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April in Paris

April in Paris Tours

April PettApril Pett

April Pett

April Pett Picnic Invite

Parc Georges BrassensParc Georges Brassens

Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA)

It’s fitting that April Pett of “April in Paris Tours” should be speaking at yesterday’s Après Midi…in April, of course. Yep, we planned it that way.

April herself is as fresh as the month: bright, young, full of energy, enthusiasm and big smiles. Everyone loved her and her presentation about how she fell in love with Paris, how she managed to become a guide and ultimately how she started “April in Paris Tours.” These are custom tours; not the kind you sign up for and follow along with a group of people you don’t know. These are the up-front and personal tours of the city — for you and your family or friends, and often personalized so that you get to see the side of the city you WANT to see.

April wishes she could clone herself, as her business is growing faster than she imagined, especially since she had the unfortunate luck of starting out just when tourism took a dive after the November 13th 2015 attacks in the city. Word got out that her youthful vibrant look at the City of Light was addictive. Now she’s looking for others who can do the same kind of energetic tour-guiding so that April in Paris can be in two or three or four places at once.

In spite of her personalized agenda, April is going off-course for one Sunday afternoon in April — the 23rd — with a picnic for all who wish to attend at the Parc Georges Brassens. Named after a famous, singer and poet who lived in the vicinity in the 15th arrondissement, it’s a park I’ve never had the pleasure of exploring. The beehive there produces honey sold one Saturday each month, kids come for the pony rides and puppet shows, there are performances at the Monfort Théâtre in the center of the park, and it’s well-known for the weekly weekend second-hand book market.

If you wish to join us (yes, I’m planning on being there), grab your picnic basket and blanket and meet at 11 a.m. on April 23rd (no later!) at the entrance to the Métro Convention (line 12) for a quick stop at the market to pick up goodies for your picnic basket. Then April will guide us on a tour of the park before settling down for lunch on a grassy spot. The cost to participate is €20 per person (plus whatever you spend on your own picnic lunch). It ends whenever you want it to end…and let’s hope for beautiful spring weather! See you there.

To learn more about April’s talk at Après Midi and see more photos, visit our Après Midi page. Details for the park tour and picnic can be found here.

Special note about Healthcare in France:

With healthcare and health insurance a big, big, big issue Stateside as the Trump administration is trying to do away with the ACA (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare), you might want to know that universal health care is available to expats in France who are living in France for three months are longer. The change in the law happened as long ago as January of 2016, called the Protection Universelle Maladie (PUMA), which allows ALL residents, working or not, to access healthcare after three months of residence.

This is a big, big, big reason to consider France as a home, particularly for those who require consistent and expensive health care, such as people who are HIV positive or who are battling some chronic disease or handicap. Even if you’re as healthy as horse, healthcare costs in the U.S. are unaffordable except for the very wealthy, even with the ACA and of course, whatever Trumpcare plans to change to eventually get it approved.

The coverage isn’t free, but it’s cheap. One needs only to register and pay into French social security system in exchange for these benefits. To learn more about PUMA, visit (in French) or (in English). If you wish assistance to file your application, contact our recommended Immigration Sepcialists. See our Services page for more information.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - with April Pett

Adrian Leeds
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