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France on a Bank Roll

Volume V, Issue 35

The entire tour group (except for Patty Sadauskas, photographer) at the Pont du Gard
The entire tour group (except for Patty Sadauskas, photographer) at the Pont du Gard

“Money makes the world go round…,” the French are learning, thanks to a bold new President, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is turning tax reform on its ear. It is said that “Sarko” is following in the American model footsteps and of course, is warned that France may not follow so closely behind him, but nothing seems to be stopping him from fending the proverbial rules.

Read all about the reforms which will save property owners tons of tax and will, as it is intended, encourage a stronger economy. Now is an even better time to invest in France…and that’s clearly the message he wants to give. Today is Part I of a long and detailed explanation. Part II follows in next week’s issue of FPI.
On the subject of money, banking in France can be almost comical if not bewildering. I just hope Sarko has some plans to reform the banking system while he’s on roll…a bank roll, that is. Since we can’t move money without banks, we have to learn to live with their current methods of operation…at least until they wake up and realize that banks are in the business of money, even if considered a dirty business!
The 7th arrondissement, home to La Tour Eiffel, is the center of our attention today, as Fractional Ownership company Paris Home Shares, is in the process of purchasing another great offering…this time just blocks away from La Grande Dame, on rue de Latour-Maubourg. Aptly titled, “Chez La Tour,” if you have a hankering to be close to the Champ de Mars, this will be your opportunity. Read more about it in today’s issue.
Tomorrow I will visit (only for the 3rd time) the “viager” studio apartment in my own building that I am buying, signing on the Acte de Vente tomorrow. I will have no rights of usage until the elderly gentleman who does and I have come to some agreement…and the story is filled with so much mystery and intrigue that I’m sure it will make a great novel or screenplay! Nonetheless, I will save it for next week’s issue when the details will have unfolded.
Happy Rentrée…as we begin a new season filled with lots of excitement.
A Bientôt,

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

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Volume V, Issue 35, September 6, 2007

In this issue:

* Lightening the French Tax Load
* Sarko Reforms Inheritance Taxes
* Men Better at Settling into French Life?
* Money Talk a Non-Non in France
* French Property, French Bank Account
* Owning a Piece of Paris
* House Hunters International Encore in October
* Living and Investing in France Conference, October 13, 2007, Paris, France
* Expatica Welcome to France Fair, October 14, 2007
* FPI Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions
* Today’s Currency Update from Moneycorp
* Next Parler Paris Après-Midi: September 11, 2007
* Hot Property Picks: Eiffel Tower Living…The Best View in Paris!
* On the Auction Block: September 18, 2007 at 10 a.m.
* Leasebacks: Residence des Bains, France, North / North East, Mers les Bains
* Managing Your FPI Subscription
* Classified Advertising: Parler Paris Apartments — NEW! Le Penthouse Voltaire


French FrogFollowing the Anglo-Saxon Model
By Adrian Leeds
Photo: www.mefeedia.com
The following article from MacFarlane’s details the newest reforms à la Nicolas Sarkozy to make a big difference in the housing market and French economy. So far, “Sarko” is taking the bull by the horns as he promised, to reshape France’s economy, to remove its aversion to entrepreneurship, and creating incentive
s to keeping the wealth a
t home where it belongs, instead of watching it escape to other lower-taxed neighors, such as the UK and Belgium.

The reforms affect inheritance tax, lifetime gifting, direct tax ceilings, wealth tax and mortgage interest tax deductions, not to mention incentives to encourage small business investments.
In the case of inheritance tax, the reform has removed the need for couples to create a Community Property Marital Regime to avoid the surviving spouse’s hefty tax bill as the surviving spouse (or partner in the case of PACS) will have no tax to pay whatsoever. Children and siblings will have quite a bit less tax responsibility as the exemptions have been tripled.
Lifetime gifts will be much more appealing now that gifts up to 76,000€ can be made tax free. Direct taxes, including income tax, wealth tax, social security and property tax, will hit a ceiling of 50% compared to its former rate of 60% and borrowers will no longer be paying tax on mortgage interest during the first five years of the loan.
Today we bring you Part I to digest, focused on inheritance tax and lifetime gifting. In next week’s issue of Part II, we’ll bring you more detail on the new direct tax ceilings, mortgage interest tax deductions, tax reforms that will encourage entrepreneurship, working increased hours, opening opportunities to students to earn money and reduction of excessive amounts paid to departing CEO’s.
Much of the reforms, seen as taken from the “Anglo-Saxon model,” will affect non-resident buyers of property on many levels, as well as those intending to make France home for good. As an American culturally battling with a France steeped in socialist ideas which constipate the nation and prevent a more fluid business environment, I applaud M. Sarkozy for his bold initiatives.
Read on, as I believe you will be pleased to learn how he is lightening the tax burden load so that the nation and its people can finish the race faster to a stronger economy.
Sarkozy Tax ReformPART I
Sarkozy Abolishes Inheritance Taxes for Surviving Spouses
Economic Revolution Gathers Steam in France as the Tax System is Radically Overhauled

From MacFarlane’s
On August 1, 2007, the French Parliament officially approved the draft Law on Work, Employment and Spending Power (known in France as “le projet de loi pour le travail, l’emploi, et le pouvoir d’achat” or colloquially “paquet fiscal”). The law was passed in the Assemblée Nationale (lower house) by 169 votes to 68 at the end of July after all-night debates and then in the Sénat (upper house) by a show of hands.
The new measures are driven by the desire of President Nicolas Sarkozy to “break with the ideas, values and ways of the past”; they encompass far-reaching changes to the laws affecting personal taxation and the labor market. A bold assertion of the new president’s political agenda, they represent the first major step in fulfilling Mr. Sarkozy’s campaign pledges to boost the economy, encourage enterprise, and increase spending power.
In particular, the overhaul of the tax system is designed to reverse the perceived exodus of wealth from France in favor of the more benign tax regimes found in certain other European jurisdictions, such as the UK and Belgium. On presenting the bill in parliament, the Finance and Economy Minister, Christine Lagarde, told lawmakers that “all you have to do is go to the Gare du Nord on Friday night to the Eurostar and Thalys arrivals to understand that those French bankers who have gone to work in the City, those tax exiles in Belgium, want one thing: to come back to France.” It is in an attempt to stem this flow of wealth away from France and redress the balance between France and its competitors, that Mr. Sarkozy’s government has launched the following package of reforms.
Inheritance Tax
The French civil code favors inheritance by spouses and close blood relatives, particularly children. Accordingly, the inheritance tax treatment of an individual’s estate on death (and of gifts made during his lifetime) has traditionally been determined by the nature of the relationship between the deceased or donor and the heir or donee. The size of the various exemptions available and the level of the (graduated) rates of tax applicable are personal to the recipient heir or donee and vary according to the closeness of that relationship: blood relatives and spouses do best, non-relatives worst. The principle underlying this system has been retained following the President’s reforms; however, the tax rates and exemptions have become significantly more generous. The government estimates that, as a result of the changes, 95% of French estates will now be exempt from inheritance tax altogether.
Lifetime Gifts
The exemptions applicable to lifetime gifts between spouses and people in a civil solidarity pact (PACSés) have been aligned, so that in both cases gifts not exceeding 76,000 euros can be made free of tax. Lifetime gifts in excess of that amount remain taxable on a sliding scale from 5% on the first 7,600 euros to 40% on assets over 1,700,000 euros.
Outright gifts of cash up to a maximum of 20,000 euros made by a person under 65 to an adult child, grandchild, great-grandchild or (failing that) nephew or niece, can now be made free of inheritance/gift tax. This exemption is in addition to the existing exemptions on lifetime gifts of 150,000 euros for children, 30,000 euros for grandchildren, and 5,000 euros for great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
As under the old system, gifts made within 10 years of death are brought notionally
back i
nto the deceased’s estate for the purposes of calculating inheritance tax (effectively the tax on those gifts is sometimes merely deferred until death). Cash gifts qualifying for the new 20,000 euro exemption, however, are not clawed back under this rule. Furthermore, the increased exemption for cash gifts applies retrospectively to estates the administration of which has not yet been completed.

Inheritances — spouses given a big boost, children not far behind
Previously, limited personal exemptions from inheritance tax applied for assets passing on death between spouses or PACSés (76,000 euros and 57,000 euros respectively) and to your children (50,000 euros in respect of each child). These exemptions were in addition to a ‘global’ exemption of 50,000 euros, which was split between the surviving spouse (or PACSé) and children.
Under the new regime, the global exemption has been scrapped but the individual exemptions have been significantly increased:
* there is now a complete exemption from inheritance tax on assets passing between spouses and PACSés on death;
* the exemption for children has been tripled to 150,000 euros per child; and
* the exemption for assets passing between brothers and sisters has been tripled to 15,000 euros.
The effect of these changes is best illustrated by an example. The following calculations are based on a married couple with two children and a combined estate of 800,000 euros (roughly £550,000). They assume that the husband dies first and his share of the couple’s assets (400,000 euros) is split between his wife (say, 100,000 euros) and the two children (say, 150,000 euros each).
Under the old rules, the first 76,000 euros passing to the wife and the first 50,000 euros passing to each of the children would have been free of inheritance tax. A further 50,000 euros would escape tax under the global exemption (split between the wife and the two children), creating a total tax-free sum of 226,000 euros. The balance of 174,000 euros would have been taxable on the sliding scale, leaving a total tax bill of around 30,000 euros. The wife’s estate of 500,000 euros (being her 400,000 share plus the 100,000 received from her husband) would then have been subject to tax on her death. Assuming everything was left to the children, the children would again benefit from their personal exemptions and the global exemption, leaving a taxable estate of 350,000 taxable on the sliding scale (giving rise to a tax bill of around 60,000 euros).
Under the new rules, no inheritance tax will be payable on the part of the estate that passes to the surviving spouse. The 150,000 euros passing to each of the children will also be covered by their personal exemptions, with the result that no tax at all will be payable on the death of the first spouse. Of the wife’s estate of 500,000 euros, only 200,000 euros will be taxable (after deduction of the children’s new exemptions), on which approximately 37,000 euros tax will be payable.
Clearly, the new rules could lead to significant tax savings: in this example, the total tax bill for the couple’s combined estates under the old rules would have been around 90,000 euros; under the new system the total tax payable will be closer to 37,000 euros. Inevitably, the savings become more acute the more children there are.
The introduction of a full spouse exemption is a major step and introduces the possibility of a married couple avoiding inheritance tax altogether on the first death, deferring tax on their combined estates until the second death. Conveniently for UK taxpayers with a property or assets in France, this now more closely mirrors the inheritance tax position in the UK. In addition, it opens up the opportunity for further tax savings by passing assets directly to the children on the first death (the purpose being to make use of the exemptions for children as well as the spouse exemption) — a tax planning technique which is already widely used in the UK.
However, the obvious conclusion for large estates that assets passed to the children up to their personal exempt bands (but no more) avoid tax altogether on the first death (which ought to be cheaper), misses the point that they then lose out on the benefit of the lower rates of taxation on the graduated or sliding scale on the first death. This raises the potential tax when the bulk of assets is distributed to the children on the second death: more of the assets passing to the children at that point will instead be taxed at the top rate of 40% if they exceed the higher rate threshold (currently 1,700,000 euros). For wealthier families, therefore, it will usually be more tax-efficient to pass additional assets to the children on the death of the first spouse, up to the 40% threshold, so that the lower bands are used up.
Editor’s Note: Read Part II of this comprehensive review, “Sarkozy Abolishes Inheritance Taxes for Surviving Spouses
Economic Revolution Gathers Steam in France as the Tax System is Radically Overhauled” by http://www.macfarlanes.com/ in next week’s issue of FPI.

Piggy Bank with EuroProperty in France: Retiring
By Miranda Ingram for The Telegraph
Men find it easier than women to settle abroad later in life, according to research. Why is this – and does it ring true, asks Miranda Ingram
Are you thinking about retiring to France? Men, generally, settle easily into French life. Sky sport can be installed in a jiffy, there are always a few maintenance jobs to get on with around the house and garden, a golf club nearby and it’s never hard to find someone to share a couple of beers in the local bar…
To read the entire article visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml
EurosMoney is a Dirty Word, Even in French Banks
By Adrian Leeds

You’re not supposed to have money and you’re not supposed to make money in France. You’re not even supposed to understand money in France. After 13 years, it is still shocking how little the French banking system knows about making money for themselves or their clients. Everyone I know has funny French banking stories.
Tomorrow, I will be signing the Acte de Vente (title deed) on a studio apartment in my own building that is a “viager” — a life annuity program that gives rights of usage to the previous owner until his death. The story about the apartment becomes more intriguing by the moment and one of these days will make a great screen play(!). Until then, my only hope is that either the elderly gentleman dies in the near future (not really) or he accepts my offer of money to relinquish his rights so that I can proceed to turn it into another great rental property (it has a big terrace, great views and and elevator!). I’ll keep you posted.
Nonetheless, moving the funds from various accounts to pay for the property was a relatively easy affair using online banking, until I ran into the French banking system. Believe it or not, there is a LIMIT on how much one can keep in a savings account! In the case of CIC bank, it’s 50,000 euros.
Imagine my shock? I actually stood in the bank and asked the teller, “Do you mean you don’t want my money?? This is a bank, right??”
All I can think is that they just don’t want to pay interest on more than that! But, if any of you have a better reason for this ridiculous policy, I’d love to hear it, but nothing else logical comes to mind. Shrugging shoulders, the remainder of the money was deposited into the checking account bearing no interest at all.
As I was leaving the bank, the branch manager ran after me and asked me to please step into his office. He had been watching, no less, the unusual activity in the account with such large sums of money going in and out of the various accounts and wanted a complete explanation.
Again, I was shocked. When telling him that the money was transferred in to pay for an apartment, he then wanted to know why my mortgage wasn’t with CIC…to which I replied, “You wouldn’t give me a loan!” True — when first applying for a mortgage, they practically threw me out of the bank, as I had no regular salary going into an account there. Boy, was it ever satisfying to have the last word!
If anyone ever started a bank in France with a more pro-making-money attitude, I wonder if it would succeed fabulously or fail miserably from distrust by the French who think money is dirty and must be laundered? From what I understand, anyone with that much cash is hiding it in their mattresses for fear of the French tax authorities!
Banque de FranceProperty in France: French Banks
By Miranda Ingram for The Telegraph
Taking care of the financial formalities can be a lottery compared with English institutions. But at least there are no call centres. Is this a good thing, asks Miranda Ingram
You can buy a house in France without a bank account here. Most commonly, you will transfer, direct from your UK account, 10 per cent of the house purchase price after the seven-day cooling off period which follows your compromis (exchange) and the balance in time for completion. So no need for a French account.
But, once you are a proud owner, you will need to transfer water and electricity accounts into your name and EDF and the various water boards are increasingly reluctant to set up accounts, especially for absent second home owneres, without direct debits…
To read the entire article, visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml
The “Fractional Ownership” Solution…
By Adrian Leeds

A few months ago I was invited to dinner by a friend of a friend’s in a lovely apartment in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Within moments we learned that our host owned one month out of the year of the luxury digs…quite happily!
For years of discussing various investment schemes at the Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conferences, “Fractional Ownership” has been a question on many people’s lips. It is not a brand-new concept, but there are only a handful of developers testing the Paris market, and even that has only been recently.
Thanks to my dinner host who put us in direct contact with the organizer, it was clear that “Paris Home Shares” has the right formula for those who wish to enjoy the use of the property, make a good investment, all without the hassles of vacation rental management.
Founder, Steven Navaro, has been a real estate attorney and broker since 1977 checking out property in exotic places as a pasttime. He was no differen
t than
anyone else, always dreaming of owning a beautiful “home away from home.” When he first visited Paris in 2000, he was disheartened by the Paris property prices and even more so on each subsequent visit, as Parisian real estate soared and the dollar’s value plummeted.

Then, a light bulb went off in his head. He asked himself why did he need to own an entire apartment, when he couldn’t possibly use it for more than a month or two at most each year anyway? Did he really want to be an absentee landlord in anticipation that he could cover his costs by becoming a hotelier to short term renters?
Steve decided that finding a few like-minded Paris lovers to share the costs made so much more sense, plus they could decorate the property to fit their tastes as it truly could be their home. Even better, there would be no need for a mortgage, and they could purchase a higher quality property. From this germ of an idea, he began to focus full time on development of this concept in Paris.
The first project was the apartment I saw in the 17th begun in June, 2006 with one bedroom in approximately 55 square meters (630 square feet). They named it “Villa Monceau” after the street it is located on.
The shares of the apartment sold out before renovation was even complete, despite virtually no marketing. Because the legal and accounting groundwork was properly done beforehand, the owners were quickly enjoying their own “pied-à-terre” without the worries of negative cash flow, and for a small fraction of what it would cost to own even a tiny studio in a mediocre part of Paris! Even better, their annual ownership cost is about 20% of what it would cost to rent a comparably furnished apartment in Paris — so vacationing in the City of Light became even more affordable.
Fractional ownership is a hybrid of direct ownership and time sharing, combining the best elements of both. The primary differences are that while timeshares involve many thousands of shares in a large complex with “resort” amenities and costs built specifically for that purpose, fractional ownership is joint ownership by only a few individuals in a single property whose value can easily be determined on the open market and for which there are very few, if any, resort amenities which must be managed and maintained (and paid for!). For Paris Home Shares, the city of Paris is it’s own resort!
With one apartment under his belt successfully owned and operated by a dozen individuals, Steve set out, with our help, to find the next perfect Paris pied-à-terre. Just yesterday, thanks to Property Search Consultant, Mary Ellen Gallagher, Paris Home Shares #2 was found and the offer was accepted by the seller!!! This means that by the end of Summer, a dozen happy members will start to take advantage of their own “home away from home.”
Le Jardin Saint-Paul
Rue Ferdinand Duval, 4th Arrondissement, Le Marais

When we first stepped inside the beautiful stone-edged doorway, just a few steps off rue des Rosiers on rue Ferdinand Duval, we knew we were in for treat.
Rue Ferdinand Duval in the 4th arrondissement of the “Saint-Gervais” quarter begins at 18, rue de Rivoli, ending just at rue des Rosiers. Emile Gustave Ferdinand Duval (1827-1896), for which the street was named, was once the préfet of the Seine and member of the city council. This part of rue Ferdinand Duval has existed since the 13th-century! (Click here or on map for an enlarged version in another browser window: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation/sales/fractional/jardinstpaulmaplarge.html)
If you haven’t visited rue des Rosiers lately, then you might not know that it’s been cobblestoned for pedestrian use only, the boutiques have gotten chicer and has become a beehive of activity from all walks of life. Property in Paris on pedestrianized streets have all become more valuable and this particular part of Le Marais has started to top even the 6th and 7th arrondissements.
Entering the building and up just a few steps, the “Jardin Saint-Paul” is a 78 square meter two bedroom apartment with a window in every room that overlooks a beautiful and tranquil garden from two sides. The ceilings are several meters high with ancient exposed beams. A contemporary and beautifully appointed kitchen is to the left with a view of the garden out large windows. A dining room table sits comfortably in the next open space and beyond is a spacious living room.
A hall to the left takes you to the bedrooms and bathroom, each with a large window overlooking the garden. Much of the original stone walls have been exposed and the bedroom floors are a deep rich dark wood.
Paris Home Shares will do what it always does…renovate and decorate to luxurious perfection, then apportion the shares for twelve happy owners who can each enjoy the apartment a few weeks a year and make a very wise investment, all with one stroke.
Each share represents one month’s ownership. We rotate months each year, so that every owner will have the chance to experience all 4 seasons within 4 years, and every month over the course of 12 years.
Our latest offering, which is now priced at 90,500 euros per share with only a few shares left, features a wonderful 77.4 square meters two-bedroom apartment in the Marais (4th arrondissement). It is located just steps from the famous (and now pedestrian-only) rue des Rosiers, chock full of tempting shops, boutiques and stores to purchase all of your daily needs. Yet the wonderful thing about this apartment is that it is located off the street, overlooking a quiet peaceful garden, providing a tranquil refuge from the activity nearby.

This apartment is part of a “vieille maison” dating back into the 1800’s, and features original exposed stone walls and wood ceiling beams. The kitchen has been completely renovated, and the bathr
oom feat
ures a Jacuzzi tub. In addition, we will be installing antique oak plank flooring to soften the look and return the unit to its original character and feeling. High quality furnishings throughout, including antiques, original oil paintings and artwork reflecting the period will be added to complete the “cozy” feeling we are striving for. Included with the furnishings will be all of the modern touches as well, like a new washer, HDTV, high speed DSL Internet connection with laptop computer, and free phone calling to over 40 international countries, including the US!

To take a video tour of this gorgeous property, visit http://www.parishomeshares.net/jspvideos.html
Chez La Tour
Boulevard de Latour-Maubourg, 7th Arrondissement, Eiffel Tower

This is our finest one-bedroom offering yet! Located in the heart of the chic 7th arrondissement, one block from the Esplanade des Invalides and a few minutes by foot from the famous rue Cler and the Eiffel Tower, this spacious one Bedroom will redefine the word luxurious in Paris. This apartment occupies the entire 1st floor above street level in a “petit” Haussmann-style “pierre-de-taille” building, just 100 meters from the Métro station La Tour Maubourg, and just around the corner from the fashionable rue St. Dominique with its many shops, cafés, and famous restaurants. The Seine is two minutes away by foot.
Chez La Tour features original “pont d’hongrie” chevron oak flooring throughout, exquisite “cornice” and ceiling moldings in every room (including the bathroom!), marble fireplace mantels in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and bath, and gorgeous crystal chandeliers, all evoking the classic period of French architecture. The living and dining areas feature five windows facing west, allowing the apartment to be bathed in light all day. Of course, the living areas will include our usual accoutrements, such as large high-definition flat screen TV surround-sound stereo/DVD system, and laptop computer station with DSL connection and printer.
The Master Suite will feature two sets of windows overlooking the quiet courtyard, gorgeous four-poster queen bed, triple-door antique armoire with dresser, and a separate sitting area where you can relax before retiring. Plug in your Ipod to the wireless speakers to enjoy your favorite music while you enjoy your own private retreat.
The remodeled bathroom will feature marble flooring and walls throughout, walk-in shower with body jets, a whirlpool hydrotherapy tub and a double sink. Of course, the ornate ceiling molding and fireplace mantel will remain to add that extra touch of opulence. The bathroom will be directly accessible from the Master Suite.
The kitchen will be completely redone with top of the line stainless-steel appliances, granite countertops and an island workstation. Yes, the kitchen has a window overlooking the courtyard as well, plus its own private entrance leading from what used to be the servant’s stairwell!
The apartment will also include a full-size washer and dryer for your convenience. Finally, the apartment will be equipped with air-conditioning, to make even the muggiest Paris evenings a breeze!
We will be providing additional photos and information on Chez La Tour in the coming days, but don’t wait. We have had lots of requests for an apartment of this quality in the 7th arrondissement!
Editor’s Note: We will be discussing Fractional Ownership at the upcoming Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference October 13th but by then it may be too late to take advantage of this opportunity. If you’re interested in learning more about Paris Home Shares upcoming projects, call or write Steve Navaro: +1-303-793-0900, email [email protected]
French Property Insider to be Aired on House Hunters International!!
New Dates and Times in October!

If you missed the show the first time around, now you have another chance to see Adrian Leeds live on House Hunters International!
Settling Down in Paris
Angela and Ben met in 2003 when they lived in Los Angeles working for the same clothing company. Now, the two are engaged to be married. When Ben started receiving frequent overseas work, the company believed he’d be more valuable in Paris, so they happily relocated. They immediately moved into a cozy rental in the 17th district near the Arc de Triomphe and started to explore the different neighborhoods of Paris. The pair is now ready to take the big leap and purchase an apartment to stay for good. Real estate agent Adrian Leeds is enlisted to help.
Adrian Leeds
Property Search Consultant, Adrian Leeds Group
Web site: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation

Episode HHINT-402

• October 1, 2007 11 PM ET/PT
• October 2, 2007 3 AM ET/PT

Editor’s Note: Be sure to read the entire story about Ben and Angela on FPI issues: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/pastissues/FPI_April_6_2006.html
and https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/pastissues/FPI_June_22_2006.html
Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference!
October 13, 2007 at Chez Jenny, Paris

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own “pied-à-terre” in Paris or home in the Provinces of France, perhaps as a future retirement home or for now as investment property rented part of the year…this power-packed one-day conference is a MUST.
Hosted by Adrian Leeds, long time resident of Paris, Editor of the Parler Paris Nouvellettre® and French Property Insider weekly E-zine and John Howell, lead attorney for the International Law Partnership, London, this one day in Paris will point you in the right direction to make it really happen! Includes three course lunch and cocktail reception.
For more information and to register, visit: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/conference/LIF_Paris_Oct_2007/index.html
Or email Schuyler Hoffman at [email protected]
Expatica.com Welcome to France Fair
October 14th, 2007
Carrousel de Louvre, Paris

New to France or looking to make the most of expatriate life?
Get the information you need from companies and agencies specialized in expatriate services, from banks, investment firms and insurance companies to schools and tax agencies. You’ll find information on house hunting, finding a job, immigration and permits, staying long-term, and much more.
Meet the people who make expat life great, including the top clubs and associations, travel agents and sports teams.
Explore the expatriate life and your ambitions – higher education, career opportunities, your own business, travel and lifestyle possibilities. Every year, thousands of international managers and employees arrive in France. The I AM NOT A TOURIST Fair answers the 101 questions you have about living here, in a unique environment where you can meet the right people face to face.
News: Expatica is proud to announce that Sir Peter Westmacott, the newly arrived British Ambassador to France, will be on hand to give the opening ceremony at the Fair. We are thrilled to have Sir Westmacott participate in our event and thank the British Embassy for their continued support.
Adrian Leeds Group, LLC and John Howell & Co will be at Booth 92/93 — be sure to come by and visit us!
To order your FREE tickets, click here: http://www.expatica.com/welcometofrance/ticket_signup.asp
Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions

Let French Property Insider expert property consultants find your dream home in France for you. We consult with you to help you make the best decisions, ferret out the finest properties to meet your criteria, schedule the visits and accompany you, negotiate with the agencies and owners, recommend the Notaires and other professionals, schedule the signings and oversee the purchase with you from start to finish! You could never do it so easily on your own. Let us take the time and effort off your hands.
FPI Offers More Relocation Solutions!
Moving to Paris? Our experienced relocation expert will make your move easy and hassle-free. We offer complete property and relocation services normally only provided by employer hired relocation firms…but at a price much more affordable for individuals.
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Parler Paris Après Midi
Come for a drink and to meet and chat with other readers in Paris…
The next gathering is September 11, 2007, and every second Tuesday of the month.
HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Eiffel Tower Living…The Best View in Paris!
Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.
As we are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France, you can retain our services to do the whole thing for you. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation
Paris Real Estate*** Paris, 7th Arrondissement, 4 rooms, approx. 100m²
In a classic hôtel particulier, this beautiful apartment includes a living room, dining room, separate kitchen, bathroom, separate toilet. Features high ceilings. On the first floor.
Asking Price: 945,000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Paris Real Estate
Paris Real Estate*** Paris, 7th Arrondissement, 4 rooms, approx. 82m²
Lovely apartment on the first floor of an 18th-century building with elevator. Living room features beams and exposed stone. Also includes office, 2 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet. Completely renovated.
Asking Price: 980,000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Paris Real Estate
Paris Real Estate
Paris Real Estate*** Paris, 7th Arrondissement, 5 rooms, approx. 283m²
Exceptional view of the Champs de Mars and Eiffel Tower. Bright apartment with grand entrance, large living room, separate kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, cellar, 2 indoor parking spaces. On the third floor with elevator.
Asking Price: 5,900,000 € + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Paris Real Estate
Paris Auctions

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Notaires de Paris
Place du Châtelet
12 avenue Victoria
Paris 1st

Additional information on Les Ventes aux Enchères des Notaires can be found on the Web site at http://www.encheres-Paris.com/ Though the site has a button for an English version, it isn’t reliable to work.
To read Schuyler Hoffman’s article about the property auctions in Paris, click on:

Paris Auctions 2 rooms, 46,43 m² + parking
48 rue de l’Ermitage
75020 PARIS 20th
Opening Bid: 170,000€
Deposit: 34,000€
Paris Auctions 3 rooms 59,10 m²
6 rue Berthollet
75005 PARIS 5th
Opening Bid: 355,000€
Deposit: 71,000€
4 Ateliers 41,6 m² all are rented
70 rue de Belleville
75020 PARIS 20th
Opening Bid: 38,000€
Deposit: 7,600€
Paris Auctions 4 rooms 73,40 m² + extra room 2,59 m²
4 rue Auguste Bartholdi
75015 PARIS 15th
Opening Bid: 360,000€
Deposit: 72,000€
Paris Auctions STUDIO 28,54 m² + GARAGE
40 quai de Jemmapes
75010 PARIS 10th
Opening Bid: 140,000€
Deposit: 28,000€
Paris Auctions STUDIO 28,54 m² + rented garage
40 quai de Jemmapes
75010 PARIS 10th
Opening Bid: 125,000€
Deposit: 25,000€
Paris Auctions 3 rooms 56,32 m²
62 rue de Turenne
75003 PARIS 3rd
Opening Bid: 275,000€
Deposit: 55,000€

France, North / North East, Mers les Bains

One Bedroom 29m² to 47m² €100,000 to €129,000
Two Bedrooms 39m² to 51m² €126,000 to €131,000
Three Bedrooms 55m² to 58m² €155,000 to €156,000
Four Bedrooms or More 64m² to 64m² €164,000 to €164,000
Guaranteed Buy to Let – Leaseback
French PropertyFrench PropertyFrench Property
Discover this multi-faceted region offering over 60 km of untamed coastline, vast green forests, colorful plains and a panorama overlooking the Vallée de la Somme’s ponds. Picardie offers exceptional landscapes and is both rural and coastal. Mers-les-Bains beach is tucked away privately behind the highest chalk cliffs in Europe. From the top of Notre Dame de la Falaise (92 metres) one may gaze over the Côte d’Opale Bay.
Ideally located, this charming tourism residence is located just a short walk from Mers-les-Bains’ downtown shops and beach. Built to a Mers-les-Bains architectural style, the residence invites you into a luxurious environment. Apartments are spacious and comfortable and residence facilities include a heated swimming pool and sauna. The residence offers high-quality services with a relaxation area, lounge, laundry facilities, and more.
Residence des Bains comprises apartments that may be purchased under the French leaseback scheme, whereby the owner leases the rental of the property to an on-site management group and receives a guaranteed rental income. The management company looks after the owner’s property and takes care of operating charges and rental of the property including finding tenants and general up-keep. The management group backing this project has an excellent reputation amongst the leading Tour Operators in France. Purchasers will receive an immediate VAT discount and be able to occupy there apartment for up to 8 weeks per year at any time of the year, worry-free. In addition, owners may take advantage of the vacation exchange market affording the freedom to vacation in over 160 residences spread out over more than 100 resorts in France including Mountain locations, seaside or countryside.


When you make a purchase as important as a piece of real estate in a foreign country, you want to know that you can trust the people you are dealing with. Adrian Leeds has developed a network of professionals that meet only the highest of standards. With the expertise and experience of Adrian and her team, you can depend on getting the best advice and support to feel completely confident that you are making an informed investment decision.
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1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 hectare = 2.4710538 acres

For more conversions, refer to: http://www.onlineconversion.com/


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Parler Paris ApartmentsNEW! Le Penthouse Voltaire
American comfort with French flair! Overlooking Boulevards Richard Lenoir and Voltaire, in the 11th Arrondissement. This three-bedroom, two-bath luxury penthouse with wrap-around balconies and spectacular views, sleeps 6.
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