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Anything with Paris in the Title…

It must be that publishers and literary agents believe that anything with “Paris” in the title sells. If fact, one or two such people have used these very words in past conversations. Just do a search on for “Paris” and see what you get! In the category of books alone there are 519,648 results! And of course, each one of those has an author who has spent time here, if not lived here at some time in their lives.

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Parler Paris Nouvellettre® continued…

Four such books recently landed in my “boite aux lettres” to review:

“Paris City of Night” by David Downie…a page-turning thriller by an author who proves himself time and time again.


“The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris” by Chris Ewan…if you ever fantasized about committing a theft just for the hell of it, you’ll love this comic plot.



“Vidalia in Paris” by Sasha Watson…a fun romantic story set in the world’s most romantic city, of course, beginning in the city’s most famous English language bookstore — Shakespeare & Co.


“Paris Movie Walks” by Michael Schürman…”ten guided tours through the City of Lights!”(*)



(*Aside: When will we ever decide if Paris is the “City of Light” or “City of Lights?” I prefer the former, which do you prefer?)

(All of these new books have been added to our Recommended Reading l

ist at /parlerparis/books/index.html and can be ordered on by clicking on the link provided.)

Then there are the blogs. Do a search on for “Paris” + “blog” and guess what you get?…163 MILLION results! It seems as if everyone who has ever stepped foot in Paris is now blogging about the city, professional writer or not.

This newsletter began in the fall of 2001 long before the word “blog” existed and I still have a hard time calling it a “blog.” says a blog “(a contraction of the term ‘weblog’) is a type of Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.”

I suppose Parler Paris could fit that description, with the exception of the fact that it has a subscription-based readership (you!) that opt-in to receiving it on a regular basis. For that reason, I prefer to call it a “Nouvellettre®” — a quasi French word I coined for a “newsletter” — the old-fashioned word for “blog.”

Nonetheless, here’s a “blog” talking about “blogging” which is about as inane as any blog can get. Surely there must be something better to write about? And of course, there is: Paris. That’s why so many wordsmiths and even those that can barely craft a sentence are ‘blogging’ and writing guidebooks, novels and just about anything to express their feelings about the city.

My favorite blogs? Tough decision! So many friends are bloggers and do such a great job. If I name one and not another, there will be hell to pay(!), so I leave it to you to find those you like to read most. It may take a while to discover them all…but you’ll have loads of fun in the process!

Sunday evening at Paris Soirées, hosted by long-time Paris resident, Patricia Laplante Collins, where Janet Hulstrand was speaking about her writing workshop, “Writing from the Heart” (which hosts its next event in the heart of Champagne next April 2010 to “Find the courage, the inspiration, and the time to write about what matters most to you…”), Patricia told the group jokingly that the Parler Paris Nouvellettre® wasn’t just a “sales pitch” on the City of Paris, but that I REALLY loved the city.

“Bien sûr!” How could anyone think otherwise. It enters your bloodstream like a disease there’s no cure for. And the symptoms of “la maladie” manifest themselves in the form of the written word — in poetry, prose, memoirs, novels, newsletters and blogs…and lord only knows what else one can find to express oneself.

So go ahead. Express yourself. Start your blog. It may not win the Nobel or Pulitzer, but it will definitely just plain feel good to satisfy your craving for the City of Light (or is it Lights?).

A la prochaine…
Adrian Leeds
Editor, Parler Paris

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