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 House Hunters International - Ben & Nicole, Hank & Rusty Pari, FranceBen & Nicole, Hank & RustyAnnual Brocante, rue de Bretagne - photo by Phyllis PrinzAt the Brocante – photo by Phyllis PrinzAnnual Brocante, rue de Bretagne - photo by Phyllis PrinzErica Simone scores at the brocante - rue de Bretagne Paris, FranceErica Simone scores at the brocantePhyllis Prinz with her iPhone - rue de Bretagne brocante 2014Phyllis Prinz with her iPhoneAnne Morton at the Paris Alumnae/i Network show - Paris, FranceAnne Morton at the PAN showCraziness at the Canal St. Martin - Paris, FranceCraziness at the Canal St. MartinBank of the Hell bills - Canal St. Martin Paris, FranceBank of the Hell bills

The summer has arrived in Paris!

As bad as the weather was last weekend, is as good as the weather was this past weekend. And the city went nuts. There was so much outdoor activity that it was impossible to take it all in…or even just a smidgeon of it.

With the warm, sunny glorious weather and the long days (sunset is now at 9:30 p.m. and getting longer until June 21st), comes the skin — women wearing scanty dresses, both men and women showing lots of arms and legs, long hair tied up to cool the neck, etc., etc., and the sunglasses are propped on their noses. It seems to happen every year that one day it’s winter and then boom, the next day is summer. Out come the summer garb and good humor along with it.

We filmed yet another House Hunters International episode this past weekend (our 19th!) which went swimmingly well thanks to the weather. This episode is about a young couple, Ben and Nicole, who have moved to Paris from Tennessee for work reasons with their two Pugs, Hank and Rusty. They are seeking a large-enough apartment for long-term rental that will be close-ish to his work outside of the city, but close-ish enough in Paris for her to enjoy her avocation as a photographer. The Pug pups are like their children and go everywhere with them, and naturally, visited every apartment with us.

We visited three apartments, one in central Paris, one in an outer district of the city and one just outside the city. One was more perfect the next, and no doubt, their decision will be very difficult. I’m not divulging the one they took, so don’t even begin to ask!…You’ll just have to wait and see the episode for yourself.

If you’re a fan of House Hunters International, then check our Web page for the schedule of what’s to come: Adrian Leeds on House Hunters International. The next one to air is “Living a Teenage Dream in Paris, France” – Episode HHINT-6105H, May 27, 2014 at 10:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. E/P.

Meanwhile, the twice-annual “brocante” (rummage sale) on and around rue de Bretagne wreaked havoc with the whole neighborhood. Normally I abhor these weekends when you can’t walk down the sidewalk without having to dodge the crowds, but not this time. This one was particularly busy thanks to the gorgeous weather and it’s clear the event has grown by leaps and bounds in the past years — as there are more and more stands (up to 700 now!) and more and more streets filled with everything from junk to treasures.

Old friend and part-time resident of Paris, Phyllis Prinz, took her trusty iPhone and her sharp eye to the brocante every single day, capturing many particularly special sights along the way. We have her to thank for most of the great photos in this edition of Parler Paris. Sunday afternoon I ventured out with my daughter, Erica Simone, who had her professional camera to do much the same — as there was a photo-op just about every few feet. We also managed to score a few choice goodies at bargain prices along the way.

If you love “vide-greniers” (attic sales) and “brocantes,” then you might want to check this Web site for what’s to come.

Saturday night was the annual “Nuit des Musées,” which I sadly missed, thanks to a long hard-working day and an early morning wake-up call for the filming the House Hunters Internation epidsode. Every now and then, this ‘party-girl’ must ‘poop out’ and try not to do it all, as much as I hate missing anything…especially one of Paris’ best annual public events.

When I was rendered to bed on Wednesday and Thursday with some sort of bug, I had to miss the PAN Art Show “Vernissage,” but made up for it on Sunday afternoon by going to pay a visit. The “Paris Alumnae/i Network” (PAN) is a “non-profit organization that brings together university graduates for professional and social networking.” It hosts a variety of wonderful activities, one of which is an annual art show of works by its members.

Friends of Parler Paris whose work is on display include Anne Morton (pictured here with her sculptures behind her), Barbara Navarro, Meredith Mullins, James Kigin, Rosemary Flannery…and others. This year’s show is on until May 25th at the Gallery B&B, 6 rue des Récollets, 10th. Be sure to stop in, see (and buy) the wonderful works and show your support. For more information, visit or download the pdf invitation.

On the way home along the Canal St. Martin, there was barely a spot to be had along the quay’s edge. On one corner along the Quai de Valmy, a large crowd had gathered to watch a troupe of actors performing ‘I really don’t know what,’ while throwing up wads of fake 500 dollar bills that more resembled euros than dollars. I never did get the purpose, but it was causing quite a commotion…and a good time was had by all, that was obvious!

Funny how something so simple as sun can change the mood of an entire city! Let’s hope it’s here to stay…for a while.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC - photo by Erica SimoneAdrian Leeds

Director of The Adrian Leeds Group, LLC

(photo by Erica Simone)

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