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Volume V, Issue 34

I’ve had the Côte d’Azur on my mind for a while now as next week, I’ll be signing the Acte de Vente on my newest apartment, which is already destined to become renovated in Riviera style and name “Le Saint-Tropez.” With an opportunity to visit the Riviera last week, I took advantage to investigate the lifestyle living by the sea and the current property market of Nice and the adjacent cities. Today’s issue is a result of these findings and a look at how this area of France can be so appealing as a place to live and invest successfully.

While vacationing in Nice, FPI hosted a Conference Call free to readers about “How to Save Money Transferring Dollars to Euros” with Justin Harris of Moneycorp. Be sure to read the report and listen to a recording of the call if you were unfortunate to have missed it. Justin provided quite a bit of good information and tips on how to reduce the risk of currency conversion.
In today’s issue there are also several reprinted articles from some of our friend publications worth reading and of course, lots of mouth-watering properties to sink your teeth into.
If you haven’t already seriously considered a share in the Fractional Ownership property Le Jardin Saint-Paul, do before it’s too late, or keep your eye out for another property soon to be offered to readers just next to La Tour Eiffel! Stay tuned…
Happy Labor Day and A Bientôt,

Adrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. Don’t miss the next Living and Investing in France Conference, right here in Paris on October 13th. Visit
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Volume V, Issue 34, August 30, 2007

In this issue:

* Getting to Know Nice
* The Blue Coasts of the Riviera
* Report on Moneycorp Conference Call
* Money Transfers for Your Property Purchase
* Rail Access Boosts Allure of French Property
* What Are You Looking For in Overseas Property?
* Double Tax Break on French Mortgages
* Own a Piece of France at a Fraction of the Cost
* House Hunters International Encore in October
* Living and Investing in France Conference, October 13, 2007, Paris, France
* Expatica Welcome to France Fair, October 14, 2007
* FPI Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions
* Today’s Currency Update from Moneycorp
* Next Parler Paris Après-Midi: September 11, 2007
* Hot Property Picks: Cityscapes and Sea Views in Nice
* On the Auction Block: September 18, 2007 at 10 a.m.
* Leasebacks: Antibes Plaza, France, Mediterranean Coast, Antibes
* Managing Your FPI Subscription
* Classified Advertising: Parler Paris Apartments — NEW! Le Penthouse Voltaire


Vieux NiceNice is Nice
By Adrian Leeds

Yes, it’s corny, but Nice is Nice. Every time I venture south to the Côte d’Azur, the phrase is naturally uttered. If you read the excerpt from Monday’s Parler Paris newsletter below, a virtual travelogue of my experience on the Blue Coasts last week, you’ll get a glimpse into what it could be like enjoying the sun and surf of the Riviera.
I stayed in an apartment owned by a reader of FPI who is a successful property investor with an apartment in the heart of Paris as well this one in the heart of Nice. It afforded an opportunity to become familiar with the city, the adjacent villages and what it might be like to own something that could be enjoyed part of the year and profitable the rest of the time thanks to vacation rental revenues.
Nice, with a population of almost 900,000, is the capital of the Riviera and the fifth largest city in France. It has been one of Europe’s most popular resorts since the 18th-century when Russian and English aristocrats built their mansions there. Later, wealthy Victorians enjoyed its winter climate.
There is a very large community of Anglophones on the Côte d’Azur, and in particular a vital American Community. It would be easy to connect with others via the many organizations for Anglophones. A listing can be found at http://riviera.angloinfo.com/af/46/riviera-clubs-and-associations.html
Vacationers come from all over the world, particularly Italy, the U.K., Germany, North America and of course, the French themselves.
The towns adjacent to Nice are particularly beautiful and chic (from west to east): Villefranche-sur-Mer, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Eze sur Mer, Cap d’Ail, Roquebrune, Menton and of course, the principality of Monaco. To the east are such celebrated and wealthy spots such as (from east to west): Saint-Paul-de-Vence, Cap d’Antibes, Juan-les-PinsM Cannes, Saint-Raphaël, Saint-Tropez, Hyères, Cassis and Toulon.
Personally, I prefer the towns closer to Italy, which have retained their Italian heritage. Italiannate facades and pastel colors dominate the architecture along with trompe l’oeil decoration and colorful shutters and awnings. There is hardly a difference when crossing the border into Italy, the residents more bilingual than not (French and Italian), each taking advantage of the other’s culture.
Ray RuizThe lifestyle in any of the seaside villages does not absolutely require having a car at one’s disposal, but it would be a huge convenience. In Nice, car isn’t as necessary, as the TGV lands in central Nice from Paris in just six hours. A second train station just north of the old port, “Riquier,” services the local trains to the adjacent villages and beaches. The public transportation is quite well-networked for getting around town without owning a vehicle, an advantage for a tourist.
The rental season is broader in some towns than others. Central Nice could potentially rent year-round, particularly because of the various festivals which draw thousands of visitors from all over the world. Cannes is another very rentable spot all throughout the year, thanks to the Cannes Film Festival and film industry trade. The other cities have shorter rental periods, mostly peaking between May and September.
For this reason, Nice is nicer…a better investment bet, if what you’re seeking is more than just a pleasure spot. There are 12 districts in Nice to consider, but for investment purposes, my recommendation is to stick to the center with easy access from the train stations: Nice Centre, Promenade des Anglais, Vieux Nice and Nice Port.
Nice MapNice Centre with a balcony and views of the city, if not of the water, and close proximity to the train station, can make an excellent rental apartment, with studios as inexpensive as 75,000€ and a lot of property is available in this large district. Charm is what it might lack in exchange for convenience.
The Promenade des Anglais provides views of the sea, the most desirable spot for a tourist, if not so ideal for a resident. Most of these apartments are contemporary with large balconies. Two-room apartments start about 200,000€.
Vieux Nice is my personal favorite, with its narrow winding streets, ancient buildings and bustling tourist activity. Here there is very limited property available, with two-room apartments starting about 165,000€. Elevators are rare and sunlight is hard to achieve if the apartment is not on an elevated level. Balconies are fewer, but character is abundant. Expect more noise from neighbors and the restaurants and clubs below. Because of the gentrification of Old Nice on the rise, here is where appreciation could be best and rental season longest.
Nice Port can be a perfect investment compromise between Old Nice and Nice Centre, still a real neighborhood with plenty of charm, and in close proximity to Old Nice and the Riquier train station. Balconies are more likely than not, but watch for views of contemporary and unsightly modern buildings. A car can be convenient, but not entirely necessary. This is where Ray’s apartment is located, and from his report, rentals are quite good and profitable. Apartments can be as inexpensive as 150,000€ for two rooms.
Yes, Nice is nice, for many reasons. If you’re considering and investment property there, as I am, you can begin by perusing the current listings in Nice and all of the Côte d’Azur at http://www.tendance-immobiliere.com/ and if you’re seriously interested in finding a property on the Côte d’Azur, contact French Property Insider Consultation at [email protected] for assistance.

Princess Grace of Monaco Exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum

Ventimiglia Modern from Ventimiglia Alta

Trompe l’Oeil in Ventimiglia

The Ventimiglia Market
On the Beach at Villefranche

View from the Villefranche
Vacation Rental

A Villefranche
Vacation Rental

Eze sur Mer
The Balcony from which
I Write in Ray’s
Nice Pied-à-Terre

Riviera Blues
Excerpt from Parler Paris…
Monday, August 27, 2007
By Adrian Leeds

I’ve got the blues…the blue coasts of France, that is. West of Marseille there is La Côte Bleue and east of Marseille, the other blue coast, La Côte d’Azur, stretches all the way to Menton, the last town in France before crossing the Italian border.
A vacation out of Paris wasn’t preconceived, but the two coasts laid themselves at my feet and seducingly said, “stick your feet in my sand, smell my salty air, bask in my warm sun, partake of my heavenly nourishment and become acquainted with my character. And so I did.
These two coasts were called to me by three friends who have rental apartments happy to share them. Co-coordinator of the Parler Parlor French-English Conversation Group (http://www.parlerparlor.com), Marie-Elisabeth Crochard, drove us both down in her packed-to-the-gills car, then after unloading the hatchback (including a huge terra-cotta pot filled with soil which broke into a million pieces on my toes as we hoisted it out), opened the Click-Clack sofabed for me in her one-bedroom garden apartment in the coastal village of Carry-le-Rouet. Here is where she is investing and planning for her retirement.
When she’s not enjoying the pleasant views from the terrace herself, she rents it to vacationers. What she loves best, however, is to show off this little corner of France to easily seduced disciples such as myself…the port towns of Carry-le-Rouet, Sausset-les-Pins, Carro and the others, including the old port and city of Marseille.
We spent two days touring through the coastal towns. At Carro, seeking the fisherman with their fresh catches for the day, instead we were surprised to find tigers, monkeys, elephants, llamas and camels, poised against a background of blue Mediterranean sea, awaiting their performance that evening at the Cirque d’Europe. At Marseille we ate Bouillabaisse at a restaurant at the old port, a traditional Provençal fish stew having originated there.
The Riviera coast between Toulon and Menton has always been an important vacation and retirement spot for those who can afford its luxurious and casual lifestyle, but now the areas adjacent to Marseille, so previously undiscovered, have gained new importance and impressive real estate price tags. Marseille used to be like the train tracks that divide those that have from those that don’t have. This is certainly not true anymore as Marseille and its adjacent seaside villages are blossoming very quickly, gaining in class consciousness and ‘chicdom.’ Marseille itself is bustling and lively, spirited and unruly, like a delinquent child come of age. With the TGV only three hours from Paris, the whole region becomes more accessible, the signs of which are clearly apparent.
The train headed for Nice was standing-room-only from Marseille Thursday evening, where past client-turned-friend Ray Ruiz offers up an apartment for short-term vacation rental. Ray and his partner, Kim, have a Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans, a condo in Sante Fe, an apartment in Paris and this latest addition as a rental property, a one-bedroom spacious accommodation in Nice near the Vieux Port, just a few minutes walk to Old Nice and the Riquier train station.
The apartment quickly became home away from home, equipped with everything one might need, including high speed Internet, free VOIP phone (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) enabling mixing a little work with all this pleasure. The neighborhood is ‘real’ — where the real Nicois live and work, filled with the usual amenities…markets, cafés, bars, etc. It’s been easy to settle in and feel at home. I write this from the balcony with the sun on my back and before me are old Nicois buildings in ochres and tangerine colors with green shutters. It’s delightful. (See http://ladauphine.com/ for all Ray has to offer for your next stay in any of these wonderful cities!)
Pascal Fonquernie of http://www.parismarais.com, friend and colleague who rents his “Florentin” and “Medieval” apartments in the same building on rue Charlot as “Le Provençal,” is a serious lover of the Riviera and comes here often. We met up that first evening for a dinner of Aïoli, the “butter” of Provence, a sauce and a celebration meal, at “Chez Freddy” on the famous “Cours Saleya”…the heart of Old Nice where everyone comes after a ‘hard’ day at the beach, all bronze and beautifully dressed, to see and be seen.
Pascal arranged for tickets to see the Princess Grace of Monaco exhibit at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco the next day, open until September 23rd. For the first time, Monaco hosts this international-scale exhibition in homage to the undeniably beautiful, c
harming and alluring actress, Grace
Patricia Kelly, who warmed the hearts of Prince Rainier, all of Monaco and the world. Organized in close collaboration with the Prince’s Palace, which has made available items never previously displayed, the overwhelming and mind-bogglingly complete and creative exhibition retraces all the periods and facets of her life, from Hollywood star, to Princess of Monaco and mother, and provides a glimpse at the Principality that adopted and loved her from the moment she set foot on its rock in 1956. If you weren’t already in love with Princess Grace, you surely will be. If you don’t know what a “Kelly Bag” is, you surely will. And if you have ever dreamed of a life of ultimate luxury, this is it, personified. Wouldn’t we all want to be Grace Kelly? (For more information, visit http://www.grimaldiforum.mc/ .)

The beach in Monaco was under-crowded thanks to the partly-cloudy weather, but the casino in Monaco was awash with tourists out front having their pictures taken. Old friends from Bonn, Germany, met us there in their rental car to have a weekend of fun in the sun. We have a long history of meeting at various beaches in the world, having first met in Mikonos in 1979 on “Super Paradise” well known for nude sunbathing and an easy place to make friends (when we were much younger and freer!). Off we all went to drive through the wealthy resort towns of Villefranche, Eze, Roquebrune, Cap d’Ail and Menton, heading for Ventimiglia, the first town after crossing the border into Italy.
Before wandering through the Friday afternoon market of clothing, knickknacks and food stuff, we took a brief walking tour of “Ventimiglia Alta” — twisting, crumbling medieval alleys and dark streets, falling apart but alive, having once belonged to the Benedictine Monks of The Isle of Lerin (just off Antibes) who had connections to Seborga, of Templar fame. The Cathedral, which has a crypt dating from the 7th-century, is being fitted with a new organ (we heard them tuning it) and is said to be built on the site of a pagan temple from the inscription inside to Juno (Hera), wife of Jupiter (Zeus). The “trompe l’oeil” on the ancient buildings throughout the tiny town are astonishing, juxtaposed by adjacent hangings of the daily wash.
Down at the market below, we took advantage of the beautiful and inexpensive leather goods, kitsch souvenirs and aged Parmesan cheeses at bargain prices. The merchants all speak Italian, French and some English, sometimes all at once! Before returning to France, we drove a bit further to San Remo, for real Italian pasta at a ‘Ristorante’ overlooking the sea.
Saturday and Sunday were designated beach days, opting to test out the very civilized and the very “sauvage.” Pascal was staying in a vacation rental apartment offered by an American friend, Shelley Benton, in one of the chicest spots on the Riviera — Villefranche.
Villefranche as much like Italy by the sea than any Italian town…a fruit bowl of Mediterranean colors, charming old buildings, narrow cobblestoned pathways, tiny restaurants and lovely boutiques. The apartment Pascal had rented had been beautifully renovated and decorated and was like an aerie perched high with lovely views of the red-tiled roofs, the town church and the sea.
It was there that we rented “chaise longues,” ordered up cold rosé wine by the glass, and basked in the sun until sundown. American voices perked up our ears, only to discover Shelley herself just standing before us, with her American family visiting, all enjoying the gorgeous Summer weather on the tiny pebbles of Villefranche. (To learn more about how to reserve your stay in Villefranche, visit http://www.rivieraexperience.com/ )
The next day we drove a little further to Eze sur Mer, where there is a long steep step path down to a quiet little cove with no amenities, fewer people and cleaner, clearer water. From the shore, you can see an enormous villa perched over the rocks with several swimming pools, guest houses and a funicular to transport you from one abode to the other. Over the next ridge, taking another steep and narrow path over the rocks, well hidden, is a haven for gay nude sun bathers — the men basking themselves on the edges of the rocks at the edge of the sea. A glimpse was all I needed to know I wasn’t welcome!
In the evenings we wandered the streets of Old Nice, perused the stalls of local handicrafts, dined on seafood and washed it down with cool rosé wines. Pascal and I each dreamed of owning our own little pied-à-terre in Nice, arguing over which location would suit us best and how delightful it would be to balance our lives in Paris with a Riviera lifestyle.
This afternoon I’ll board the TGV in Nice Ville and by tonight the palm trees will have given way to the street lamps of Le Marais. Hopefully the Riviera tan won’t fade too quickly, nor will the sunny memories of the two blue coasts of France.
How to Save Money Transferring Dollars to Euros
Reporting on the August 26, 2007 Conference Call
By Adrian Leeds

Ray Ruiz’s Nice apartment comes luckily equipped with a VoIP phone enabling conferencing with FPI readers all over the U.S. and Moneycorp Senior Foreign Exchange Dealer, Justin Harris, in San Francisco. Almost 20 of you tuned in to learn “How to Save Money Transferring Dollars to Euros” — an important tip to know when purchasing a property outside the dollar zone and potentially transferring huge sums of money to another currency.
Justin Harris has been a presenter at several Living and Investing in France Conferences and personally oversees French Property Insider clients’ transfers. Justin made an introductory presentation to explain the general overview of currency transfer and the various programs Moneycorp makes available to reduce the risk of currency exchange rates and simplify the process, such as the Regular Payments Abroad prog

Moneycorp has developed this service to remove the stress associated with organizing regular currency transfers. With RPA, you fix the exchange rates for between 6 and 24 months into the future and organize your international money transfers. The process is fully automated and guarantees clients will never miss a payment. All you need to do is arrange a monthly ACH/direct debit to Moneycorp and they take care of everything else.
After Justin’s presentation, callers were then invited to ask questions. The one-hour session was recorded, so if you missed it, you can listen to the entire call, just by clicking here (you will need a program capable of play mp3 files): https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/Conf_Aug_26_2007.mp3
For more information about Moneycorp, visit https://adrianleeds.com/frenchproperty/loan/moneycorpconvertor.html
NotairesProperty in France: Money Transfers
By Miranda Ingram for The Telegraph

Money transfers can be a headache, especially as a notaire will never dream of completing a sale until the cash is in the bank. Have you been left counting the cost, asks Miranda Ingram
I can’t tell you how many tears I’ve seen when UK buyers, assembled in the notaire’s office and just an hour away from getting the keys to their French home, find out that their money has not arrived.
And there is no way a notaire is going to go ahead with completion until the purchase money is safely in his bank account…
To read the entire article visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml
TGVRail Boost for French Property
From Assetz Property News Service
Photos by Pascal Fonquernie

As anybody who has done their homework on the property market will know, the key to making good returns on an investment is having it in the right place. As the Channel 4 series of the same name says, “location, location, location” is of prime importance.
A key part of location is accessibility. Unless the investor has an eye to catering to a market that is seeking solitude and isolation way up in the hills – perhaps a writer on retreat, for example – the chances are they will want to make sure their property is easily accessible to all potential clients.
TGV Grace KellyA number of reports earlier this year have concluded that it is beneficial to have an airport served by budget airlines in reach of the property. One German study found that there was as much as a 20 per cent difference in the returns made by investors, depending on their proximity to a budget airline landing zone.
Investors in the popular French market will no doubt be delighted then to hear that the country’s famous high-speed rail system – TGV – is being expanded all the time and is set to cover even more of the country over the next few years. What is more, France can now be reached by rail from the UK via the Channel Tunnel, allowing for seamless almost door-to-door travel.
According to the Daily Telegraph, “the development of France’s high-speed rail network is opening up potential new markets for overseas buyers.” A new service between Paris and Strasbourg was launched earlier this month and reportedly cut travel times between the two cities by half.
The Telegraph claims that the new line “will increase property prices not just in Strasbourg itself but in other destinations too, such as Reims and Colmar”, which are near enough to benefit from the new line.
And some commentators are suggesting that a growing trend towards environmentally-friendly tourism will result in more people using trains to get around, as they are less polluting than air or road transport.
Short-haul flights produce 180 grams of carbon per passenger/kilometre, while cars produce on average 111 grams. In contrast, train emissions per passenger weigh in at just 5.7 grams.
Tendance ImmobiliereProperty in France: Know What You Want?
By Miranda Ingram for The Telegraph
The estate agent’s picture can be appealing but the reality may be completely different. It’s not unusual to choose a place that’s nothing like your first choice. Or is it, asks Miranda Ingram
You can pass many a dreamy hour browsin
g French prope
rty web sites. This is great fun, but if you are serious about buying you really need to get visiting as soon as possible because you may find that what you thought you wanted doesn’t appeal at all when you see it…

To read the entire article visit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/main.jhtml
EurosFrench Government to Double Tax Break on Mortgage Interest for First Year of Loans – Update
From http://www.forbes.com
The French government is to double a tax break on mortgage interest payments for the first year of new home loans, finance minister Christine Lagarde announced.
The government is to raise to 40% from 20% the amount of interest home buyers can deduct from their tax bill in the first year of their mortgage…
To read the entire article visit http://www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/2007/08/24/afx4051576.html
Jardin Saint Paul“Jardin Saint-Paul” Fractional Ownership Apartment
If you have ever wanted to own a pied-à-terre in Paris and don’t have enough money to buy more than a tiny studio (or less!), or qualify for a loan, then you will want to learn more about this incredible opportunity to be one of 12 owners of a a luxury two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Paris.
The fractional ownership apartment has been dubbed the “Jardin Saint-Paul,” and is located on rue Ferdinand Duval just off rue des Rosiers in the 4th arrondissement (which has existed since the 13th-century!). Rue des Rosiers has recently been cobblestoned for pedestrian use only, the boutiques have gotten chicer and has become a beehive of activity from all walks of life. Property in Paris on pedestrianized streets have all become more valuable and this particular part of Le Marais has started to top even the 6th and 7th.
To take a video tour of this gorgeous property, visit http://www.parishomeshares.net/jspvideos.html
We will be discussing Fractional Ownership at the upcoming Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference October 13th but by then it may be too late to take advantage of this opportunity.
If you’re interested in learning more about Le Jardin Saint-Paul and Paris Home Shares upcoming projects, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation/sales/fractional/jardinstpaul.html or call or write Steve Navaro: +1-303-793-0900, email [email protected]
French Property Insider to be Aired on House Hunters International!!
New Dates and Times in October!

If you missed the show the first time around, now you have another chance to see Adrian Leeds live on House Hunters International!
Settling Down in Paris
Angela and Ben met in 2003 when they lived in Los Angeles working for the same clothing company. Now, the two are engaged to be married. When Ben started receiving frequent overseas work, the company believed he’d be more valuable in Paris, so they happily relocated. They immediately moved into a cozy rental in the 17th district near the Arc de Triomphe and started to explore the different neighborhoods of Paris. The pair is now ready to take the big leap and purchase an apartment to stay for good. Real estate agent Adrian Leeds is enlisted to help.
Adrian Leeds
Property Search Consultant, Adrian Leeds Group
Web site: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation

Episode HHINT-402

• October 1, 2007 11 PM ET/PT
• October 2, 2007 3 AM ET/PT

Editor’s Note: Be sure to read the entire story about Ben and Angela on FPI issues: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/pastissues/FPI_April_6_2006.html and https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/members/content/pastissues/FPI_June_22_2006.html
Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference!
October 13, 2007 at Chez Jenny, Paris

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own “pied-à-te
rre” in Paris
or home in the Provinces of France, perhaps as a future retirement home or for now as investment property rented part of the year…this power-packed one-day conference is a MUST.

Hosted by Adrian Leeds, long time resident of Paris, Editor of the Parler Paris Nouvellettre® and French Property Insider weekly E-zine and John Howell, lead attorney for the International Law Partnership, London, this one day in Paris will point you in the right direction to make it really happen! Includes three course lunch and cocktail reception.
For more information and to register, visit: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/conference/LIF_Paris_Oct_2007/index.html
Or email Schuyler Hoffman at [email protected]
Expatica.com Welcome to France Fair
October 14th, 2007
Carrousel de Louvre, Paris

New to France or looking to make the most of expatriate life?
Get the information you need from companies and agencies specialized in expatriate services, from banks, investment firms and insurance companies to schools and tax agencies. You’ll find information on house hunting, finding a job, immigration and permits, staying long-term, and much more.
Meet the people who make expat life great, including the top clubs and associations, travel agents and sports teams.
Explore the expatriate life and your ambitions – higher education, career opportunities, your own business, travel and lifestyle possibilities. Every year, thousands of international managers and employees arrive in France. The I AM NOT A TOURIST Fair answers the 101 questions you have about living here, in a unique environment where you can meet the right people face to face.
News: Expatica is proud to announce that Sir Peter Westmacott, the newly arrived British Ambassador to France, will be on hand to give the opening ceremony at the Fair. We are thrilled to have Sir Westmacott participate in our event and thank the British Embassy for their continued support.
Adrian Leeds Group, LLC and John Howell & Co will be at Booth 92/93 — be sure to come by and visit us!
To order your FREE tickets, click here: http://www.expatica.com/welcometofrance/ticket_signup.asp
Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions

Let French Property Insider expert property consultants find your dream home in France for you. We consult with you to help you make the best decisions, ferret out the finest properties to meet your criteria, schedule the visits and accompany you, negotiate with the agencies and owners, recommend the Notaires and other professionals, schedule the signings and oversee the purchase with you from start to finish! You could never do it so easily on your own. Let us take the time and effort off your hands.
FPI Offers More Relocation Solutions!
Moving to Paris? Our experienced relocation expert will make your move easy and hassle-free. We offer complete property and relocation services normally only provided by employer hired relocation firms…but at a price much more affordable for individuals.
Download Complete Brochure



Visit the FPI Web site and click on the link on the left panel or click here for Currency Convertor by Moneycorp Global Money Services: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/insider/moneycorpconvertor.html
for up to the minute conversions of all major currencies.

Compare currency values easily and quickly by visiting:

The charts below are updated every ten seconds.

The prices shown are “inter bank” exchange rates and are not the rates that you will be offered by Moneycorp. Your rate will be determined by the amount of currency that you are buying. Please speak with an Moneycorp dealer or your consultant for a live quotation. </fo nt>
Parler Paris Après Midi
Come for a drink and to meet and chat with other readers in Paris…
The next gathering is September 11, 2007, and every second Tuesday of the month.
HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Cityscapes and Sea Views in Nice
Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.
As we are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France, you can retain our services to do the whole thing for you. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation
Vieux Nice*** Vieux Nice, 2 rooms
In old Nice, near Place Rossetti in a Niçois style building. Two room apartment has been completely renovated. Includes fully equipped kitchen and many beautiful features.
Asking Price: 180,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Nice Apartments*** Nice, 2 rooms
In the centre of Musiciens, in a beautiful Bourgeois building, this apartment has 2 rooms and is in excellent condition. Includes an entrance, living room in marble, independent and fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and cellar. Two steps to l’avenue Jean Médecin and a 5 minute walk to the sea.
Asking Price: 250,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Nice ApartmentsNice Apartments
Nice Apartments*** Nice, 2 rooms
A beautiful view of Nice and the Baie des Anges. Newly renovated.
Asking Price 300,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Nice Apartments*** Nice, 2 rooms, approx. 60m²
On Promenade des Anglais, near hôtel Radisson and with a view of the Baie des Anges, this bright apartment is in a beautiful residence. With terrace and garden, very spacious, high ceilings, contemporary finishes. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, LCD TV in the bedroom, cellar.
Asking Price: 325,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee
Nice ApartmentNice Apartment
Paris Auctions

Next Sessions: September 18, 2007 at 10 a.m.
Notaires de Paris
Place du Châtelet
12 avenue Victoria
Paris 1st

Additional information on Les Ventes aux Enchères des Notaires can be found on the Web site at http://www.encheres-Paris.com/ Though the site has a button for an English version, it isn’t reliable to work.
To read Schuyler Hoffman’s article about the property auctions in Paris, click on:

Paris Auctions 2 rooms, 46,43 m² + parking
48 rue de l’Ermitage
75020 PARIS 20th
Opening Bid: 170,000€
Deposit: 34,000€
Paris Auctions 3 rooms 59,10 m²
6 rue Berthollet
75005 PARIS 5th
Opening Bid: 355,000€
Deposit: 71,000€
4 Ateliers 41,6 m² all are rented
70 rue de Belleville
75020 PARIS 20th
Opening Bid: 38,000€
Deposit: 7,600€
Paris Auctions 4 rooms 73,40 m² + extra room 2,59 m²
4 rue Auguste Bartholdi
75015 PARIS 15th
Opening Bid: 360,000€
Deposit: 72,000€
Paris Auctions STUDIO 28,54 m² + GARAGE
40 quai de Jemmapes
75010 PARIS 10th
Opening Bid: 140,000€
Deposit: 28,000€
Paris Auctions STUDIO 28,54 m² + rented garage
40 quai de Jemmapes
75010 PARIS 10th
Opening Bid: 125,000€
Deposit: 25,000€
Paris Auctions 3 rooms 56,32 m²
62 rue de Turenne
75003 PARIS 3rd
Opening Bid: 275,000€
Deposit: 55,000€

French LeasebacksANTIBES PLAZA
France, Mediterranean Coast, Antibes

Studio 21m² to 39m² €129,000 to €250,000
One Bedroom 40m² to 59m² €252,000 to €374,000
Two Bedrooms 57m² to 75m² €383,000 to €496,000
Three Bedrooms 85m² to 91m² €525,000 to €570,000
French LeasebacksFrench LeasebacksFrench Leasebacks
Unbeatable location close to Cannes, Nice and Sophia-Antipolis, the town of Antibes, to which the resorts of Cap d’Antibes and Juan-les-Pins belong, marks the spot for an ideal address for those looking to buy a new home or an investment buy to let property. This is a unique destination combining pictorial and nautical culture, bringing together tourists and business people, jazz and music in general, and celebrations and museums, gastronomy, sea and sun –Antibes is located between Nice 20 km and Cannes 12 km and very close to Sophia-Antipolis 10 km.
Residents and tenants alike will have the luxury of walking to the beach from the residence or taking advantage of the dynamic atmosphere of Antibes, close to stores, schools and all amenities. Ideally located in the heart of the city, the residence is only 500 metres from the sea, the sandy beaches, the port and the old quarter Antibes. There is a bus station close by, with lines serving all districts of the area, stores, and schools, cultural and sporting facilities.
Residents and tenants alike may enjoy the interior garden that adds a touch of freshness and tranquillity. In all rooms and on the balconies, the floors are covered with attractive sandstone tiling, a material typical of the south of France and that keeps things cool, while also being easy to maintain. Thanks to pre-cabling, you are equipped to access the Internet and receive TV channels transmitted over the cable network.


When you make a purchase as important as a piece of real estate in a foreign country, you want to know that you can trust the people you are dealing with. Adrian Leeds has developed a network of professionals that meet only the highest of standards. With the expertise and experience of Adrian and her team, you can depend on getting the best advice and support to feel completely confident that you are making an informed investment decision.
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1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet

1 hectare = 2.4710538 acres

For more conversions, refer to: http://www.onlineconversion.com/


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Welcome to your home in Paris. Home is how you will feel in a private apartment in Paris that has the “seal of approval” from Parler Paris Apartments and me, Adrian Leeds.
Parler Paris Apartments offers high quality accommodations to make your stay in the City of Light as enjoyable and memorable as possible. We at Parler Paris know each and every apartment owner or manager personally, and stand behind the quality of those we represent. We understand your needs and desires, all the small details that make a rental apartment a warm and welcoming home – and a much better alternative to an impersonal hotel!
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Parler Paris ApartmentsNEW! Le Penthouse Voltaire
American comfort with French flair! Overlooking Boulevards Richard Lenoir and Voltaire, in the 11th Arrondissement. This three-bedroom, two-bath luxury penthouse with wrap-around balconies and spectacular views, sleeps 6.
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