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From Limoges to Essoyes Along the Route of Renoir

From Limoges to Essoyes
The Dream House in Essoyes
Le Chemin Montant dans les Hautes Herbes
by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
The Bunkhouse at Maison Bergère in Châteauponsac near Limoges

You’re going to get awfully bored by the constant ruminations of synchronicity which surround us here in Paris…but they are simply impossible to ignore. These “acausal meaningful coincidences” which occur on a daily basis affirm that I’m in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. It’s very empowering, to say the least.

Saturday evening I heard a very synchronistic love story from a couple who have been together 30 years thanks to a few very “acausal coincidences” that threw them together an the French town in the region of Champagne where they picked grapes to earn a few francs. Now, he a sculptor and teacher, she a writer, editor and teacher, with two sons soon to enter college, are planning for their future in the very place where their lives together all began…Essoyes.

The property that “has their names written all over the deed” (spiritually and synchronistically) is what they call “Their Dream House” — “It is surrounded by pine trees on a diamond shape piece of property overlooking the village of Essoyes, home of the famous French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir and film maker Jean Renoir. The forest surrounding the property is National forest and can not be built on. The open land on the other side of the property is also protected because the water table below supplies the village. The owner built it himself and has maintained it ‘Perfectly’ [note the capital ‘P’]…the pool, too. There are two bedrooms. The master bedroom is big and spacious — and is enough room for two beds (and more) for the boys. It opens to a balcony that looks out to the backyard. There are two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room. The kitchen opens onto the patio and pool and is the busiest area during the summer.”

When I heard their story and saw photos of the property, I fell in love, too — with the romantic story, with this beautiful “nest” in Essoyes and with their inevitable future to live there the rest of their lives in bliss. They are negotiating now with the current owner and the lending institutions, talking with advisors and consultants to make this dream come true. There is no doubt in my mind, that this MUST happen for them and it WILL happen for them, because it’s all part of the grander plan already set for them long ago by some mysterious fate.

Then last night I received a call from a gentleman who had fallen in love with another rather idyllic piece of property in France…this one being in the tiny town of Châteauponsac situated in the department of Haute-Vienne in the region of Limousin, very near Limoges. The current owner of the property, is an American woman from Chicago, who by coincidence (or is it?), says she is one of Parler Paris’ devoted readers! There’s not much acausal synchronicity in that alone, but when researching Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who lived and painted in Essoyes, I discovered that he was born in Limoges! So, the beginning of this renowned artist was in Limoges, and the end of his life was in Essoyes as he, his two sons, his second wife, her mother, son and grandson are all buried there.

I suspect this loving couple will find themselves there, too.

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds

Editor, Parler Paris

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