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The Best Place in the World to Live…France

Volume V, Issue 5

La Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
La Fontaine-de-Vaucluse

Bonjour French Property Insider Subscriber,

According to International Living, France is still the best place in the world to live. I can attest to that, being the lover of France that I am, after having achieved a richness and quality of life I didn’t think possible. Through the ownership of property in France, I’ve been able to achieve a level of financial security, and even more so now that the Euro continues to remain strong against other currencies. Be sure to read their article in full, thanks to their permission of our reprinting here.
Property prices are up once again according to FNAIM for the end of 2007 for all of France. Price are reported monthly to keep you up to date. Today we give you a glimpse.
A new bank joins our roster of lenders…Micos Banca, an Italian lender new on the French scene. Our agent there is an old friend — Federica Viero, who you might remember from Crédit Foncier. See an outline of their new loan products which offer up to 40 years of repayment plan! Be sure to read all about it.
A visit to the bi-annual Maison & Objet industry trade show proved to be an enlightening experience — a grand showing of European design and manufacturing of everything for the home.
Today’s FPI features properties in Bordeaux, an area of France showing strong growth, not to mention some of the country’s best wines! Read all about it along with the Société Générale fraud case and Moneycorp New Year’s Resolutions worth taking note of.
A bientôt…

Adrian LeedsAdrian Leeds
Editor, French Property Insider
Email: [email protected]

P.S. Most importantly, we are gearing up for our two-day conference at the Alliance Française in Miami February 16-17, 2008. If you haven’t already registered, don’t wait another moment. This is your opportunity to learn how to live in France, the number one spot on the planet for a great life! Click here for more information and to register now: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/parlerparis/liveinfrance/LIF_Miami_AF_Feb_2008/index.html
Volume V, Issue 5, January 31, 2008

In this issue:

* Report on Property Prices in France
* Home Decor Heaven at Maison & Objet Show
* Adrian Leeds Welcomes Micos Banca
* The Best Places to Live
* French Bank Fraud and the Property Market
* Financial Resolutions from Moneycorp
* Buying in Bordeaux
* Fractional Ownership Solution – Two Paris Properties Available
* Living and Investing in France Conference, February 16-17, 2008, Miami
* FPI Property Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions
* Today’s Currency Update from Moneycorp
* Next Parler Paris Après-Midi: February 12, 2008
* Hot Property Picks: Bordeaux Beauties
* On the Auction Block: February 12 and 19, 2008
* Leasebacks: Moulin Neuf, France, Mediterranean Coast, Manosque
* Managing Your FPI Subscription
* Classified Advertising: Parler Paris Apartments — Les Portes de Notre Dame

What’s the French Property Price Outlook from December 2007?
By Adrian Leeds

The French National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) monthly publishes the market outlook for previous months for all of France. At the end of 2007, the assessment showed alternating moderate falls and increases. For the month of December, apartment prices rose while home prices dropped slightly. On a quarterly basis, for 4th quarter 2007, both apartment prices and home prices rose an average of the two 1.1%. On an annual basis, the average was a 3.6% increase.
This differs with the Paris market which had an overall increase of 8.7% from 3rd quarter 2006 to 3rd quarter 2008.
For more information, click here:
To download the complete report (a pdf file in French), click here: http://www.fnaim.com/infos/prix-immobilier/IMPA_2007-12.pdf

More Objets de Maison than You Can Imagine!
By Adrian Leeds

The bi-annual Maison & Objet industry trade show was in full swing last weekend (January 25 – 29, 2008) at the Paris Nord – Villepinte Exhibition Halls near Charles de Gaulle Airport. International exhibitors numbered
almost 800 in the field of dec
oration, home and office design, furniture, lighting, fabrics and textiles, handicraft products, kitchen and bath accessories, garden and everything imaginable for the apartment, home, manor or castle. The visitors were in record numbers — it felt more like rush hour in the Métro there were so many industry professionals lapping up the beautiful furnishings.

To be a visitor, one must have 56€ and proof of being an industry professional. I had the good fortune of being guided through the massive show by Martine de Matteo, our favorite Interior Architect, who knew just which stands would be the most exciting to visit.
The show is overwhelming in size and scope, so if you manage to get a ticket for the next event, take your time to take it all in. Impressively, this year’s colors are: white, black, gold, silver and all the smoky shades in between. Every now and then, a true color came into play, but not too often and not too bright. Oversized Eden-like fruit made big statements and the Italians with their brilliant sense of design pervaded the show, or at least it seemed that way — from luscious drapery fabrics to sleek bath fixtures to sleek leather living room furnishings.
For more information and to plan your next visit, visit the official Web site at http://www.maison-objet.com/
Welcome Micos Banca to the Adrian Leeds Group!
The Italians are making a mark on the monetary scene, too. New to borrowers is the Micos Banca. We now have friends at their number one Paris branch (36/38, rue St Petersbourg, 75008) with lending products similar to the others — fixed rate, variable, interest-only and combination loans.
Micos Banca is a lending institution specializing in mortgages and property financing. They are part of the MEDIOBANCA GROUP, the number one Italian private banker and through innovative financial solutions and accurate service, they can help you make a success of your French purchase.
Products include:
• adjustable loans with secured installments up to 40 years
• fixed-rate loans and interest only loans up to 30 years
• bridging loans and equity release
All our solutions are characterized by cost-effectiveness, low spreads and reactive client service

Micos Duetto is a bridging loan tied to a long-term loan.
It offers a simple, flexible financing solution that allows you to buy new property before or at the same time as you are selling your old property.

The interest rate is fixed.
The rate applicable is reduced:

* by 1.00 % if the property is sold within 6 months,
* by 0.50 % if the new buyer obtains financing through Micos Banca.

Micos Duetto must be tied to a long-term Micos Banca loan.
LTV up to 80 % (appraised value).
Micos Duetto can pay-off existing loans and cover purchasing fees.
No monthly payments are required during the first 12 months. Interest-only payments start on the 13th month.
The loan is repaid as soon as the property is sold. No pre-payment penalty is applicable.

24 months
Euros 25 000 minimum
First rank security on the property.
Alternatively, a guarantee from a specialized company can be provided.

A mortgage loan for the purchase of:
• a primary residence, a secondary residence, or rental property
• renovations or remodeling works

Indexed on the 3-month Euribor, rate revised every three months, repayment revised yearly
Micos Immoplus offers an adjustable interest rate, combining cost-effectiveness and security:
• if the index goes up, the increase in the monthly payment is capped at the increase in the national inflation rate
• if the index goes down, the loan duration is shortened
• the interest rate is fixed during the first year
• partial or total defers are possible, for the first months of the loan (up to 12 months)

Should there be any outstanding principal at the end of the initial loan schedule, the loan duration would be extended. The extension will never exceed 5 years. Micos Banca will bear the cost of any capital still outstanding at the end of the extension.

8 to 40 years
Euros 25 000 minimum, within 80% LTV (75% outside EU).
First rank security on the property.
Alternatively, a guarantee from a specialized company can be provided.

A mortgage loan financing the purchase of:
• a primary residence, a secondary residence, or rental property
• renovations or remodeling works

Indexed on the 3-month Euribor, revised every three months.
Micos Privilege is made of two periods:
• Period 1 – monthly payments cover the interest only. Repayments against the principal are possible at any time, with no penalties. You can also opt for a monthly payment higher than just interests (minimum commitment: 6 months).
• Period 2 – the loan turns into a repayment loan.

Micos Privilege offers a flexible solution allowing you to menage your own repayment plan. During period 1, the amount of interests due is automatically worked out after each payment against the principal. Micos Privilege will then suit variability in your monthly income.
Euros 30 000 minimum, within 80% LTV (75% outside UE).
First rank security on the property
Alternatively, a guarantee from a specializ
ed company can be provided.

A mortgage loan financing the purchase of:
• a main residence, a secondary residence, or a rental property

Indexed on the 3-month Euribor, revised every three months.
Micos VIP is made of two periods:
• Period 1 – monthly payments cover the interest only. Repayments against the principal are possible at any time, with no penalties. You can also opt for a monthly payment higher than just interests (minimum commitment: 6 months). Any principal paid-off during the first period can be drawn down again as a credit facility, for any purposes you wish.
• Period 2 – the loan turns into a repayment loan.

Micos VIP is a high profile flexible financing solution, you can use as a current account.
Euros 30 000 minimum, within 80% LTV (75% outside UE).
First rank security on the property
Alternatively, a guarantee from a specialized company can be provided.

For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/loan/lenders.html or contact our Mortgage Manager, John Rule, at mailto:[email protected]
The Best Place in the World to Live?
From http://www.internationalliving.com

For the second year running in our annual Quality of Life Index, we say: France.
At the other end of the Index, again for year number two, Iraq scores the fewest points and ranks as the world’s worst place to be.
The European countries always get top scores (with the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Luxembourg making it into our top 10 this year), as do the antipodean nations of Australia (second place) and New Zealand (fourth). Argentina, for the first time, makes it into our top 10 (in 10th position).
Before I go further, I should explain, especially for new readers (welcome!), what we’re doing here. Eleven months of the year, we consider the countries around the world where you could live cheaper, pay less tax, enjoy better weather, take advantage of opportunities in emerging markets — places where you could start a new life, start a business, start over…
See the last year’s complete Quality of Life Index 2006
Then, once a year, every January, we take a different perspective. We consider not only those places that offer particular and timely opportunities for the would-be expatriate, but nearly every nation on earth. This year, our survey looks at 193 countries.
To produce this annual Index we consider, for each of these countries, nine categories: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate. This involves a lot of number crunching from “official” sources, including government Web sites, the World Health Organization, and The Economist, to name but a few.
But that’s not all. Once the official data is collected, we also take into account what our local correspondents from all over the world have to say about our findings. They are, after all, working and living in these countries themselves. They point out where the institutional stats are all wet.
The results are distilled into a mammoth survey. The highlights are included here. You can find the comprehensive data here. Also, if you are not yet a subscriber to the free IL Postcards, you can become a subscriber to the free IL Postcards and access the complete data.
But France?
Yes, France. This year, like last, all our number-crunching, rating, and ranking landed France at the top of the heap. No question, France has its downsides, but, in many ways that matter, this country is hard to beat. Paris is not cheap (a recent report by Mercer Consulting reports that this city is the 15th most expensive in the world), but, outside the capital, you’ll find the cost of living lower and the choice of properties selling for less than $100,000 impressive. And not only about ruins and renovation projects, either.
The trickiest thing will be deciding which region of France has the qualities you seek. The wild, rocky shores of Celtic Brittany, steeped in old customs and traditions? Or sun-drenched Provence with its hill towns and lavender fields, fringed by a turquoise sea and the shady palm trees of the Côte d’Azur?
Then there’s the Dordogne département in Aquitaine, a lush land of castles and quaint villages stuck still in the Middle Ages. If you’re mad for markets, you’ll be in paradise here. The Dordogne has dozens, and it’s renowned for its gastronomic specialties, such as foie gras, truffles, and other wild mushrooms.
From here to there easy and quick
France’s infrastructure is among the best in the world (it ranks fifth in this category with a score of 77 out of a possible 100). Unlike some countries, you’re not in for a horrid experience if you travel second class on French trains. The SNCF is especially proud of its TGV (high-speed) trains. These Trains de Grand Vitesse whisk you from the country’s far-flung cities to the capital in mere hours. The journey from Paris to Aix-en-Provence, for example, takes six hours by car but less than three by TGV.
All sizable towns have bus networks with good coverage. Many cities also have underground train services, known as the Métro. Paris has one, of course, but so too do Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, and Rennes.
Economic enigma
France has a tax burden that accounts for 45% of GDP. That’s the bad news. On the other hand, the French economy, although not as strong as in recent years, scores 89 points in ou
r 2007 Index

The world’s fourth-largest exporter, France has a per-capita GDP of $27,500, and inflation stands at just 2%. With last year’s growth rate coming in at 1.1%, and this year’s forecast to be 2.6%, the French economy has lots of things going for it-including ultra-modern transport and communications systems, competitive energy costs, and a AAA credit rating.
But, yes, it also has a 35-hour work week, 9% unemployment (in comparison, Ireland, with one of the strongest economies in the world right now, has a 4.5% unemployment rate), and all kinds of generous provisions for the workforce that would result in much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the lean, mean, business world of North America. Approximately one in four employees work in France’s cumbersome public sector.
Yet, despite France’s long tradition of state involvement in the economy, successive recent governments, both left and right, have been striving to create the kind of pro-business environment sought by international investors. The former socialist prime minister, Lionel j2999pin, privatized or partially privatized more companies than his four predecessors combined. Air France, France Telecom, and Thomson Multimedia are the flagships, but other telecommunications, defense, aviation, and banking companies have also moved in recent years from state to private sector.
For most overseas onlookers, France’s marketplace image conjures up visions of perfumes, cosmetics, fashion, top-quality wines, and gourmet foods. All are valuable exports, but so too are Exocet missiles, Mirage jets, and Renault, Peugeot, and Citröen cars.
Although e-business is growing significantly, the country’s traditional muscle lies in engineering and transportation — few would disagree with the fact that TGV trains rank among the world’s best, for example. Some engineering talent has recently been lured into the glitzy world of web ventures, but the metal-bashing industries still attract top graduates; likewise the nuclear, defense, chemical, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical sectors.
The 10 most touristed countries in 2006
1.France – 76 million
2.Spain – 54 million
3. U.S.A. – 47 million
4. China – 42 million
5. Italy – 38 million
6. U.K. – 28 million
7.Hong Kong – 22 million
8. Mexico – 21 million
9.Germany – 21 million
10.Austria – 20 million
Source: The Economist Pocket World in Figures 2007
With sales totaling $23.5 billion, France represents 24% of the European pharmaceutical market and is the continent’s number-one producer of drugs. More than 150 North American biotech and pharmaceutical companies now operate in France, including Amgen, Abbott Labs, Baxter, Genzyme, and Quintiles.
As you would expect, French development agencies are tremendously upbeat about the advantages of choosing the country as a European base. DATAR-IFA, the main government agency, cites seven reasons why foreign companies should consider investing in their country (quoted from their literature):
1. It’s a large market in the heart of Europe.
2. It’s a country open to the world.
3. There’s a strong pro-business environment.
4. Financial markets are attractive and competitive.
5. The workforce is productive.
6. The country is at the forefront of science and technology advances.
7. France is known for quality, reliability, and productivity.

You may not agree with all their reasons (we’re not sure we do), especially if have one-on-one experience with the French workforce. Maybe it’s a throwback to the old revolutionary spirit, but French workers seem to have more grievances than workers in the rest of Europe combined. The labor unions are (to put it politely) active.
Furthermore, France is the European Union’s largest agricultural producer, and farmers here are a powerful political lobby group.
Most of us have traveler’s tales about being halted at the Channel ports by the blockades and barricades of those fuming sons of the soil.
World’s most dangerous cities
– Baghdad, Iraq
– Bangui, Central African Rep
– Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
– Pointe Noire, Rep of Congo
– Luanda, Angola
A long, healthy life
According to the World Health Organization France has the best overall health care system in the world. Life expectancy now averages 83 years for women and 76 for men. In the past 10 years, the number of people living over the age of 100 has doubled, with 6,840 people reaching the three-digit mark. The infant mortality rate is five per 1,000 live births, on a par with Denmark. By comparison, Singapore has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world with 2.9 per 1,000 live births,
The downsides of la vie Française
Superstar infrastructure, solid economy, and the world’s best health care, plus a surprisingly affordable cost of living outside Paris, beautiful and diverse countryside, and one of the world’s most alluring and romantic capital cities. That’s the good news.
Most polluted cities on earth
– Linfen, China (thick coal dust in the air)
– Haina, Dominican Republic (lead contamination because of lead battery recycling)
– Rani
pet, India (leather tanning wastes contaminate groundwater)

– Mailuu-Suu, Kyrgyzstan (radioactive mining waste)
– La Oroya, Peru (toxic emissions of lead from the metal processing plant)
– Dzerzinsk, Russia (site of former major chemical weapons manufacturing)
– Norilsk, Russia (home to the world’s largest heavy metals smelting complex)
– Rudnaya Pristan, Russia (serious lead contamination)
– Chernobyl, Ukraine (site of a nuclear meltdown 20 years ago)
– Kabwe, Zambia (lead contamination)
Source: The Blacksmith Institute 2006
As I’ve mentioned already, the bad news in this country has a lot to do with its tax systems. The question of whether you pay U.S. or French taxes on your worldwide income comes down to which country you make your fiscal domicile-that is, where you are resident for tax purposes. If you live permanently in France, and your residence is considered to be your fiscal domicile, you must pay taxes to the French government on your worldwide income.
Remember, in addition, that living or earning income outside the U.S. does not relieve a U.S. citizen of the responsibility for filing tax returns. However, France has a tax treaty with the U.S. This ensures that you will not be taxed twice on the same income. U.S. citizens living and/or working abroad may be entitled to various deductions, exclusions, and credits.
Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted with the express permission of International Living. For more information on how to become a subscriber, visit http://www.internationalliving.com
French Bank Fraud To Affect Property Market?
From http://www.homesworldwide.co.uk

SocGen hit by $7.1 billion losses in rogue trader scandal
French banking giant Societe Generale is seeking emergency funds after uncovering a “massive” fraud by one of its Paris based traders which has cost the company $7.1 billion (€4.9 billion).
The news has shaken the already nervous world banking industry, which is currently in the midst of a credit crunch as high-risk mortgage borrowers default on their loans.
Trading in the bank’s shares was suspended on the Paris stock exchange after the fraud came to light.
The bank’s Chief Executive Daniel Bouton said that the fraudster had used “extremely sophisticated and varied techniques.”
The bank revealed that the trader had confessed to the fraud and was in the process of being dismissed.
BNP Paribas Chief Executive Gilles Glicenstein called the fraud “an unprecedented event” and suggested that it was not good news for banks in general, as “it can create doubt.”
This was not the only bad news for the industry, as SocGen also announced a €2 billion loss stemming from the crisis in the U.S. subprime mortgage market.
SocGen will now have to find €5.5 billion in new capital to offset the losses.
Lehman Borhters CEO and Chairman Richard Fuld called it “everyone’s worst nightmare” when commenting on the event at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Property market analysts are waiting with baited breath to see what the knock-on effects of the crisis in the country will be and whether it will have a negative impact on what has so far proved to be a relatively stable and secure property market.
Financial New Year Resolutions Home and Abroad
From Moneycorp Currency Specialists

One in seven Canadians (14 per cent) currently own a vacation property and one in four (28 per cent) would like to purchase a vacation property in the future. With the cold winter weather in full force, for many Canadians looking for a place in the sun, the un-official start of the buying season is around the corner now.
If you want to “save money on buying property abroad” we recommend that you consider the following New Years resolutions in order to put your overseas finances in the best possible shape for 2008:
Resolution #1 – “I will save money when buying or selling a property abroad”
People can save money when buying a property abroad by pre-planning the currency aspect of the transaction. Fluctuating exchange rates make a huge difference to the final price of your dream home overseas – this is especially true when buying ‘off plan’ which requires several ‘stage payments’ during construction. This process can take up to a year in which time currency may have fluctuated by as much as 20% for some volatile currencies. People should consult a currency specialist to fix the exchange rate on their purchase – you would never agree to buy a property in your own country unaware of the final cost; if you agree to buy an overseas property without fixing the exchange rate at the outset, that’s exactly the gamble you are taking.
Resolution #2 – “I will shop around to get the best deal on my international mortgage”
Anybody whose overseas mortgage is up for review should make sure they shop around for a better deal. Don’t just go
to your ba
nk as there are an increasing number of overseas mortgage specialists who can search the market and find a mortgage which is right for you.

But beware – many independent mortgage brokers will charge you introducer fees of up to 2% which on an overseas mortgage of $200,000 could mean you shelling out $4,000 for the referral. Make sure you use a broker that doesn’t charge any up front fees.
Resolution #3 – “I will save money on my currency transfers abroad”
Maintaining a property abroad can require several regular payments abroad from mortgage repayments and maintenance payments to repatriating rental income. People can save thousands by using a currency specialist rather than their bank to transfer these payments. Currency specialists do not charge commission, or transfer or receiving fees – typically 2% and 0.5% respectively of the amount transferred. Furthermore, currency specialists allow you to fix the exchange rate of payments into a foreign currency account for up to two years – offering peace of mind that the value of your repayments will be the same each month.
We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you continued business success in the New Year!
Buy Property in France: Bordeaux Property
From http://www.financedaily.co.uk
Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, with a population of around 1.2 million people. Located in the south-west of the country, the city is the capital of the Aquitaine region, as well as the prefecture of the Gironde department.
The old part of the city is protected as it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, where it is described an “outstanding urban and architectural ensemble” of the 18th century. It is home to one of Europe’s biggest 18th century architectural urban areas, making it immensely popular with tourists and filmmakers.
Notable buildings in Bordeaux include the Esplanade des Quinconces, the Colonnes des Girondins, the Grand Theatre and the Allees de Tourny…
To read the entire article visit http://www.financedaily.co.uk/showArticle.aspx?loadid=00874

jardin saint paul

Le Jardin Saint Paul
View from the Bedroom

The “Fractional Ownership” Solution Update
By Adrian Leeds

Fractional ownership is a hybrid of direct ownership and time sharing, combining the best elements of both. The primary differences are that while timeshares involve many thousands of shares in a large complex with “resort” amenities and costs built specifically for that purpose, fractional ownership is joint ownership by only a few individuals in a single property whose value can easily be determined on the open market and for which there are very few, if any, resort amenities which must be managed and maintained (and paid for!). For Paris Home Shares, the city of Paris is it’s own resort!
See the Paris Home Shares Fractional Ownership Offerings:
The months currently available for 2008 are July, August and November.

Those who have purchased shares in Le Jardin Saint-Paul on Rue Ferdinand Duval, 4th Arrondissement, Le Marais, will be happy to know the renovation is complete! As a final touch, the granite counters were installed last weekend.
You can view a slide show of photos of the apartment at: http://www.flickr.com/gp/69276774@N00/07R372
To see a virtual visit of the apartment, click here: http://www.digitalive.fr/paris/tour.html
To those who have not yet purchased and are interested in learning more, the price of one share is now 92,000€. Only three shares remain for sale. They won’t last long.
To visit the site describing the property, visit

Chez La Tour
Boulevard de Latour-Maubourg, 7th Arrondissement, Eiffel Tower
Two-Bedroom, 88.1 m2
99,500€ / 12 Shares Available
Available for Use May 2008

Price increase scheduled late February 2008: 109,900€/share
If you would like to receive more information on this apartment, VISIT https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation/sales/fractional/chezlatour.html
Living and Investing in France Real Estate Conference!
February 16-17, 2008
lliance Française
, Miami, Florida

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own “pied-à-terre” in Paris or home in the Provinces of France, perhaps as a future retirement home or for now as investment property rented part of the year…this power-packed two-day conference is a MUST.
Hosted by Adrian Leeds, long time resident of Paris, Editor of the Parler Paris Nouvellettre® and French Property Insider weekly E-zine and John Howell, lead attorney for the International Law Partnership, London, these two days in Miami will point you in the right direction to make it really happen! Includes three course lunch and cocktail reception.
For more information and to register, visit: https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/conference
Or email Schuyler Hoffman at [email protected]
French Property ConsultationProperty Consultation, Search and Relocation Solutions

Let French Property Insider expert property consultants find your dream home in France for you. We consult with you to help you make the best decisions, ferret out the finest properties to meet your criteria, schedule the visits and accompany you, negotiate with the agencies and owners, recommend the Notaires and other professionals, schedule the signings and oversee the purchase with you from start to finish! You could never do it so easily on your own. Let us take the time and effort off your hands.
FPI Offers More Relocation Solutions!
Moving to Paris? Our experienced relocation expert will make your move easy and hassle-free. We offer complete property and relocation services normally only provided by employer hired relocation firms…but at a price much more affordable for individuals.
Download Complete Brochure



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for up to the minute conversions of all major currencies.

Compare currency values easily and quickly by visiting:

The charts below are updated every ten seconds.

The prices shown are “inter bank” exchange rates and are not the rates that you will be offered by Moneycorp. Your rate will be determined by the amount of currency that you are buying. Please speak with an Moneycorp dealer or your consultant for a live quotation.
Parler Paris Apres MidiParler Paris Après Midi
Come for a drink and to meet and chat with other readers in Paris…
The next gathering is Feburary 12, 2008, and every second Tuesday of the month.
HOT PROPERTY PICKS: Bordeaux Beauties
Each week French Property Insider features a range of properties which we believe are on the market at the time of writing. These properties are featured in order to give readers a sample of what is currently available and a working example of prices being asked in various regions of France and districts of Paris.
As we are not a real estate agency. These properties do not constitute a sales listing. For those readers seriously interested in finding property in Paris or France, you can retain our services to do the whole thing for you. For more information, visit https://adrianleeds.com/wp-content/uploads/newsletters/frenchproperty/consultation
*** Bordeaux, Master House, 7 rooms, approx. 225m²
15 minutes from
Saint-Emilion, with
25 ha of parkland. This house dates back to the 18th century. Entrance hall, living room with fireplace, dining room with fireplace, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, terrace with a panoramic view of the valley. Other buildings include a painting workshop and studio.

Asking Price: 697,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee

*** Bordeaux, House, 10 rooms, approx. 240m²
Magnificent house dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, situated on the right bank of the Garonne river and 20 minutes from the center of Bordeaux. Entirely renovated with great taste. 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and numerous possibilities. Enclosed park of 4500m² with swimming pool.
Asking Price: 784,400€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee

*** Bordeaux, Château, 14 rooms, approx. 650m²
Gironde, near Saint-Emilion, a beautiful property from the 1830s in a 8000m² park full of old trees. Recently restored with many quality features and fully equipped, includes magnificent reception room, 5 bedrooms, office, small apartment, swimming pool.
Asking Price: 1,968,000€ + 2.5% Finder’s Fee

Paris Auctions

Next Sessions: February 12 and 19, 2008 at 2 p.m.
Notaires de Paris
Place du Châtelet
12 avenue Victoria
Paris 1st
Additional information on Les Ventes aux Enchères des Notaires can be found on the Web site at http://www.encheres-Paris.com/ Though the site has a button for an English version, it isn’t reliable to work.
To read Schuyler Hoffman’s article about the property auctions in Paris, click on:

February 12, 2008 at 2 p.m.

paris auctions 15 rue du Louvre
75001 PARIS 1st
Opening Bid: 320,000€
Deposit: 64,000€
paris auctions STUDIO 36,6 m² + 2,5 m² outside Loi Carrez
15 rue du Louvre
75001 PARIS 1st
Opening Bid: 230,000€
Deposit: 46,000€

February 19, 2008 at 2 p.m.

STUDIO 16,8 m²
53 rue Damrémont
75018 PARIS 18th
Opening Bid: 63,000€
Deposit: 12,600€
4 rooms 95,7 m² rented
18 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire
75011 PARIS 11th
Opening Bid: 365,000€
Deposit: 73,000€
STUDIO 19,50 m²
18-18 bis rue de Bellefond
75009 PARIS 9th
Opening Bid: 50,000€
Deposit: 10,000€
3 rooms 44 m²
18-18 18 bis rue de Bellefond
75009 PARIS 9th
Opening Bid: 185,000€
Deposit: 37,000€
4 rooms 73,2 m² + balcony
6 rue Achille Martinet
75018 PARIS 18th
Opening Bid: 320,000€
Deposit: 64,000€
STUDIO 29,2 m² + balcony
6 rue Achille Martinet
75018 PARIS 18th
Opening Bid: 130,000€
Deposit: 26,000€

France, Mediterranean Coast, Manosque

Studio 19m² to 20m² €69,000 to €70,000
One Bedroom 32m² to 35m² €111,000 to €122,000
Two Bedrooms 55m² to 55m² €190,000 to €190,000
Guaranteed Buy to Let – Leaseback

New build development in the South of France, only 45 minutes from Aix en Provence in Manosque, a walled town in the heart of the Luberon regional park. From the Alpine mountains down to the sand beaches of Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice, this region offers an incomparable wealth of scenery that includes, for example, the ochre-coloured cliffs of Roussillon and some of France’s most beautiful villages, such as Gordes and Lourmarin. It’s carefully restored old districts, pedestrian streets, open-air markets and shops selling local arts and crafts, have preserved the charm so typical of a town in Provence. In 1997, this internationally renowned site was made a UNESCO global biosphere reserve.
Located only 3 km from the Manosque centre located in the heart of a brand new residential and administrative district, Residence Moulin Neuf will offer comfortable accommodation with a full range of services adapted to meet the demands of a business lifestyle. The train station and the highway linking Marseille to Grenoble are only a short drive away. Over the next few years, this area will include a shopping mall, a hospital and clinic and various sports and leisure facilities. Le Moulin Neuf will also feature a reception area, a dining hall and a fitness centre for exercising or just relaxing.
Although dating back to the Middle Ages, Manosque is also resolutely modern, with top class industries and almost 1,000 business enterprises, ranging from self-employed craftsmen to medium-sized commercial and industrial companies. The nearby Cadarache research centre, with a staff of over 4,100 and annual revenue of 170 million euros, plays a key role in the busy local economy as well as tourism. Manosque offers rapid and convenient access to nearby cities and major transportation facilities. These include the nearby A51 highway, which puts Aix-en-Provence and its high-speed TGV trains within a 25-minute drive, and the Marseille Provence Airport less than 1 hour away.
When you make a purchase as important as a piece of real estate in a foreign country, you want to know that you can trust the people you are dealing with. Adrian Leeds has developed a network of professionals that meet only the highest of standards. With the expertise and experience of Adrian and her team, you can depend on getting the best advice and support to feel completely confident that you are making an informed investment decision.
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Les Portes de Notre Dame
Rue des Trois Portes, 5th Arrondissement
Latin Quarter — Two Steps from Notre Dame
One-Bedroom Duplex, Sleeps up to 4

Les Portes de Notre Dame is a charming and spacious one-bedroom duplex apartment centrally located just one block from the Seine and only a few steps from the cathedral of Notre Dame…
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