties we currently have available at https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/sales/leasebacks/index.html.
On a contentious note, I am disputing the latest cost of living report out declaring Paris to be the most expensive city in Europe. Au contraire! I beg to differ — and offer a contradictory report to consider, showing London to have the number one slot. I can vouch for this truth after spending a weekend in London only a few weeks ago.
On a very positive note, we have added Barclays Bank to our roster of lenders providing you with even more resources for viable mortgages. So, read on and take the time to dream about your feet in the sand and the sun on your face, where life is tranquil and rich on the shores of France.

A bientt,

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. Speaking of “Au Contraire!” — co-author Ruth Mastron of “Au Contraire! Figuring Out the French” is joining us in Washington, DC at the Living and Investing in France Conference September 10 -12 to speak about “Crossing the Cultural Divide”  (there are still a few places left — https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/liveinfrance/LIF_DC/LIF_DC_home.html). Ruth is no stranger to small town living and will be talking all about it for those who question Paris vs. the countryside.

Volume II, Issue 34, August 19, 2004
In this issue:
* What City is the Most Expensive in Europe?
* More Banks, More Options, Barclays Jumps on the Lending Bandwagon
* Discover Three Seaside Resorts, Find Three Different Lifestyles
* How Time in D.C. Will Help You Live in France
* Currency Exchange Update
* Hot Property: A Villa in Le Touquet Paris Plage
* For Sale: Leasebacks in Hot Rental Spots and Seaside Havens in Picardy and Pas-de-Calais
* Classified Advertising: Short Term Rental Apartments
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By Adrian Leeds

Rank Spring 2004 (Spring 2003) City Country Cost of Living Index*
1 (1) Tokyo Japan 143
2 (2) Osaka Kobe Japan 137
3 (7) Paris France 130
3 (3) Oslo Norway 130
5 (6) Co
Denmark 129
6 (4) Zurich Switzerland 125
6 (10) London UK 125
8 (9) Reykjavik Iceland 120
9 (7) Geneva Switzerland 118
10 (11) Vienna Austria 116

I was shocked by the report this past week that Paris shot up to third place in the worldwide cost-of-living league table — citing the strong euro as making Paris the most expensive European city to live in — especially after recently traveling to both New York and London, where everything seemed drastically more expensive.

According the to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s biannual Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, Paris had moved up from seventh place, pushing it above non-euro zone cities like Copenhagen and Zurich and within 10% of Tokyo, which remains the world’s most expensive destination. The report claims that although actual prices have not changed, the weak US dollar and strong European currencies have given Europe 20 of the top 25 slots in the table.
The data used New York as a base index of 100 for comparisons. This gave Tokyo an index of 143, Paris 130, London 125, Amsterdam 111, Munich 110, Frankfurt 107, Berlin 106, Lyon 105 and Brussels 104, Hamburg 100, and Madrid and Barcelona an index of 96.
A little investigating reveals what I believe is closer to the truth.
The Mercer Worldwide 2004 Cost of Living Survey City ranked Paris much lower — at 17th place. Tokyo remained the worlds most expensive city and London moved up five places in the rankings to take second position, followed by Moscow which moved down a place this year.
Mercer give the same reason for the changes: “There have been some dramatic movements in the rankings this year which are largely due to currency fluctuations, particularly of the US dollar and the Euro.” New York was also the base city scoring 100 points, Tokyo scored 130.7.
According to Mercer, London ranked second with a score of 119 points and is the most expensive city in Europe. I can attest to this: a light lunch at the Tate Modern in the caf was $34, taxi rides varied from $18 to $37, a ride on a city bus was $1.85 and a night in a B and B was $110.
I urge you to review both surveys before believing one over the other. As a resident of Paris, where life seems like a bargain, I’m skeptical either one is on the mark!
Fin Facts publishes both surveys on their site:
Economist — http://www.finfacts.ie/costofliving4.htm
Mercer — http://www.finfacts.ie/costofliving.htm



By Adrian Leeds

More French banks are getting on the bandwagon to increase business with non-resident customers. BNP Paribas recently announced its purchase of Abbey National France, the French branch of the British residential mortgage provider, helping British and other Anglophone Expatriates buy and rent property in France.

As the value of property soars in the UK, the British have flocked over the English Channel to snap up property at relatively cheap prices. Banks are discovering a number of American, Australian and New Zealand clients emerging as well.
We do not have any news how the purchase of Abbey National by BNP Paribas will affect you as a customer, but do not expect it to decline the service in any way.
French Property Insider readers who have always had the advantage of loan applications with Abbey National and its competitor, BPI (Banque Patrimoine et Immobilier), will now have Barclays’ ears too. Barclays big advantage over the other lenders is their ability to provide a complete range of services, including a checking account, international bank card (Visa and MasterCard) and withdrawal of cash from Euro-zone ATM’s free of charge.
Barclays provides similar products as Abbey National and BPI — mortgages can be repaid over fixed periods between 5 and 20 years with variable or fixed rates. The minimum loan is 46,000 Euros with no maximum and they can provide up to 80% of the purchase price or valuation, whichever is lower.
There is an arrangement fee of 1% added to the loan (negotiable when it exceeds 840 Euros) and all loans require a life insurance policy arranged with their own major French insurer. To apply for a mortgage, you must be aged 18 to 65 and under 72 at the end of the loan period.
For more information on mortgages, visit our site at https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/loan. To contact Barclays for more information, email Ian Jefferies at [email protected]



By Adrian Leeds

Neither Picardy (in French — Picardie) nor Pas-ce-Calais are regions of France many Americans are familiar with — certainly not as “on-the-beaten-track” as Provence or Normandy. I wouldn’t have known
much about them myself if it weren’t for a street in my neighborhood named “rue de Picardie” or the “maison de village” a friend owns in the pretty little village of 2500 habitants — Le Crotoy on the Baie de la Somme. It’s about two hours from Paris by car (180 km) along the A16 first to Abbeville Nord and then in the direction of Saint-Valery sur Somme.

From Paris you travel along small rolling hills through farmland heavily planted with corn and wheat. At this time of year the round bales of hay have been freshly rolled and sit symmetrically placed like checkers on a checkerboard awaiting their next move.
As you exit the Autoroute onto the two-lane roads, the scene is almost surrealistically pristine — colorful pots of flowers line the roads, manicured lawns and trees dress the eclectic style homes, bike paths parallel the motorway, no neon or billboards…just man-made landscaping “extraordinaire.”
The village is made up of small two-story houses attached one to the other, sitting directly on narrow sidewalks, filling the knob of land that makes up Le Crotoy. Our friend’s house was once a corner caf and couldn’t be more centrally located as it’s directly across the street from the Town Hall. A few steps away is the main shopping street. Within moments you’re at the port,where you can buy fresh seafood just brought in that morning from “poissoneries” and roadside stands. anThere is inevitably lots of activity at the outdoor cafs and restaurants.
Le Crotoy’s history was born at the same time as the sand on which it sits. During the Middle Ages it was an active commercial port with routes between Abbeville, Amiens and Corbie. The Hundred Years War ended that prosperity. Jeanne d’Arc was imprisoned there by the British in 1430 before crossing the bay toward Rouen. The castle where she was held was destroyed in 1674 by Louis XIV.
The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles of the First World War. With more than one million casualties, it was one of the first steps towards an eventual Allied victory in 1918.

Jules Verne left Paris to set up a house in Le Crotoy, bought his first boat in Crotoy in 1867 (the “Saint-Michel”), and there wrote “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” Other French celebrities connected with Crotoy are Guerlain, the perfumer, Toulouse Lautrec, Colette, Anatole France…not to mention my friend.

Just north of Le Crotoy on the Channel are other towns of interest, Berck-su-Mer and Le Touquet Paris-Plagejust, across the border into the region known as Pas-de-Calais.
Berck has a wide flat sandy beach and the largest amusement park (Bagatelle — just outside the town) in the area. In the 19th-century it was a fishing village. Many artists came here, inspired by the special quality of the light along the Cte d’Opale.”

When Cholera epidemics afflicted the cities of Europe mid 19th-century, Berck gained a reputation for the healthy benefits of its sea air and sea bathing on its wide sandy beaches, facing the bracing Channel breezes. Soon other invalids were being sent to benefit from the sea air and sea bathing as a cure. In 1869, Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugnie, opened the big Maritime Hospital. With iron balconies, it still overlooks the sea like a huge barracks. Other “medical” institutes followed. It followed suit that we saw dozens of people in wheelchairs, many motorized, scooting quickly along the specially made paths, just in tune with the traffic. The flat landscape also makes it ideal for biking.

After the First World War, when poor miners began to have holidays, many came to Berck. They poured in by train (for a day-trip or a week’s stay) from the black mining towns of the north, and stayed in cheap accommodation near the sand dunes. Berck became a fun resort for working families, very different to posh Le Touquet just up the coast.
Le Touquet has a reputation as the most elegant holiday resort of northern France — the playground of rich Parisians, with many luxury hotels. It claims to have been the first “Paris Plage,”  in existence for more than a century. A beautiful, clean city with a vast white sandy beaches, Touquet has a number of cobbled streets with a variety of shops and expensive boutiques. Inland from the beach, the hotels, casino, bars, restaurants and expensive villas are spaced out amid acres of woodland. It also has a casino (actually the first one in France) and superb golf courses: “La Mer,” “La Fret”and “Le Manoir.”
The resort was created in 1876 by the owner of the Paris newspaper “Le Figaro,” Hippolyte de Villemessant. At the time, it was an area of wild sand dunes and forest — part of a hunting estate that later became known as “Paris by the sea.” Strict building regulations encouraged the most talented architects to create imaginative and innovative developments.
In 1903, a British syndicate bought the land and sold properties to the rich from across the Channel. In the 1920’s Noel Coward and the “smart set” from England spent weekends here. They commissioned more outstanding villa designs echoing traditional and ultra-modern domestic styles.
All three coastal towns offer completely different architectural styles, people and lifestyles. Any one you choose, however, makes a delightful vacation spot for a weekend or a summer, and an inexpensive way to have a second home on the sea not far from Paris.


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Living and Investing in France
September 10 – 12, 2004
Washington, D.C.

LIF_DC Details
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LIF_DC Dinner/Tour
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LIF_DC Walking Tour
Single in the City of Light
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Rates as of 2004.08.19 16:59:11 GMT.
1 U.S. Dollar equals 0.809526 Euros (0.831833 Euros last week)
1 Euros equals 1.23529 U.S. Dollars (1.20216 Dollars last week)
1 U.K. Pound equals 1.48182 Euros (1.52300 Euros last week)
1 Euro equals 0.674844 U.K. Pounds (0.656597 Pounds last week)
The International Living Paris Office can help you secure a mortgage
in France with interest rates as low as 3.35%.

Visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/loan for more
information or contact us
Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.
We are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France, you can retain our services to assist you. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/propertyconsultation.html or contact Jocelyn Carnegie at [email protected]

100 m close to a forested sector, quiet but close to the center, an architect’s villa on very beautiful land with southern exposure.
Asking Price: 583,000 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee

55 m — A very beautiful pavilion living room kitchen, bedroom, bath, attic, garage, enclosed garden, wooded land two steps from the beach.
Asking Price: 139,500 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee


House with charm and character, two bedrooms, gas heating, seasonal village.
Asking Price: 259,000 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee
* MAISON BERCK (62600)

240 m close to Berck and the Autoroute, quiet, possibility of build on 4000 m of property.
Asking Price: 624,750 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee
* CLOSE TO BERCK (62600)

245 m close to Berck and 15 km from Le Touquet Paris Plage, at the heart of the vast countryside on property of 10,500 m (4000 m buildable) with additional buildings, large pond, greens and pastures, the principal house with a living room, kitchen, 7 bedrooms and 2 baths.
Asking Price: 630,500 Euros + 2% Finder’s Fee
Leaseback Property (9 Year Contract)
New Construction
Studio Apartments, 20 to 24m2 priced 91000 to 118000 Euros
One Bedroom Apartments from 55m2 priced 176000 Euros
Guaranteed Rental Income of Up To 5.5%
Delivery 4th Trimester 2005
Located at the doors of Paris, Vanves offers the peace of its ancient residential districts and the charm of its parks and gardens. This preserved, almost provincial charm lends itself to the Residence Aristide Briand is a four story building with parking, composed of 80 apartments : well furnished and fitted studios and one bedrooms. Within immediate proximity of Paris (just a ten minute metro trip to Montparnasse – center Paris), there are excellent transportation services, whether by subway, train, or bus. Adjacent to the Park Frederic Pic, the modern architecture is certain to increase your investment annually.
To discover Vanves is to discover the countryside within the city. This walk starts with the Park Frederic-Pic. Representative of XIX century garden decorations, you will find numerous bridges, famous sculptures, and planned landscapes. These gardens give Vanves a rustic and yet wild nature at the same time. Small pools near Romano-Byzantine ruins serve as home to Chinese ducks and peacocks. At Place Republic, two parks make a kind of counterpoint with Saint-Remy with small palm trees, bamboo, and marsh reeds. The public garden of General de Gaulle offers a small open-air theatre dominated by a curious mushroom shaped structure. Monumental Vanves and history abound in the Old Village, not the least example of this being the Saint-Remy church, with the Gothic style boldly standing out as one of the most interesting churches of the Parisian area. The nave has murals describing of the scenes of the life of its patron saint, realized between 1883 and 1892 per Charles Putois.
In the field of the sport, the Stade de Vanves offers more than 20 sporting disciplines to the amateurs. Culture abounds at the Theatre Vanves, with over 135 shows per year, the Artdanthe dance festival, and open-door days for artists and workshops, establishing a permanent cultural dynamism. Vanves is also the privileged location of the Michelet College, which combines famous teaching and exceptional site.
Dedicated to economic expansion, Vanves has increased its number of companies considerably in just a few years, playing host in particular to the information and communication sectors. The city supports the new establishments like that of France Telecom. With the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center nearby, Vanves acts as grounds for numerous expos all year round.
Complete details and photos at: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/sales/leasebacks/parisvanves/parisvanves.html
* Leaseback in the French Alps, Rsidence Jean-Jacques Rousseau
New Construction
Studio Apartments 19 to 24m2 priced 46000 to 54000 Euros
One Bedroom Apartments 27 to 49m2 priced 69000 to 110000 Euros
Two Bedroom Apartments 71m2 priced 156000 Euros
Guaranteed Rental Income of Up To 5.97%; Delivery 3rd Trimester 2005
Dating back to the time of the Romans, Echirolles was originally a hamlet, becoming a commune in 1833 with less than 1000 inhabitants. Today, Echirolles is the second largest commune of the Isere department, ideally located near Grenoble. Inhabited today by 35000 people, with almost 7000 of these being university students, Echirolles is a center of economic activity and cultural diversity, organized around 950 companies while being surrounded by several parks famous for their original beauty. As one of the towns that undertook to safeguard the Resistance during the Second World War, Echirolles bore witness to more than one feat of arms and heroic acts. It is this strong pride and sense of purpose that still drives the city today.
The Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a student residence made of 105 residences, primarily studios and 68 carparks in the basement. Rising high on four stories, this residence building is ideally located within the new centre town of Echirolles and served by the effective tramway system. With a very significant rental potential generated by the university life and training transferees that make up a very significant percentage of the population. This keen rental demand offers very good profitability within an extremely proactive and dynamic district, experiencing a significant economic development.
The desire for physical perfection is obvious, with 64 sporting disciplines and events like the Forum sports or Triathlon finding its home here. The local residents are privileged to enjoy 8 fitness centers, 7 sporting grounds, 14 tennis courts, 5 swimming pools (one being Olympic), 1500m2 of beaches, an ice rink, and an international golf course of 18 holes. Add to this the ski resorts of Chamrousse and Villard-de-Lans within 30 minutes, or the famous Alps d’Huez within 90 minutes, and you have an enviable location for a variety of athletes.
Located at a significant axis of the Rhone-Alps, Echirolles has allured companies like Caterpillar, Bull, Sogreah and recently Air Liquid MicroElectronic. Today, the City continues its policy of economic development while helping to establish new companies in the city. Culture is just as important in Echirolles as is business, with a variety of entertainment selections including dance, public theatre, rock and roll concerts. The City diversifies this with its many cafes, public squares, museums, libraries, and restaurants.
Complete details and photos at: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/sales/leasebacks/grenoble/grenoble.html
** The best way to find the home or apartment in France of your dreams is to designate a time to be here to do a proper search. For more information about our property search services visit http://www.adrianlee
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Upstairs at La Pierre du Marais
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For all International Living managed apartments in Paris, take a look at https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/apartments

For rent by the week or longer

Two lovely 2 or 3-bedroom apartments — 1st arrondissement, same building. Just minutes away: the Louvre, Tuilleries, Place Vendome and more. French style gives you a true taste of Paris. Fully equipped makes your Paris stay effortless, comfortable and memorable.
Complete information at http://www.youlloveparis.com
Available September 4 – 14, 2004</fon t>

Guest Room or Two-Bedroom Apartment Located in a 17th century Le Marais Hotel Particulier, this 70 square meter apartment two-bedroom apartment with lots of light is nicely furnished and is perfect for a single woman in the freshly renovated guest room when owner Adrian Leeds is in or for up to 4 people when she’s traveling.
Pictures and more details available at https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/apartments/rentals/leeds.html
For information and reservations email: ABL_Apartment
Rue Mazagran Penthouse Apartment with Two Balconies
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Sleeps: 2-3 guests
The rue Mazagran Penthouse newly renovated one bedroom apartment is a haven of tranquility located very close to the center of Paris.
Pictures and more details available at
Email Erica Berman for more information [email protected]
Livingstone Luxury Penthouse Condo
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Sleeps: 2 to 4
Beautiful completely renovated apartment is located on the 7th and top floor (with elevator) of a typical 1930’s Parisian building on rue Livingstone in Montmartre. From inside the apartment there is a spectacular view of sky, Parisian rooftops and all of Sacre Coeur. Montmartre is known as one of the most romantic spots in Paris, and the lovely view from this penthouse apartment will certainly help to confirm this.
More pictures and details available at
Email Erica Berman for more information [email protected]
Luxury 3 bedroom 107m2 Apartment
rue de Grenelle with Eiffel tower view
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Sleeps: up to 6 guests
This beautiful quiet newly renovated 107m2 (about 1070 square feet) luxurious three bedroom left bank Paris apartment on the 4th floor (with elevator) is situated in the heart of the chic 7th arrondissement in Paris.
More pictures and details available at
Email Erica Berman for more information [email protected]

Monte Carlo Seaside: a dream flat with a dream view on Monaco and the sea!
Located at the french border of the principality of Monaco in Roquebrune Cap Martin — this big one bedroom flat of 600 square-feet with a terrace can easily accommodate one couple + one extra adult on a convertible sofa. Fully equiped kitchen, marble bathroom, private cark park, security doors, pure silence, fresh sea breeze, direct access to the quiet private beach at 200 meters, 5 minutes to Monte Carlo train station or bus stop, easy access from Nice international airport and Monte Carlo train station.
May to June*: 600 euros per week
July to September: 800 euros per week
*Special Weeks in May: Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival: 1000 euros per week
Visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/rentals/pfmontecarlo.html
or contact FPI_Monte-Carlo and ask for the French Property Insider Special Offer.
See More Apartment Rentals At: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/apartments
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