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Happy Hillary House Hunting Halloween

Janet and Adrian as Twin HillarysJanet and Adrian as Twin Hillarys

David as Ayesha with Adrian as HillaryDavid as Ayesha with Adrian as Hillary

Sharon as Frida KahloSharon as Frida Kahlo

Bloody Almond Fingers
Bloody Almond Fingers

Devilish Eggs
Devilish Eggs

Erica and Chelsea as the Grady TwinsErica and Chelsea as the Grady Twins

Erica and Chelsea as the Grady Twins
Erica and Chelsea as the Grady Twins

The Real Grady TwinsThe Real Grady Twins

Erica Simone as Leopard LadyErica Simone as Leopard Lady

Adrian Being Interviewed for House Hunters International

Kate and Jilian make the big decision…
filmed at Club RaYé

31 10 16 House Hunters International Adrian Internview
Adrian Being Interviewed for House Hunters International


France 24 reported this morning that Hillary and Donald costume sales for Halloween had hit the roof. I wasn’t surprised, considering Janet Hulstrand and I had the same “dumb” idea. Thanks to a good costume shop in New York, on Saturday evening, the two of us fashioned on our blonde Hillary wigs, combed them out smartly, donned pants suits (whatever we could construct from our wardrobes) and topped it all off with paper masks, Vote for Hillary buttons and headed out the door to an Expat Halloween Party across town (we took a taxi, although I bet a trip on the Métro would have been a lot more fun).

When we entered as Twin Hillarys, the laughter started and didn’t stop all evening long. With every photo op, we found ourselves smiling broadly even from behind the masks. That’s a funny thing about masks — even though consciously we knew our faces weren’t visible, we were grinning for every photo anyway from behind the paper facade and of course, I wouldn’t have been “caught dead” without a fresh coat of lipstick, even if no one had seen it!

Hostess Sharon Korman was a perfect likeness of Frida Kahlo in her Mexican garb and unibrow and she spared no expense and effort to provide a festive atmosphere with her home-made “bloody” almond fingers and spider-topped “deviled” eggs.

My daughter did her own disguise with her friend, Chelsea, who did an amazing likeness of the Shining’s Grady Twins, then at another party, became Leopard Lady, just for the love of leopards.

We are all just a bunch of old silly adults having fun on what we think is an American holiday…although as we all know, it’s a celebration of All Saints Day (Toussaint, in French), aka All Hallows’ Eve, a Christian festival of the saints.


The evening was a short reprieve from several long days of filming another The evening was a short reprieve from several long days of filming another House Hunters International episodeepisode. American in Paris Kate Ousley and her good friend, Jilian Pestonik, an American living in London, visited three apartments, as is the usual “formula” for the show, before deciding which one Kate would rent. There were two lovely one-bedroom apartments in central Paris, one near Le Louvre and the other in the Marais, and then a spacious two-bedroom apartment in the 19th arrondissement…all about the same monthly rent. It was a tough decision for Kate, but Jilian and I helped her make the choice between the important criteria: location, amenities and space.

We filmed the “decision scene” on the terrace at Club RaYé. The crew were all technicians with whom I had worked before, except for the young director, Samantha, who came from Rome to keep us all on the right path. As is customary, before we said our “good-byes,” we took a final photo of the cast and crew…this time “à la Adrian” all in berets!

Club RaYé will also be the host of the book-signing of Erica Simone’s new book, “Nue York: Self Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen” on November 11th. You are cordially invited to to attend meet the artist and learn more about how Erica does what she does, and get your signed copy of the book…at Club Rayé (26 Rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris) from 7 to 9 p.m. Do stop in and share a cocktail with us!

A la prochaine…

Adrian Leeds - aka Hillary

Adrian Leeds
Adrian Leeds Group

(aka Hillary)

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Laura Figueroa Exhibit in Paris

P.S. Also mark your calendar for friend of Parler Paris, and Mexican artist, Laura Figueroa‘s Solo Exhibition at Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris.


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