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Gorging on the Memorable Moments of the Languedoc

Adrian with Renée Jacobs and Wendy Hicks During the FilmingAdrian with Renée Jacobs and Wendy Hicks During the Filming

The Gorges d'HericThe Gorges d’Heric

More Gorges d'HericMore Gorges d’Heric

Abandoned Phone Booth on Route to St. Jean de MinervoisAbandoned Phone Booth on Route to St. Jean de Minervois

Tiny House and Deux-Chevaux on Route to St. Jean de MinervoisTiny House and Deux-Chevaux on Route to St. Jean de Minervois

Fleurs d'OlarguesFleurs d’Olargues Exterior

The Crew Dining at the Fleurs d'OlarguesThe Crew Dining at the Fleurs d’Olargues

Fleurs d'Olargues InteriorFleurs d’Olargues Interior

The filming of the the House Hunters International episode ended for me on Monday while the crew stayed on another couple of days to film the “contributors” doing what they do when they’re living in their new home in the Languedoc-Roussillon. In this case, Renée Jacobs and Wendy Hicks will be showing off their kayaking talents in the Gorges d’Heric and it was planned to film Renée photographing a nude model somewhere amid the natural environment — yes, this on-camera nudity could be a first for House Hunters International! (There was much discussion on how it could be done without showing too much and keeping it tasteful. I can’t wait to see their results!)

Before heading back to Paris, the Executive Producer of the production company, who flew in from New York specifically to observe this episode, and I took a short hike through the Gorges d’Heric Monday afternoon while the film crew was shooting the “decision scene” on the Pont du Diable in Olargues. We had heard so many wonderful things about its beauty, that to leave without seeing it would have been heresy.

The Gorges d’Héric is located at the edge of the town of Mons la Trivalle in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Haut-Languedoc, in the Caroux massif. At the entry to the Gorges is the Snack Loulette to get you fueled up, run by proprietors Fanny and Véro — but this is their last week before the season closes. The trail is about five kilometers long and would take a total of one-hour-thirty-minutes if you didn’t stop to take photos or hike off trail, but it’s a paved road on which you can easily walk even with strollers.

Dressed in my on-camera wardrobe, not exactly meant for hiking, we trekked up the trail through the gorge for about 30 minutes overwhelmed by the dramatic landscape, but sadly missing what is normally a beautiful rushing stream down the mountain…”thanks” to what has been a very dry summer in the area. We were there at dusk, but never spotted any of the Corsican “mouflons” — a kind of wild sheep which were introduced to the gorges in 1956 that have well acclimatized to the area, so much so that now the park has the largest population of them in France.

Rock climbers abounded, as do the rocks to climb and there are a number of excursions possible for those who love a good hike. All that the gorges and the park have to offer was one of the primary reasons Renée and Wendy chose the region to make it their permanent home.

I would have taken tons of photos except it’s tough when your iPhone 6S is screaming for a new battery. Five days in the Languedoc-Roussillon region battling the phone going to a black screen even when fully charged was frustrating to say the least, as were the best photo ops being missed time and time again. Fortunately, everyone on a filming crew has a camera in hand and the clicks never stopped for a moment.

One early morning on our drive to one of the houses on tour (which you will read all about tomorrow in French Property Insider), passing vineyard after vineyard after vineyard, we couldn’t help but be awed by the beauty of the layers of mist on the vines and stopped to film the scene for “B-roll.” Passing through one of the little villages, we spotted a tiny house with strange red hat-like roof, parked next to it was a Citroën 2CV Deux-Chevaux truck, also red, and a freshly paved “pétanque” court. The scene was certainly unexpected and inexplicable!

In addition to a fantastic tour of the area, fine dining had not been left out of the equation. We had the opportunity to dine incredibly well on gourmet regional cuisine in a couple of restaurants that you should know about for your next trip to the Languedoc:

    * The Fleurs d’Olargues Restaurant and Chambres d’Hôtes  in the beautiful ancient village of Olargues, right at the Pont du Diable

    * Granit and Trou du Kru, a restaurant, bistrot and rooms at Colombières-sur-Orb 
    * Le Couvent d’Hérépian hotel and spa

When the episode will air is anyone’s guess — they take months of post-production and to get on the HGTV schedule…but we’ll be sure to let you know!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - at the Gorges d'Heric, photo by John Bertholon

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

(at the Gorges d’Heric, photo by John Bertholon)


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